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Where the Wild Things Aren't: The Future of Wilderness and Wildlife From the Serengeti to the Arctic

Petri Dish Event
Part of the Petri Dish series at Bedlam Theater this fall.

Virtually every part of the planet is impacted by human activity. With the population of the world projected to grow by another two billion in coming decades, the future of wild places is uncertain even as the effects of climate change complicate matters. Our experts explore questions about the value of “wildness,” how to balance the needs of humans and wildlife in the face of scarce resources, what future generations might experience (or not) of wildness. Lion expert Craig Packer, adventure learning advocate Aaron Doering and ecologist Jessica Hellmann embark on a wide-ranging conversation.


October 5, 2016 • 6 p.m.
Bedlam Theater, Lowertown St. Paul
Pay what you can


Presented by the University of Minnesota College of Biological Sciences in collaboration with the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences and the Bell Museum of Natural History.

August, 2016