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A deeper look at dinosaurs

Randy Moore chronicles dinosaurs in science and popular culture since their discovery in the 1800s in his new book Dinosaurs by the Decades.


Dinosaurs by the decades book coverEarlier this year, Randy Moore, a professor in the Department of Biology Teaching and Learning, published Dinosaurs by the Decade: A Chronology of the Dinosaur in Science and Popular Culture. The book delivers an exhaustive chronology of dinosaur references in science and popular culture. The idea for the book derives from a class Moore teachs titled Understanding the Evolution-Creationism Controversy. “When they were first discovered, dinosaurs were treated as mysterious monsters, and later became important in understanding evolution,” says Moore. “Just as dinosaurs have become movie stars, symbols of extinction, and marketers of vitamins, gasoline, restaurants, video games, and countless roadside attractions, so too are they used by young-Earth creationists to promote their social agendas and their rejection of evolution, geology, paleontology, physics, and other sciences." Moore adds that the book is designed to help students understand how dinosaurs have infused so much of our society, including science, culture and religion.


December, 2014