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College Launches New Alumni Mentor Program

Twenty-two undergraduates matched with CBS alumni mentors in a variety of fields.

An alumni mentor program designed to connect current CBS undergraduates with alumni working in a range of fields launched earlier this month. The program, led by Tannica Jacobsen (CBS Advancement) and Rebecca Dordel (Student Services), is designed to offer students an opportunity to connect with alumni working in fields of interest in the Twin Cities. Participants are expected to meet several times over the course of the program, which concludes in April.

“We have many accomplished alumni living and working across the Twin Cities metro with insights valuable for current CBS undergraduates interested in following in their footsteps,” says Reede Webster, who leads the college’s alumni engagement efforts in his role as director of advancement. “We hope this mentor network will help our current students gain a better understanding of how to succeed in their desired career fields.”

These alumni work in a wide range of fields ranging from pharmaceutical care to dentistry, research and development technology and genetic counseling. One alumna taking part in the program this year is Kate Overgaard (B.S. Biology ’10) who wanted to mentor as a way to support students.

"I believe it is important for students to have a link to someone who has walked in their shoes and is now in the working world,” says Overgaard. “I think serving as a mentor will give me the opportunity to share things I didn’t to learn until I was in the 'real world.'”