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The Death and Life of the Great Lakes

Moos Family Lecture Series presents Dan Egan, author, Pulitzer Prize finalist, and reporter for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Dan Egan

The Death and Life of the Great LakesThe Great Lakes provide the largest source of fresh surface water in the world as well as food, work, and weekend fun for tens of millions of people. Yet they are under threat as never before, and it’s only getting worse. In an age when dire problems like the Flint water crisis and the California drought bring ever more attention to the indispensability of safe, clean, easily available freshwater, two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist Dan Egan has written an urgent and powerful wake-up call, and makes a clear and convincing case for how our problems can be fixed. In the grand tradition of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, Egan’s The Death and Life of the Great Lakes is a master reporter’s landmark work that takes readers through the science, politics, history, and economics of the lakes, revealing an ecological catastrophe happening right before our eyes.


Tuesday, April 25, 2017
5:30 p.m. public reception • 7 p.m. lecture | St. Paul Student Center

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March, 2017