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InSciEd Out starts new year of outreach

Science education program in full swing and looking for additional partner scientists.

Teacher with students

With the academic year well underway, InSciEd Out has been busy working with K-12 students throughout the Twin Cities metro, helping them practice, design and conduct their own experiments using zebrafish, zebrafish embryos and other model systems. InSciEd Out aims to engage students and empower teachers through research-based, experiential classroom learning.

Through the program, a number of fourth grade classrooms recently finished studying the effects of low pH, or acid rain, on the development of freshwater organisms at Willow Lane Elementary School in White Bear Lake. They are now designing their own methods for studying the effects of motor oil in freshwater runoff. InSciEd Out has also worked with partners in the fifth grade at Heritage E-STEM Middle School, who just started their study of road salt on embryonic development and will design their own experiments to further study human impacts on the environment in the following week.

To volunteer with InSciEd Out by mentoring student projects, working with the InSciEd Out staff to design new experiments, or visiting schools to speak with kids as a guest scientist, the group is still recruiting new volunteers for the 2018-2019 school year! For more information on volunteering with InSciEd Out, please visit the program page or contact Regina Kurandina directly at

October, 2018