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CBSelfie with Emma Bublitz

This CBS double major talks about her passion for conservation, science communication and caffeineEmma Bublitz

Name: Emma Bublitz
Year: Junior
Major: Biology and Journalism

What attracted you to biology as a field of study?
 I've always been interested in learning about the world we live in. However, as I learned more, I began to understand how threatened many species are and I want to do my part. In order to make a difference in the health of our planet, I think that it's important to understand the organisms that occupy it. Biology encompasses this perfectly. I have the opportunity to learn about how organisms function, their needs, their surroundings and the interactions they have with other organisms. With this knowledge, I will hopefully be able to help develop strategies to conserve our natural resources. Although there are other majors that would also teach me this, I love that biology is so broad, allowing me to understand all aspects of different kinds of life forms. I believe that understanding that key information is critical to the protection of our world.

You are double majoring in biology and journalism. How do you plan to combine the two?
To start, I plan to attend a graduate program for science communication in order to identify opportunities to combine the two. From there, I'm not entirely sure. If I can find a job that allows me to communicate conservation science in a way that the public can understand and convince them to do their part in saving our planet, I'd be happy.

Tell us about your position managing social media for the UMN Lion Center. What does it entail?
It has been one of my favorite experiences so far in college! I was offered the social media manager position when I joined the lab. They were in the process of improving their social media in an effort to publicize the lab more widely. They were excited that I had professional social media experience. When I started, the lab had only one Facebook page and one Instagram page; both fairly inactive.  With my help, we have become a lot more active on those pages and have also created a lab Twitter page. We have also developed Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages for their new citizen science project, SnapshotSafari. So in total, I manage six different pages for the lab. This includes finding content, developing graphic design materials and strategizing ways to grow our audience. Managing the center's social media has given me invaluable experience, and it's a plus that it's for something I'm passionate about. It also helps the rest of the lab because they can focus on their research and manage SnapshotSafari while knowing our lab and its message is being noticed online.

What's your favorite spot on campus and why?
I love Lind Hall! The library is beautiful and a great place to study. There is also a Starbucks right outside of the library to fuel my study sessions.

October, 2018