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A Climate for Collaboration

The Nutrient Network continues to expands its footprint and its capacity to address critical questions relating to climate variability.
Map of Nutrient Network sites

The Nutrient Network is on a roll. The research collaborative, launched in 2006 by CBS researchers Elizabeth Borer and Eric Seabloom, originally included about two dozen grassland sites. A handful of researchers were involved in the grassroots effort. By 2016, Borer and Seabloom anticipate the network will encompass nearly 100 sites in 21 countries on six continents. That exponential growth is matched by the growing number of papers published each year (eight in 2015 alone) and the increasingly valuable and extensive body of data collected at the sites over time.

Because researchers affiliated with the network adhere to a single methodology for collecting data, they can compare how changes in sites around the world are affected by local climate and climate variability. "Climate change is predicted to impact regions around the world differently," says Borer. "Access to data collected across regions using the same methods over time will allow us to better predict the effects of climate variability."

— Stephanie Xenos