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New course: Optical Microscopy and Digital Imaging

Spring semester 2015
NSCI 4151 (undergrad)/ NSC 8320 (graduate) | 3 credits | MWF | 9:05 AM | A110 Mayo

Optical microscopy has become the single most widely used tool available to biologists. If you think you’ll use optical microscopy in your career, this course will help you:

  • Learn how minor changes you make to a microscope can greatly influence your image--for better and for worse.
  • Understand how confocal microscopes can “optically section” through tissue—and what factors can keep them from doing so.
  • Know what changes can be made to your digital microscopic images—and when those changes might be unethical. 
  • Comprehend how super-resolution methods can break the diffraction barrier and create images with resolution approaching that of electron microscopy—the development that won a Nobel Prize this year.
  • Accelerate your research through better use of microscopy.

“Optical Microscopy and Digital Imaging” will provide an opportunity to expand your knowledge about optical microscopy and its uses in modern biology. It will include lectures, discussion of papers and projects based on your own research interests. Register online for NSCI 4151 (undergrad)/NSC 8320 sec 14 (grad student), or for more information, contact Martin Wessendorf (626-0145;