Gene names

Gene Name     Assigning Lab     Description

21ur    DPB    21U-RNA
aagr    KV    Acid Alpha Glucosidase Related
aak    GNW    AMP-Activated Kinase
aakb    MR    AMP-Activated Kinase Beta subunit
aakg    ABR    AMP-Activated protein Kinase Gamma subunit
aap    GR    phosphoinositide kinase AdAPter subunit
aar    HM    Alpha ARrestin family
aars    BC    Alanyl Amino-acyl tRNA Synthetase
aat    GNW    Amino Acid Transporter
abc    WH    Anaphase Bridging of Chromatin
abce    GNW    ABC transporter, class E
abcf    GNW    ABC transporter, class F
abch    GNW    ABC transporter, class H
abcx    GNW    ABC transporter, eXtended
abf    GNW    AntiBacterial Factor related
abhd    XH    ABHydrolase Domain containing homolog
abi    OX    AB1 Interactor homolog
abl    GNW    related to oncogene ABL
abt    BC    ABC Transporter family
abtm    GNW    ABC Transporter, Mitochondrial
abts    GNW    Anion/Bicarbonate TranSporter family
abu    SJ    Activated in Blocked Unfolded protein response
acaa    AGP    ACetyl-CoA Acyltransferase 2 homolog
acbp    KV    Acyl-Coenzyme A Binding Protein
acc    JD    Acetylcholine-gated Chloride Channel
acd    ZB    ACid-sensitive Degenerin
acdh    GNW    Acyl CoA DeHydrogenase
ace    PR    abnormal AcetylCholinEsterase
acer    CV    ACEtyl-CoA Regulator
acf    NG    Activator of Cdk-Five
ach        see fli
acin    GNW    ACINus (mammalian Apoptotic Chromatin condensation Inducer in the Nucleus) homolog
acl    XH    ACyLtransferase-like
acly    OH    ATP Citrate Lyase
acm        see gar
acn    UL    ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme)-like Non-peptidase
aco    GNW    ACOnitase
acox    YP    Acyl-Coenzyme A OXidase
acp    GNW    ACid Phosphate family
acr    LM    AcetylCholine Receptor (see lev-1)
acs    MH    fatty Acid Co-A Synthetase family
act    DH    ACTin
acy    KP    Adenylyl CYclase
ada    JA    ADA (histone acetyltransferase complex) subunit
adbp    QD    ADR-2 Binding Protein
adc    MT    Aromatic amino acid DeCarboxylase family
add    GNW    ADDucin
adm    BP    ADAM (disintegrin + metalloprotease) family
adn    NJ    ADhesioN defect
ador    UU    ADenOsine Receptor homolog
adp    CX    sensory ADaPtation abnormal
adpr    GNW    ADiPose (Drosophila obesity gene) Related
adr    BB    Adenosine Deaminase acting on RNA
ads    GNW    Alkyl-Dihydroxyacetonephosphate Synthetase
adsl    WBX    ADenyloSuccinate Lyase homologue
adss    WBX    ADenyloSuccinate Synthase homolog
adt    TN    ADAMTS family
aex    JT    ABoc, EXpulsion (defecation) defective
aexr    OH    AEX-2 related neuropeptide Receptor
afd    IC    AFaDin (actin filament binding protein) homolog
aff    BP    Anchor cell Fusion Failure
afmd    OW    ArylForMamiDase
age    TJ    AGEing alteration
agef    GK    Arf-1 Guanin nucleotide Exchange Factor homolog
agl    QQ    AGL (Amylo-1,6-GLucosidase, 4-alpha-glucotransferase) glycogen debranching enzyme
agmo    LC    AlkylGlycerol MonoOxygenase
agr    AH    AGRin (synaptic protein) homolog
ags    JA    Activator of G protein Signaling
agt    GNW    AlkylGuanine DNA alkuylTransferase
agxt    UGR    Alanine-GlyoXylate aminoTransferase
aha    BW    Aryl Hydrocarbon receptor Associated protein
ahcy    GNW    S-AdenosylhomoCysteine HYdrolase homolog
aho    IK    Abnormal Hunger Orientation
ahr    BW    Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor related
ain    MH    ALG-1 INteracting protein
aip    SJ    Arsenite Inducible Protein
aipl    ON    AIPl (Actin Interacting Protein 1) like
air    AG    Aurora/Ipl1 Related kinase
