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A students'-eye view

Four CBS students chronicle their Foundations of Biology experience.

Foundations of Biology leaves a huge imprint on many first-year students. We asked four CBS undergraduates to give us a play-by-play of what it's like to go through the lecture-less, active-learning course. Jia Mikuls, Aaron Grad, Priya Balaji and Natalie Hunninghake check in each week with updates about what they are learning and their major takeaways.

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Aaron Grad // Genetics, Cell Biology and Development

Why he came to CBS: "I was initially drawn to CBS because of my interest in science and biology, but I made my final decision to enter the college after I met with a current student and a counselor who informed me of all the different opportunities available, the excellent faculty, and the prestige associated with the college."

Natalie Hunninghake // Biology

Why she came to CBS: "I chose CBS because of the strength of the scientific and medical research and developments made here, the reputation of the program, and the sense of community that the college offers."

Jia Mikuls // Microbiology

Why she came to CBS: "I chose CBS because of the exceptional academic program, research opportunities and wonderful faculty and staff."

Priya Balaji // Neuroscience

Why she came to CBS: "I chose CBS because I am ultimately interested in pursuing a career in medicine, and I felt that the college had the necessary courses and majors to prepare me well for that goal."