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CBS People: Sue Knoblauch

When not helping GCD students, this staff member is advocating and caring for felines.

What is your name?

Sue Knoblauch

What is your job title?

Student Personnel Coordinator

Where do you work?

Department of Genetics, Cell Biology and Development

How long have you been at the U?

Since 1980.

What do you love about your work here?

It is rewarding working with the MCDB&G graduate students and helping them along the way of achieving their M.S. or Ph.D. degree. It can be challenging, but that’s what makes my job interesting. I also get to meet potential graduate students from around the country during recruiting season and tell them all about Minnesota, how great it that!

Equally enjoyable is working with undergraduates. It is gratifying to help an anxious student get into a closed class or with their registration.

You volunteer your time with a feline rescue organization, tell us more!

I have been a volunteer at Feline Rescue in St. Paul for 16 years. I have worn many hats over the years. Currently, I offer free cat claw clipping every second Saturday of the month to folks who need help caring for their cats. I have around 20 regular visitors. The most fun I have is when an owner starts telling me how difficult their cat is and before they've finished talking, I am done trimming their cat’s nails! Their expression is priceless. I am proud to say I have only turned away one cat though, I confess, I do have plenty of scars.

What do you like to do in your free time?  

I enjoy taking care of orphaned kittens. Feline Rescue has an outreach program that works tirelessly with communities to help spay/neuter the cats in their neighborhoods. I have spent many early mornings watching a trap in hopes of catching a rescue cat. Rescuing, we find many kittens orphaned by their mothers. Some kittens are days old and need to be bottle-fed every four hours — which means I am sleep deprived during kitten season! I do have help and kitty “day care” during the workday, but I've still been known to sneak in a kitten or two.


February, 2014