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CBS People: Rob Kulhanek

This recent CBS grad moved to the head of the class.

Photo of Rob Kulhanek

What do you do here?

I'm a Teaching Specialist for the Nature of Life Program in the Department of Biology Teaching + Learning.

How Long have you been at the U?

About four and a half years.

What's something unique or unusual about your work here?

As a person who has worked for Nature of Life for close to five years, I have interacted and spent time with everyone currently in CBS that entered as a first-year student. It is both fun and frustrating to recognize so many faces, forget so many names, and feel so surrounded by this community!

You're a recent CBS graduate, what's it like to go from studying here to working here?

It has been fascinating to make this transition, simply to move from one community (undergraduate students) to another (CBS staff). Interacting with Student Services, faculty, and undergrads in this new role has provided some of my funniest and most humbling moments in CBS thus far.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I love being onstage and outdoors - I left behind my a cappella group when I graduated but I'm hoping to get involved in a performing capacity again with another group soon. I also love spending time with my younger sisters, both of whom are also adjusting to having a fully grown-up (?!?) brother.