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Get to Know the CBS Career Team: Rebecca Diaz

Learn more about the college's Coordinator of Career Development.

Rebecca Diaz

What are the top 3-5 things that students meet with you for?
Many students meet with me to speak about gap year planning and honing in on areas of their candidacy that they can work on.  Often students come to speak about parallel planning or exploring their interests as they relate to different career opportunities with their Bachelor of Science degree. Other conversations involve job and internship search strategies and information about the BIOL 3610- Professional Experiences in the Biological Sciences (internship course) that I teach. 

What piece of advice would you offer to CBS students to prepare for life after their undergraduate career?
I encourage students to be open to new opportunities and experiences. Through each new experience students will learn more about their interests or at least learn what they do not like. You do not need to know exactly what you want to do and even if you are confident in what you will do post graduation things can change and that's okay. It is important to be okay with the unexpected. 

How can students best prepare for a meeting with you?
I suggest brainstorming what you would like to speak about on a piece of paper and then prioritizing the list.  Know that we may not get through all of your questions in one meeting and that you are encouraged to continue the conversation in one or more follow-up appointments! 

Are there any experiences or opportunities you would recommend students getting involved in?
I highly recommend attending the career panels and site visits to companies, these are great opportunities to learn about the world of work.  Also, take advantage of the on-campus career fairs such as the Environmental Internship & Career Fair and University of Minnesota Job and Internship Fair that occur in February. It is much easier to learn about job and internship opportunities at an organized career fair where employers are seeking to hire rather than only applying online. Plus, networking is key!

Is there anything else interesting about your role in CBS?
I am currently working to build relationships with companies to find internship and job opportunities for students as well as for the upcoming Environment Internship & Career Fair in February 2017.  Students can meet with me for pre-health, graduate school or general career coaching.

November, 2016