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CBS students selected for global leadership program

CBS undergraduates fill five of nine spots in University international leadership program

Five CBS undergraduates were selected as part of the 2015-16 cohort of the Global Undergraduate Leadership Program (GULP), an internationally-focused leadership opportunity for students at the U of M. Kate Minke, Akila Pai, Kate Geschwind, Adam Bergy and Isique Yang will fill five of the nine spots in next year’s program.

GULP connects students from the U of M to undergraduates at Australian National University (ANU) to enhance international and cross-cultural communication, as well as global awareness. In addition to corresponding with their peers virtually at ANU, students in this program travel to Malawi for two weeks during winter break to volunteer and serve on a project of international significance.

The 2014-2015 academic year is the first for GULP as an extracurricular program. Three CBS undergraduates -- Anthony Fleck, Cain Johnson and Anna Wojcicki -- are members of the 2014-15 GULP cohort. Fleck, Johnson and Wojcicki, along with their U of M peers, leave for Malawi in early January.