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Gemini Microplate Fluorometer

Gemini microplate fluorometerGemini EM is a microplate spectrofluorometer from Molecular Devices. It has dual scanning monochromators that allow for 1 nm increment selection over the wavelength range of 250 - 850 nm. Bandwidth for both excitation and emission is 9 nm. Lamp source is a Xenon flash lamp (1 Joule/flash). Scanning options are endpoint, kinetic, spectral scanning, and well scanning. Microplate formats include 6-384 well plates. Top and bottom readings are available. Additional features include shaker and temperature control.

Light Source: Xenon flash lamp
Wavelength range: Excitation: 250-850 nm, Emission: 360-850 nm
Wavelength Selection: Monochromator, tunable 1.0 nm increments
Wavelength Bandwidth (Excitation and Emission): 9 nm
Dynamic range: 10^6

Range: Ambient + 4 °C up to 45 °C
Uniformity (Microplate): ± 1 °C @ 37 °C

Computer software is Molecular Devices SoftMax® Pro. Features include five parameter logistic curve fitting, parallel line analysis with observation weighting, and hundreds of ready to run assay protocols.

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