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Merit pay implemented in CBS

Civil Service and P&A employees to receive merit-based increases beginning in FY15.


President Kaler is requiring that all staff not covered by collective bargaining agreements operate in a merit-based pay system starting FY15. To date, Civil Service staff receive annual across-the-board increases. Moving forward, annual increases will be based on performance.

Who: All Civil Service and Professional Academic/Administrative (P&A) employees will receive merit-based increases.

Annual Evaluation process: Recently CBS HR updated our performance evaluation process in anticipation of the move to merit. We will continue to refine our process to better meet the needs of CBS staff and supervisors.

Evaluation Period: This year the evaluation period will be only six months (from July 2014 to December 2014). Annual evaluations will start in late January 2015.

Increase amounts: The amount to be distributed each year will vary depending on centrally determined compensation levels.

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