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Hobbie receives U of M award

Sarah Hobbie recognized for her contributions to graduate and professional education.

Professor Sarah Hobbie (Ecology, Evolution and Behavior) has received the University of Minnesota's 2013-14 Graduate and Professional Teaching Award. The award recognizes outstanding contributions to post-baccalaureate education.

– “Ask colleagues or students about Sarah Hobbie, and after they tell you what a brilliant ecologist she is, everyone says something about how 'nice' Sarah is.  For a Minnesota native that’s not entirely surprising – but Sarah’s is not just a superficial niceness. She has a deep kindness and caring for her students, backed up with passion, hard work, and fire that most people don’t get to see. It’s these qualities that make her the world’s best graduate advisor.” – Daniel Nidzgorski, Ph.D. candidate advised by Hobbie

– "Sarah Hobbie is an active, engaged graduate student mentor and a facilitator of our success. She is committed to constantly improving graduate education — both in the EEB Graduate program and the University at large — and is a thoughtful teacher and leader on teaching issues within the department and college." – Charlotte Riggs, Ph.D. candidate advised by Hobbie

Hobbie also received the 2013 Council of Graduate Students Outstanding Faculty Award and the 2012 EEB Outstanding Adviser Award, and was elected a member of the National Academy of Sciences last year.

Congratulations, Dr. Hobbie!


Ecologist nets top honors: Sarah Hobbie is elected to the National Academy of Sciences



March, 2014