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Cafe Scientifique with Prof. Marlene Zuk

Sex on Six Legs: Insect Behavior, Evolutionary Biology and Sexual Selection

November 19 | 7 p.m. | Bryant Lake Bowl | Tickets $5-$12 | More info

How is it that insects, with their robotic demeanor and stripped-down biological toolbox, are able to accomplish so many of the same functions as humans? Professor Marlene Zuk will talk about her research (and the topic of her latest book) at the next Cafe Scientifique hosted by the Bell Museum of Natural History. The evolutionary biologist will offer an account of the social behavior (and yes, the sex lives) of ants, crickets, bees, and other insects, illuminating the fact that many of the things we think of as setting humans apart—personality, learning, language—aren't so extraordinary after all.