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CBS Advisor Receives Higher Education Award

Minnesota College Personnel Association names Aya Maruyama New Professional of the Year.

The Minnesota College Personnel Association recently named CBS academic advisor Aya Maruyama New Professional of the Year for 2015. This award honors early-career professionals in the field who provide outstanding service to their institution.

“When I think of all the things I appreciate about Aya, one that sticks out to me most is her conscientiousness,” says Nikki Letawsky Shultz, assistant dean for student affairs and international programs. “I marvel at her ability to take a step back, investigate the source of the issue, critically identify necessary campus partners, and then to collaborate with them.”

In her time with CBS, Maruyama has served as a collegiate liaison to the Office of International Students and Scholars Services. She is also a member of the CBS Scholastics Committee and helped create programming for the college’s Peer Advisors program and iCBS, an international student discussion group.

“One thing that distinguishes Aya as an outstanding student development professional is her commitment to enhancing and improving student experiences,” says Jenna Parks, an academic advisor in CBS. “She proactively considers ways that Student Services can be improved using student feedback, assessment data and best practices in the field.”