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Bruker Continuous Wave and Pulsed EleXsys E580 EPR-ELDOR Spectrometer

Bruker Continuous Wave and Pulsed EleXsys E580 EPR-ELDOR SpectrometerPulsed Bruker EPR spectrometer is equipped with X-band (9GHz) microwave bridge and following resonators:

  • Flexline MD5 dielectric resonator with optical port
  • Flexline MS3 split ring resonator with optical port
  • rectangular TE102 with optical port or grid (interchangeable)
  • cylindrical TM110 with the grid
  • spherical SHQ (TE011)
  • cylindrical SHQH TE011
  • dielectric cylindrical TE011
  • loop gap resonator

Bruker Continuous Wave and Pulsed EleXsys E580 EPR-ELDOR SpectrometerSpectrometer is equipped with 12” magnet and 4 kW power supply, providing maximum field strength 0.45T. Variable temperature capabilities from 4K to 370K are performed with Oxford Instruments He system, including He dewar with optical port, He transfer line and Oxford Instruments gas flow and temperature controllers. Variable temperature capabilities from 90K to 370K are performed using nitrogen boil system or nitrogen or oxygen gas with ER 4131VT temperature controller. Spectrometer is equipped with rapid scan and fast digitizer capabilities. Spectrometer is linked to local area network and the Internet. A Nd:YAG Inlite III-10 high-energy eximer laser (Continuum) is available for flash-photolysis of caged compounds.

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The BTC should be acknowledged in any publications arising from the data analyzed in the BTC with the following text:

Experiments reported in this paper were performed at the Biophysical Technology Center, University of Minnesota Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics.

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