three students studying on campus

In the summer of 2015, Biology Teaching and Learning developed a student assessment based on psychosocial characteristics, including mindset, grit, motivation, self-efficacy, social support, science identity, intent to leave the sciences and GPA prediction.

All incoming first-year students were asked to complete the assessment online in summer 2015 in coordination with their Nature of Life Series course registration and orientation information. Response rate was above 95%.

Data analysis

Following spring semester 2016, retention data will be analyzed against the psychosocial characteristics assessment results to determine which patterns or individual data points appear to be predictive of a student’s risk of leaving CBS and/or the University.

Students will be tracked during the next four years to determine risk of leaving CBS, success in CBS, and four-year graduation rates. This tracking data will be used by various constituencies in the College to provide timely interventions to interrupt at-risk behaviors and encourage success.