ajm    SU    Apical Junction Molecule
aka    GNW    A Kinase Anchor protein
akap    VW    A-Kinase Anchor Protein, mitochondrial homolog
akir    SSM    AKIRin (conserved nuclear protein family) homolog
akt    CD    AKT kinase family
aldo    GNW    ALDOlase (fructose bisphosphate aldolase)
ale    ML    Abnormal Lin-26 Expression
alfa    OH    ALS/FTD Associated gene homolog
alg    WM    Argonaute (plant)-Like Gene
algn    CB    Asparagine Linked Glycosylation (ALG) homolog, Nematode
alh    FF    ALdehyde deHydrogenase family
ali    CB    lateral ALae Inconspicuous
alkb    TU    ALKylated DNA repair protein AlkB homolog
alp    UU    ALP/Enigma encoding
alr    PY    AristaLess (Drosophila homeodomain) Related
alt    IM    Axons Lose Track
alt    ED    Abundant Larval Transcript
alx    GS    ALIX (apoptosis-linked gene 2 interacting protein X) homolog
aly    IA    Ref/ALY RNA export adaptor family
ama    DR    AMAnitin resistant
aman    GNW    Alpha Mannosidase
amo    GE    Abnormal MOrphogenesis
ampd    WBX    Adenosine MonoPhosphate Deaminase homolog
amph    RT    AMPHiphysin homolog
amt    GNW    AMmonium Transporter homolog
amx    RM    AMine oXidase family
anat    OH    AANAT (Arylalkylamine N-AcetylTransferase) homolog
anc    CB    abnormal nuclear ANChorage
angl    EV    ANGeL-like deadenylase
ani    OD    ANIllin (acting binding protein)
anmt    OH    Amine N-MethylTransferase
anoh    QV    ANOctamin (calcium-activated chloride channel) Homolog
anr    DPB    Antisense Non-coding RNA
ant    BF    Adenine Nucleotide Translocator
aos    PC    Activator Of Sumo (yeast AOS homolog)
apa    LJ    AdaPtin, Alpha chain (clathrin associated protein)
apc    AG    Anaphase Promoting Complex; see also mat
apd    LJ    AdaPtin, Delta chain (clathrin associated protein)
ape    PK    APoptosis Enhancer
apg    LJ    AdaPtin, Gamma chain (clathrin associated protein)
aph    JJ    Anterior PHarynx defective
apl    NY    Amyloid Precursor-Like
apm    LJ    AP-2 Medium chain (clathrin associated protein)
apn    GNW    APurinic/apyrimidinic endoNuclease
apo    GZ    Anaphase spindle POsitioning
app    UL    AminoPeptidase P
apr    WM    APC Related
aps    LJ    AP-2 Small chain (clathril associated protein)
apt    PS    AdaPTin or adaptin -related protein
aptf    VL    AP-2 Transcription Factor
apx    JJ    Anterior Pharynx in eXcess
apy    GNW    APYrase
aqp    HK    AQuaPorin or aquaglyceroporin related
arc    GNW    ARF-related in C-term (ARD family)
arch    XE    ARCHease related
ard    GNW    Alcohol/Ribitol Dehydrogenase family
arf    GNW    ADP Ribosylation Factor related
arg    JJ    Apex-Related Genes
ari    WY    ARI (ubiquitin ligase Ariadne) homolog
arid    OH    ARID (AT-rich Interactive Domain-containing protein) homolog
ark    PS    A Ras-regulating Kinase
arl    GNW    ARF-Like
arm    GNW    Ankyrin-binding Repeat Muscle protein
arp    RW    Actin Related
arr    GNW    ARRestin family
arrd    GNW    ARRestin Domain protein
ars    GNW    Alanyl tRNA Synthetase
art    PK    steroid Alpha ReducTase related
arx    BD    ARp2/3 compleX component
asah    GNW    AcylSphingosine AmidoHydrolase
asb    JN    ATP Synthase B homolog
asc    GNW    human Activating Signal Cointegrator homolog
asd    KH    Alternative Splicing Defective
asez    CK    Anteriorly-restricted SEiZures
asf    JS    yeast ASF1 (anti-silencing factor) homolog
asfl    FN    ASF-Like
asg    JN    ATP Synthase G homolog
ash    TY    histone methyltransferase complex subunit
asic    IR    Acid-sensing/Amiloride-Sensitive Ion Channel family
