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CBS People: Alexander Cramer

A nine-year veteran of the U of M, this dog lover puts CBS under the microscope.


What is your name?

Alexander Cramer

What is your job title?

Graphics and Media Specialist

Where do you work?

University Imaging Centers

How long have you been at the U?

I came to the University in the Fall of 2005 as a freshman to study Graphic Design. During that time I began to work for the then called 'College of Biological Sciences Imaging Center' as a student employee, running the large format poster printer. I graduated in the Spring of 2009 and was hired full-time as a staff member of the now University Imaging Centers. All in all I've been here nine years.

Describe something interesting or unusual about your work here.

I'll say more interesting than unusual, but it has to be the incredible variety in what we see walk through the door as far as samples. Fishing line, insects, human hair, fish scales or teeth, live animals, various tissue samples, supplemented with whatever we find interesting and toss under the scope - the list is never-ending. It keeps things fresh each day and is a neat way to see the projects researchers at the University are working on. The wide array of samples that come in mixed with our seemingly ever-expanding portfolio of cutting-edge microscopes make it a really fascinating place to work.

What do you like to do in your free time?

My free time is dominated by our three dogs. We have a Golden Retriever (Gus), a Great Dane (Huck), and a pound puppy mix (looks like a mini German Shepard) Sasha. In the very recent past I spent a lot of time working with our Dane, Huck. I picked him up from a shelter a little over a year ago. He was pretty down and out, so I spent a lot of time getting him adjusted to being with people, and also getting some meat back on his bones. He was quite malnourished and neglected when I took him. These days he sits at about 160 pounds and is rambunctious, though well behaved, as ever. The other two are still puppies and we spend a lot of time walking/throwing bumpers at the park. When I am not working with the boys, or Sasha, I'm probably watching a movie or hockey. I am a Netflix junkie with no shame. Otherwise we keep it pretty simple. Grab a movie at the theater now and then, or go see a show or concert and have a bite to eat. Hard to beat a night in with the pack, though.