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CBS faculty tapped for U strategic planning issues teams

Provost Karen Hanson recently announced issues teams made up of U of M faculty, students and staff. Reuben Harris and David Tilman were also part of the initial planning eams will collaborate to advance the vision and goals of the University’s strategic plan around specific topics. Five teams are meeting throughout the summer on key issues related to each of the goals, which include applying U research to societal challenges, building a curriculum focusing on solving society's grand challenges, changing the University culture in ways that support excellence, and leveraging the U’s location, and recruiting and retaining field-changing faculty and researchers.

CBS faculty participating in the process include:

Grand Challenges Research:

How does the University apply its research toward solving grand societal challenges?

Reuben Harris (BMBB), David Tilman (EEB), Carrie Wilmot (BMBB), David Zarkower (GCD)

Grand Challenges Curriculum:

What does it take for the University to build a curriculum focusing on solving society's grand challenges?

Tim Griffin (BMBB) and Neil Olszewski (PBIO)

Reciprocal Engagement:

How does the University better leverage its location and establish a culture of reciprocal engagement for the mutual benefit of the University and the community?

Susan Wick (PBIO) and Marlene Zuk (EEB)

Recruit/Retain Field-Shapers:

How do we go about aggressively recruiting and retaining field-changing faculty and researchers? How does transdisciplinarity shape our institutional planning in the arena of faculty responsibilities?

David Bernlohr (BMBB), Ran Blekhman (GCD), Sarah Hobbie (EEB) and Nathan Springer (PBIO)


June, 2014