ask    KU    ASK (MAPKKK) kinase family
asm    WS    Acid SphingoMyelinase
asna    VB    ArSeNite-translocating ATPase family
asns    GNW    ASparagiNe Synthetase
asp    JF    ASpartyl Protease
aspm    SV    mammalian ASPM (Abnormal SPindles & primary Microencephaly) homolog
ast    VH    Axonal STeering
atad    OLB    ATAD (ATPase with AAA Domain) homolog
atat    GN    SparagiNe Synthetase
atf    OR    ATF (cAMP-dependent transcription factor) family
atfs    CMH    Activating Transcrption Factor associated with Stress
atg    IR    Amino acid Transporter Glycoprotein subunit
atgl    MR    Adipose TriGlyceride Lipase
atgp    GNW    Amino acid Transporter GlycoProtein subunit
atgr    OLB    see atg
ath    MN    Acyl protein THioesterase family
athp    VL    AT Hook plus PHD finger transcription factor
atic    WBX    5-Aminoimidazole-4-carboxamide ribonucleotide formylTransferase/IMP Cyclohydrolase homolog
atl    MV    ATM (ataxia telangectasia mutated)-Like
atm    MV    ATM (ataxia telangectasia mutated) family
atn    RW    ActiNin
atp    LB    ATP synthase subunit
attf    VL    AT hook Transcription Factor family
atx    GNW    human ATX (ataxin) related
ave    UP    AVEugle (Drosophila eye differentiation) homolog
avm    NW    AVM (touch neuron) guidance abnormal
avr    CD    altered AVermectin sensitivity
axl    KN    AXin-Like
bac    PS    Big Anchor Cell
bad    CX    Branching of Axons Defective
baf    KM    Barrier to Autointegration Factor
bag    AM    BAG1 (human) homolog
bah    DC    Biofilm Absent on Head (after Yersinia exposure)
bam    TL    Branching AbnorMal
bar    SD    Beta-catenin/Armadillo Related
bas    LC    Biogenic Amine Synthesis related
basl    BAS    (Biogenic Amine Synthesis related) Like
bath    JT    BTB And MATH domain protein
baz    KJ    Bromodomain Adjacent to Zinc finger domain, 2A/2B, homolog
bbs    MX    BBS (Bardet-Biedl Syndrome) protein
bca    GNW    Beta Carbonic Anhydrase
bcc    JK    BiCaudal C (Drosophila) homolog
bch        human BACH helicase related, see rtel
bcl    FX    mammalian BCL (B cell lymphoma) gene homologs
bcmo    GNW    Beta-Caroten 15,15'-MonoOxygenase
bcs    GNW    BCS1 (mitochondrial chaperone) homolog
bec    GNW    BEClin (human autophagy (homolog)
bed    VL    BED-type zinc finger transcription factor
ben    TU    BENzimidazole resistant
ber    CB    BERgerac strain-specific defect (see zyg-12)
best    OH    BESTrophin (chloride channel) homolog
bet    HS    BET (two bromodomains) family protein
bgal    CZ    Beta GALactosidase homolog
bgs        see unc-70
bicd    UD    BICaudal D (Drosophila) homolog
big    QD    BIG (larger and longer than wild type)
bin    PE    Beta-catenin INteracting protein
bir    WS    BIR (baculovirus inhibitory repeat) family
bis    TK    BISphenol-A hypersensitive
bkip    ZW    BK channel Interacting Protein
bli    CB    BLIstered
blm    MV    human BLM1 (Bloom's syndrome) related
blmp    GNW    Blimp1 (B Lymphocyte-induced Maturation Protein) homolog
blos    GH    BLOC (Biogenesis of Lysosome-related Organelles Complex) and Related complexes subunit homolog
blr    NC    Backward Locomotion Restored
bmk    JS    BiMC related Kinase
bmy    IG    Boca/MESD chaperone for YWTD beta-propeller-EGF
bnc    OH    BasoNuClin-1 zinc finger protein homolog
bop        see mom
bor    RC    BORdering behavior
box    TY    Bypass Of X expression defect
bpl    FF    Biotin Protein Ligase
bpr    KJ    BisPhenol-A Resistant
bra    NU    BMP Receptor Associated protein family
brap    YF    BRCA1 Associated Protein homolog
brc    MV    BRCa homolog (tumor suppressor gene Brca1)
