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Spring 2021 scicomm course

Science communication: a primer for biologists
Are you interested in honing your science communication chops? This course is designed to help you become a better communicator and practice engaging diverse audiences. The course will explore both theoretical and practical aspects of science communication and public engagement. We will analyze effective communication strategies and explore challenges and opportunities for researchers seeking to engage with the public in formal and informal settings. You will interact with guest speakers and experts as you explore the science communication landscape through writing, reading, presentation and conversation. In your final project, you will build upon the skills you’ve developed to create a clip – or writing sample – that you can publish or use for future applications. The skills, practice and confidence gained from this course will help you in your future writing, presentations and networking whether you want a career in academia, industry, nonprofit, government or beyond.

Credits load: 2 credits, Pass/Fail or Graded

Class size: 10 student maximum

Meeting dates: Spring 2021, Monday 9:00-11:00, Online via Zoom

Instructor: Caitlin Looby, (she/her/hers)

November, 2020