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CBS People: Kristin Economos

This award-winning academic advisor is all about community building in professional and personal life. 

Kristin Economos

What do you do here?
I am an Academic Advisor in CBS Student Services.

How long have you been at the U?
Almost three years! I've worked at the U of M since June 2012.

Describe something interesting or unusual about your work here.
As part of my work in CBS, I help to coordinate the CBS Peer Advising program, which allows upper-division CBS students to answer questions about coursework, campus resources, life as a CBS student, and referrals about how to get involved, both within the college and across the University community. I have a strong interest in learning more about how we can harness the power of peer leadership to make CBS students' experiences even better, and really enjoy seeing the positive impact that's made when our students learn from one another. It's a powerful thing to witness!

What do you like to do in your free time?
Host! I grew up in a Greek family that emphasized values of community, hospitality, and good food. So, as an adult, I love to incorporate all three. I think there's something really special about developing community around a shared meal, so I love to invite friends and family (who might not otherwise meet) to my home and cook up anything my micro-tiny kitchen allows. Other than that? I love to organize. My background (pre-advising) is in visual marketing, so I love spending time making living spaces more relaxing, functional, and structured. I'm constantly hanging new photos, adding bookshelves, and helping my friends clean out their own spaces to get organized. I believe physical clutter makes your head feel cluttered, too, so I'm really interested in creating spaces that allow for minimal stress and greater productivity.

Final question, what's it like to have jumped on the Harry Potter bandwagon so late?
It's a great reminder that it's never good to be LATE TO THE PARTY. ;)