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Panel Discussion with Phytograds Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

The Phytograds Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee invites you to participate in a panel discussion on the intersection of STEM graduate student power and minoritized status. We will invite three panelists to discuss how race, gender, and disability status affect the realized power grads have in determining the paths of their academic and research careers. We hope all of you will join us for this important conversation.


  • Wednesday, March 31, 3-4:30 p.m. CT

  • Via Zoom

  • RSVP


All graduate workers are in a position of limited power to make decisions about their work, compensation, and benefits. More often than not, graduate workers are exploited through underpaid and unpaid labor, forced to meet unreasonable expectations, and face a complete disregard for their needs as workers. These issues are magnified for workers from minoritized backgrounds. Understanding of the dynamics between graduate workers and advisors and university administrators is an important step to navigating the intersection of graduate school and membership of a minoritized group. It is an essential step to learning how to advocate for yourself and others, and for changing the landscape for future minoritized graduate workers.


To hold a panel discussion with STEM graduate workers/early career academics on how race, gender, and disability affect the power grads have in their work. We will discuss how policies and perception limit the power grads in minoritized groups have. We will also discuss different ways to bring attention to the issues of differential power dynamics between races, genders, and ability and how to advocate for yourself, as a minoritized worker, and for others.



March, 2021