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CBS People: Meet Max Kramer

This postdoctoral associate in the Department of Biology Teaching and Learning came full circle back to the Twin Cities.

Max Kramer

You grew up in St. Paul. Where did you get your undergraduate and graduate degrees?

I received my undergraduate BA from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, OR, and my Ph.D. from New York University in New York City.

What do you miss most about Oregon and New York?

I miss the Cascade Mountains in Oregon and New York's egg-on-a-roll sandwiches from the corner stores. 

Why did you choose to pursue your postdoctoral work at CBS?

I came to the University because of the Department of Biology Teaching and Learning (BTL). It is rare to find a specific department dedicated to biology education, my primary interest. They (we!) are pushing the undergraduate experience to a really amazing place by incorporating more student led research, active learning and teaching biology by doing biology. I'm really excited to be a part of that mission.

What are you working on in BTL?

I'm working in the department of Biology Teaching and Learning to create digital learning content. Myself and another postdoctoral associate (Dalay Olson) are making interactive online tutorials. These cover both general scientific skills and course-specific material. We are going to make these available to students as a supplement to other course materials. We are especially focused on making the tutorials useful for non-native English speakers. 

RozWhat are your plans for the future?

I would like to continue in biology education. I think that could be as a teaching faculty member or through community outreach. In either case, I want to share biology and the process of science with people who may not have otherwise had that opportunity.

Tell us about Roz!

Roz the Dog is great! She has more energy than any dog I've ever met before, but a trip down to the Mississippi River for some swimming and chewing on a water buffalo horn keeps her calm. 


September, 2016