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A winning combination

The CBS Student Board and the group’s advisor Meaghan Stein recognized for excellence.

Group photo of CBS Student Board wearing green pull-over sweatshirts

The CBS Student Board and the group’s advisor Meaghan Stein received 2013-14 Tony Diggs Excellence Awards for Outstanding Campus Life Program and Outstanding Student Group Advisor, respectively. The awards, which recognize achievement in student activities, are in honor of Tony Diggs, the former director of the Student Activities Office.

“I think it’s great that we we were recognized in two different ways,” says Beau Miller, CBS Student Board president. “I think it demonstrates how great a student body we have because we wouldn’t have been able to pull off a lot of our projects and initiatives this year if it wasn’t for such a supportive student body.”

This year, the CBS Student Board planned the Golden Pipette Awards, a CBS faculty-appreciation event, along with BioBound, a career exploration event for students to network with alumni. In addition to the group’s work,  Miller sees Stein as a great resource and notes her impact on both himself and the organization.

“Meaghan is a great advisor because she’s so influential in a variety of ways,” says Miller. “It’s not just what she shows in a professional setting, but she’s also there for you on a personal level. She’s able to challenge you in your thinking a lot, and I think asking those questions is the biggest way she’s helped me.”

— Lance Janssen