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CBS research roundup // February 2014

The latest research publications from College of Biological Sciences faculty.


APOBEC3 multimerization correlates with HIV-1 packaging and restriction activity in living cells

Journal of Molecular Biology // Jinhui Li; Yan Chen; Ming Li; Michael Carpenter; Rebecca M. McDougle; Elizabeth M. Luengas; Patrick J. Macdonald; Reuben Harris; Joachim D. Mueller

Catalytic activity of APOBEC3F is required for efficient restriction of Vif-deficient human immunodeficiency virus

Virology // John Albin; William Brown; Reuben Harris

Defining HIV-1 Vif residues that interact with CBFβ by site-directed mutagenesis

Virology // Yusuke Matsui; Keisuke Shindo; Kayoko Nagata; Katsuhiro Io; Kohei Tada; Fumie Iwai; Masayuki Kobayashi; Norimitsu Kadowaki; Reuben Harris; Akifumi Takaori-Kondo

Soluble production of a biologically active single-chain antibody against murine PD-L1 in Escherichia coli

Protein Expression and Purification // Jeremy J. Drees; Lance B. Augustin; Michael J. Mertensotto; Janet Schottel; Arnold S. Leonard; Daniel A. Saltzman

A comprehensive species-level molecular phylogeny of the New World blackbirds (Icteridae)

Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution // Alexis F.L.A. Powell; F. Keith Barker; Scott M. Lanyon; Kevin J. Burns; John Klicka; Irby J. Lovette

An efficient assignment of drainage direction over flat surfaces in raster digital elevation models

Computers and Geosciences // Richard Barnes; Clarence Lehman; David Mulla

Field immobilization for treatment of an unknown illness in a wild chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii) at Gombe National Park, Tanzania: Findings, challenges, and lessons learned

Primates // Elizabeth Lonsdorf; Dominic Travis; Richard Ssuna; Emma Lantz; Michael Wilson; Kathryn Gamble; Karen Terio; Fabian Leendertz; Bernhard Ehlers; Brandon Keele; et al.

Hidden diversity in the Andes: Comparison of species delimitation methods in montane marsupials

Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution // Thomas C. Giarla; Robert S. Voss; Sharon A. Jansa

Priority-flood: An optimal depression-filling and watershed-labeling algorithm for digital elevation models

Computers and Geosciences // Richard Barnes; Clarence Lehman; David Mulla

Vocal Behavior of the Elusive Purple Frog of India (Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis), a Fossorial Species Endemic to the Western Ghats

PLOS ONE // Ashish Thomas, Robin Suyesh, S. D. Biju, Mark A. Bee


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