CGC 2.0

Setting up your account for the new CGC ordering system

The CGC will be moving to an entirely new ordering system that is expected to be on-line this fall. While most of the changes will be behind the scenes to make processing orders and data management more efficient, there will be changes to improve the user’s experience. Users will be able to check the status of their orders and view their order history.


While the full website will not be available until later this fall, we are asking users to register their labs and lab member accounts now to avoid delays in placing orders once the site goes live. You must register whether you’ve ordered from the CGC before or not. 

Step 1:  Each lab will have a PI or lab manager account. This is an admin-level account for your lab that will allow the PI/lab manager to edit billing information, manage lab members affiliated with their lab code, and view the orders placed by members of their lab. The PI account MUST be set up before individual members may register as part of the lab. You must set up your account for the new site even if you already have a lab code. If the PI or lab manager places all the orders for the lab, other members of the lab do not need to register individual accounts.

Step 2:  Each lab member who will be placing orders needs to set up their individual user account. Your individual account will allow you to view the status of your orders and personal order history. You do not need to sign in to search our strain lists, etc. If the PI or lab manager places all orders for your lab, you will not need an individual account.  

Follow this link to register:

It will take you to the new user sign-up page. The email address you enter when you sign up will be your user ID. A confirmation message containing a verification link will be sent to the email address; you MUST use this link to complete the registration of your account. Other portions of the site unrelated to your account are restricted at this time.  

Questions?  Contact us at