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Fluorescence Lifetime Plate Reader

Fluorescence Lifetime Plate ReaderThe Fluorescence Lifetime Plate Reader (FLPR), designed in collaboration with Fluorescence Innovations, Inc., uses technology similar to that of the TRF instrument in Fargoland, to perform high-throughput time-resolved fluorescence lifetime measurements in a microplate format (96 or 384 wells).

The FLPR is currently equipped with microchip laser excitation at 532 nm and 355 nm, and it records 96 nanosecond time-resolved waveforms within 1 min, the same speed as a conventional intensity-based plate reader, with 10 times better precision.

It will soon be upgraded to include pulsed diode laser excitation at 405 nm and 475 nm and a faster motor, allowing it to read a 384-well plate in 1 min. The FLPR is used by the MN-FLAG (Minnesota Fluorescence Lifetime Assay Group) to develop and apply high-throughput screening assays for drug discovery. The 10-fold increase in precision makes possible HTS assays with unprecedented reliability and resolution.

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