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Nominate a postdoc or research associate for a CBS award

CBS is proud to train, support and promote it's postdocs and research associates, who are active members of the College's community. To recognize the postdoc and research associates' valuable contribution to the College‚Äôs mission, the CBS Postdoctoral Committee is offering four awards for outstanding contributions in terms of:

  • Service to Community (supporting and promoting the postdoc community and building community at the department, college, or university level)
  • Outreach and Communication (those who have made significant, demonstrable contributions to the public good through research, teaching, and/or public service)
  • Impactful Research (conducting research or developing techniques that will make a significant difference to others beyond the immediate field of expertise)
  • Teaching and Mentoring (strong commitment to training and educating people from diverse backgrounds)

Postdocs and research associates can be nominated for one or more of the above categories. Nominations can be made by any member of the CBS community, but must be supported by a letter from the nominee's faculty mentor. Nominations should be 1 pages in length, and provide evidence that the postdoc or research associate has met the above criteria. Nominations must also include a copy of the postdoc or research associates' up-to-date CV.

Nominations can be submitted by email to the CBS Postdoc Committee ( The deadline for nominations is now end-of-day Monday, September 10, 2018. Awards will be announced during National Postdoc Appreciation Week (September 17-21, 2018), and will be presented at an appreciation event to be held on Sept 20 (9:30am, Cargill 105) RSVP here.


September, 2018