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Our Parasites, Ourselves: Unraveling the Counterintuitive, Complicated Relationship Between People, Environment and Policy

Petri Dish Event
Part of the Petri Dish series at Camp Bar this fall.

Parasites and pathogens are oft-maligned, Eliminate a species of mosquito to fight Zika — or don’t? Deworm captive animals — or not? The choice is ours. We have an unprecedented ability to manage and manipulate nature, however the consequences aren’t always clear cut. Whether trying to protect endangered species or eliminate emerging diseases, policies that determine how humans interact with parasites and pathogens are part of a co-evolutionary feedback loop.

Join evolutionary biologist, animal behaviorist and author of Sex on Six Legs and Paleofantasy  Marlene Zuk, conservation biologist Kristen Nelson and infectious disease expert Dominic Travis for an engaging, unpredictable conversation on these and other bio-conundrums.


December 7, 2016 • 6 p.m.
Location: Camp Bar in St Paul


Presented by the University of Minnesota College of Biological Sciences in collaboration with the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences and the Bell Museum of Natural History.


August, 2016