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A midfielder's goal

Hitting the field or hitting the books, this CBS undergraduate is playing to win.

If you’re impressed by the workload of most College of Biological Sciences students — rigorous courses, working in a research lab, volunteering, not to mention homework — imagine adding two hours of soccer practice every day to the mix. And that’s just in the off-season.

CBS junior and transfer student, Olivia Schultz is a midfielder for the University Women’s soccer team. The Richfield, MN native was recruited to the University of San Diego soccer team during her junior year of high school. After two years out west, Schultz decided to head back home and play for the Gophers.

Her transition to CBS was seamless thanks to her advisors in the college and University athletics. She also credits Nature of Research, a day-long program held on the St. Paul campus that provides transfer students with an opportunity to connect with faculty, learn about undergraduate research at the U of M, and explore key campus resources and engagement opportunities.

A typical day for Schultz is packed tightly packed with activity: class in the morning and evening, practice in the afternoon, plus homework, tutoring and trying to find time for meals. She even volunteers at Hennepin County Medical Center aiding the nursing assistants in the emergency room, which connects with her plan to become a physician’s assistant. “I know that I want to help people as a profession … And a biology major is definitely the best choice to prepare me.”

So how does she do it all? “I’m a planner, I plan out my days weeks in advance.” She also takes advantage of the resources provided by CBS Student Services and the Athletic Department. From tutors to transfer-student check-back appointments, Schultz knows where to go to make sure she stays on-track. Why does she do it all? “A lot of other things don’t interest me the way science does," she says. "I like to know how and why things happen.”

Schultz isn’t the only CBS student playing for the gophers, she says of her fellow CBS student-athletes, “when you come upon them, you have a mutual respect. Like, ‘I appreciate all your hard work and everything you put into being able to be in such a college.’”

– Katie Hoffman


Gopher futbol  Schultz and her teammates just returned from a spring break trip to Barcelona where they took on first and second division professional Spanish teams. "The experience was incredible; their attention to detail was amazing and they were very quick with the ball. It's a great standard to play against, and I'm glad the team was able to be put in an environment where we were really challenged."