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CBS Launches the Campaign for the College of Biological Sciences


CBS announced the Campaign for the College of Biological Sciences in late October in conjunction with the University of Minnesota’s $4-billion Driven campaign. The campaign outlines fundraising priorities across the College’s education, research and outreach missions. It highlights opportunities to increase scholarship support for students and accelerate work in key areas including biology education, cross-sector collaboration, faculty diversity, and community engagement through a new CBS Conservatory in St. Paul and a Minnesota Ecology Walk at Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve.    

“This campaign represents our highest aspiration — to do great science at a grand scale,” says CBS Dean Valery Forbes. “It’s an ambitious effort to advance work in a number of key areas all of which serve to increase our capacity to do more and be more.”

The campaign was in a “quiet phase” until this fall, launching at 60 percent of the $21-million goal  with an eye to raising the remaining funds by 2021. Learn more about the campaign at


November, 2017