Student Performance Metrics

Classroom full of students looking at white board

Through the student performance metrics component of the Pathways to Success grant, the College attempts to identify students who are exhibiting signs of academic risk, e.g. grades on individual exams and assignments, and intervene to provide resources in a timely fashion.  By responding in “real time” to signs of academic distress, CBS aims to increase students’ knowledge of key academic support resources while creating a student culture of proactivity and academic empowerment consonant with success.

Moodle integration with APLUS

APLUS is an online system at the University of Minnesota that helps professionals who work with students advise them more effectively by capturing information relevant to student progress and success in one place.

The APLUS development team has created a tool to integrate gradebook data from Moodle into student APLUS profiles. Individual assignment and exam grades in the Moodle gradebook for courses in the pilot program appear in APLUS.

Pilot courses for Fall 2015 include all BTL-taught courses, along with some CLA courses.

APLUS alerts

Four alerts have been created to assist the CBS Care Team in spotting at-risk behaviors that could impact student success:

  • Failure to login to Moodle course in the past three weeks
  • Failure to login to any Moodle pilot courses in the past two weeks
  • Unsatisfactory grades in Moodle course
  • Unsatisfactory grades in multiple Moodle courses