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CBSelfie With Bryce Mayor

This globetrotting CBS undergraduate values culture, medicine and service.

Bryce Mayor

Bryce Mayor shows off clay pot he made while studying in South Korea.

Name: Bryce Mayor
Year: Junior
Major: Microbiology

You recently studied in South Korea. Why did you want to study abroad through that program?

This past summer I was studying in Korea with the Project Global Officer scholarship that is available to ROTC students. We travel with our host universities to learn a language and about a culture of our choice to expand our knowledge about the global community. I chose Korea since I was in love with the culture for several years already.

You have a leadership role with the Philippine Student Association of Minnesota. What is that role and what intrigued you about volunteering with them?

Last year I was PSA's secretary and I had a part in organizing and running a number of awesome educational and cultural events for the community. Being Filipino myself, I had a number of upperclassmen mentor me and help me decide to run to be part of the leadership. It was perhaps my best decision so far during my college career, as it helped me explore my own culture while helping others learn about it for the first time. PSA is probably one of the biggest cultural groups here on campus this year, and I'm glad to have had a hand in establishing it as such.

What are your future career aspirations and why that career?

As a member of the NROTC program here on campus, I am currently training to become an officer in the US Navy following graduation. After my time in the Navy, I hope to go to medical school and become a physician. I've always valued my sense of service for others, and I believe that these two careers are the best ways to utilize my abilities and interests.

How have your experiences in CBS prepared you for your future career?

I like that CBS has us build a strong basic understanding of biology first before branching off into very specialized majors. "Continuous preparation" is how I would describe how I feel currently in my courses. You can never be too familiar with the basics, because they'll likely be the reason someone will succeed, right?

What is one piece of advice you'd offer to your first-year self?

"Roll with the punches and be willing to make decisions." There are challenges to face every day, and that will not change. The sooner that truth is embraced, the better we can move forward with our work, have fun and be awesome.