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CBS Projects Selected for Campus Climate Micro-Grant

Two CBS Student Services projects, led by Aryn Lipnicki and Amy Barton, recently received Campus Climate Micro-Grants. The grants aim to support efforts to positively impact the climate on campus. Read about the projects below.

  • Inclusive Active-Learning: Addressing Peer-to-Peer Bias in the Classroom. The project aims to develop a more robust hour long training open to all College of Biological Sciences (CBS) students. The training will provide education on successfully working with teams, discuss intercultural competence, bias and microaggressions, and give students the tools to recognize and address these situations when they occur in their groups. Aryn Lipnicki is leading the Peer to Peer Bias Project in collaboration with Deena Wassenberg, Anna Mosser, Catherine Kirkpatrick and Student Board President Erica Ellingson. The project is salted to run in March/April.
  • The 2020 Election: How to Engage in Effective Dialogue. This project is meant to help students understand how to participate in civic engagement. This effort is connected to a non-partisan initiative in the College of Biological Sciences (CBS) Student Services department. Amy Barton is leading the civic engagement project in collaboration with the MN Youth Collective UMN student rep: Sean Lim. Sean used to be a CBS student but has since transferred to CFANS. The project will kick-off at the end of April.


February, 2020