Biophysical Technology Center

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The Biophysical Technology Center is a self-supporting non-profit Internal Service Organization at the University of Minnesota under the Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biophysics. It is open as a first priority to all University of Minnesota researchers, and to outside researchers by arrangement. The center goal is to make state-of-the-art instrumental resources for optical spectroscopy and EPR available to researchers, providing a venue for them to pursue their projects and develop their experience. Top priorities of the center personnel are to maintain the performance of these instruments at the highest level and to provide basic training to new users. As needed, the resident expertise in the center is available for consultation in sample preparation, data acquisition, and data analysis.

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Infinity by Idea Elan user guides: webmobile, admin/PI

The BTC institution code for the Idea Elan mobile app is 97909.


Other Instruments:

Two high-throughput screening fluorescence plate readers are available to UMN researchers for translational projects, when ready to optimize and scale up for screening large chemical libraries.
•    FLTPR Top-Read: Fluorescence Lifetime Plate Reader with up to 1536-well capability. Excitation sources: 473 nm and 532 nm lasers.
•    SUPR: Spectral Unmixing Plate Reader with up to 1536-well capability. Excitation sources: 473 nm and 532 nm lasers. 
These instruments are owned by Photonic Pharma LLC. For information and to reserve instruments, visit

COVID-19 Update

Dear Biophysical Technology Center Users,


The Biophysical Technology Center (BTC) has reopened for trained users only on Wednesday May 20th in accordance with UMN’s Sunrise Plans.  We are taking proper precautions to help ensure not only the safety of you, but our staff and students as well.  Below you’ll find some updated standards to which we’d appreciate your compliance:


Booking Procedures


Safety Procedures

  • All users are required to wear a face mask, gloves, and lab coat while using instruments.  While bringing your own PPE is preferred, we will have disposable face masks, lab coats, and gloves available, and stationed by the sinks in each room
  • If encountering others, please maintain at least 6ft of separation when possible.
  • There is a limit to one user per instrument at one time in an effort to properly practice social distancing. 
    • A written request by the user and Admin approval is required if multiple people in one room are necessary (ex: training, consultation, etc).
  • Instruments touch points are to be wiped down before and after use with 70% ethanol. Please spray ethanol onto a wipe, and then wipe down rather than directly spraying the equipment and keyboard. Cleaning stations containing spray bottles, wipes, and paper towels are provided by the sink in each room.
  • It is preferable that users wash their hands upon entering and exiting the area of intended use (and more often if necessary).  Hand washing stations are available and stocked with soap and paper towels.


We ask you to acknowledge you’ve read and will adhere to these terms of use prior to using any equipment.  If you have any further questions please contact .  We hope you are staying healthy and are anxious to help you progress your research again.



Sarah Blakely, Accounts Manager

Robyn Rebbeck, Director