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CBS People: Tim O'Brien

A University alum that CBS keeps on his toes!

Tim O'Brien

What do you do here?

I'm a technologist with CBS Research and Learning Technologies.

What brought you to the Twin Cities?

I transferred to the U as a "junior" in Fall '12 or '13... I can't remember which. 

How long have you been at the U?

I was a student worker at OIT with Personal Device Support doing computer repairs and got friendly with some of the staff members there. As I was approaching graduation and panicking just a little bit, I got referred over to CBS by Marianne Moodie at OIT who was a previous employee with the then CBS-IT. According to my chat history, it appears I started working at CBS in May 2014, it's almost been three years now.

How did you get into this line of work?

I've had a passion for technology since I got my hands on my first computer forever ago. It's slowly festered into a small obsession. I went for a degree in computer science/software development, but ended up doing a whole lot more IT stuff in general once I started here.

What is something interesting or unusual about your work here?

The majority of the projects I get are interesting or unusual. With how our group is structured, we don't really ever do the same thing twice. I've designed operant boxes for birds with microcontrollers, developed websites, made Android apps, and a whole lot more.

Finally, what do you like to do in your free time?

I like to go see live music, usually at the Cabooze, First Ave, or Barfly/Skyway. I love getting out and going camping during the summer and being able to climb actual rocks instead of just walls. I always have a book that I'm reading and try to consume as many of them as possible. Then to sound super cool and awesome, I LOVE board games and get together with friends to play different ones at least once a week. Oh, and we can't forget that I spend like half my free time working just for the heck of it as well, when I'm doing a project I enjoy.


February, 2017