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Petri Dish: Our ever-evolving diet

Isn't life fascinating?

We think so! And it gets even more interesting when you put three University of Minnesota experts with distinct disciplinary perspectives together in the same room for an unscripted, free-flowing discussion.

Join us this fall for a special Petri Dish series of curiosity-driven conversations at the Bell Museum. We’ll explore topics relating to food in conjunction with the museum’s “Our Global Kitchen”exhibition.

Tickets includes admission to “Our Global Kitchen.” Doors open at 6 p.m. Come early to explore the exhibition and grab a drink at the cash bar. Then get ready for trivia and lively discussion starting at 7 p.m.

December 12
Our ever-evolving diet

New diets pop up with predictable regularity, grabbing hold of the collective imagination and resulting in the ritual purging of suddenly suspect foods. But was there a time when we had a perfect diet?  Is there a place where people eat ideally? There are myriad diets claiming they have answers to exactly these questions. Join us for a discussion about what science has to say about the role of evolution, the causes of the obesity epidemic and much more. Tickets available soon!*

*Please note: Tickets for the Petri Dish do not include admission to the Bell Museum. The museum is not open during the Petri Dish. 

September, 2018