brd    MV    BaRD homolog (tumor suppressor gene Bard1)
bre    HY    BT (Bacillus thuringiensis) toxin Resistant
brf    GNW    BRF (transcription factor) homolog
bris    NG    BRag/Iqsec/Schizo related Arf GEF family member
bro    YK    BRO (Drosophila Brother) homolog
brp    PS    Bypass of Response to Pheromone in yeast
brt    HY    Bt toxin Resistant Cry21A (Twenty-one A)
btb    GNW    BTB (Broad complex/Tramtrack/Bric a bra) domain protein
btbd    GNW    BTB/POZ Domain-containing protein homolog
btf    GNW    BTAF (TBP-associated factor) homolg
btr    RS    Bacillus Thuringiensis Resistant
bub    TH    yeast BUB homolog
bus    CB    Bacterially Un-Swollen (M. nematophilum resistant)
byn    YL    mammalian BYstiN (adhesion protein) related
cab    KY    C-terminus-of-AEX-Binding protein
cacn    UN    CACtiN (Drosophila cactus interacting protein) homolog
cad    PJ    abnormal CAthepsin D
caf    PH    abnormal CAFfeine resistance
cah    GNW    Carbonic AnHydrase
cal    CB    CALmodulin related genes
calf    CX    CAlcium channel Localization Factor
calm    EVL    CALMyrin (Calcium and Integrin Binding protein) homolog
calu    KJ    CALUmenin (calcium-binding protein) homolog
cam    NG    CAN cell Abnormal Migration
camt    OH    CAMTA (CAlModulin-binding Transcriptional activator)
can    NJ    CAN cell abnormality
cand    ET    CAND1 (Cullin-Associated NEDD8-Dissociated protein 1) homolog
cap    RW    CAP-Z protein
capa    GNW    CAPA (insect neuropeptide) related
capg    TY    CAP-G condensin subunit
car    LD    Cytokinesis, Apoptosis, RNA-associated
cars    BC    Cysteinyl Amino-acyl tRNA Synthetase
cas    TU    Cyclase ASsociated protein homolog
cash    KU    CKA And Striatin Homolog
casy    JN    CAlSYntenin/Alcadein homolog
cat    CB    abnormal CATecholamine distribution
catp    EN    Cation transporting ATPase
cav    DD    CAVeolin
cbd    DE    Chitin-Binding Domain protein
cbl    UQ    Cystathionine Beta Lyase
cblc    GNW    CoBaLamin deficiency, C complementation group (human) homolog
cbn    GNW    Calcium BiNding protein homolog
cbp    WM    CBP/p300 homolog
cbs    AR    Cystathionine Beta-Synthase
cca    TS    Calcium Channel, Alpha subuni
ccb    TS    Calcium Channel, Beta subunit
ccch    VL    CCCH-type zinc finger transcription factor
cccp    PS    Conserved Coiled-Coil Protein
ccd    EU    Cell Cycle Delay RETIRED = div-1
ccdc    GNW    CCDC (human Coiled Coil Domain Containing) homolog
ccep    DAM    C. elegans CEntrosomal Protein
ccf    GNW    yeast CCR4 associated Factor family
ccg    GNW    Conserved Cystein/Glycine domain protein
cch    DA    Calcium CHannel
cchl    CF    CytoChrome C Heme-Lyase
ccm    WD    CCM (Cerebral Cavernous Malformation) gene homolog
ccnk    KW    CyCliN K
cco    CF    CytoChrome C Oxidase complex IV
ccp    GNW    CytoChrome P450
ccpp    YT    Cytosolic CarboxyPePtidase family
ccr    GNW    CCR (yeast CCR4/NOT complex component) homolog
cct    PC    Chaperonin Containing TCP-1
ccz    FA    yeast CCZ (Caffeine, Calcium, Zinc sensitive) homolog
cdc    GNW    Cell Division Cycle related
cdd    GNW    CytiDine Deaminase
cde    NL    germline Co-suppression DEfective
cdf    WU    Cation Diffusion Facilitator family
cdgs    OD    Cdp-DaG Synthetase
cdh    BW    CaDHerin family
cdk    KM    Cyclin-Dependent Kinase family
cdka    UA    Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 5 Activating protein homolog
cdkl    IK    Cyclin-Dependent Kinase-Like
cdkr    GNW    CDK5 Regulation associated protein
cdl    SA    Cell Death Lethal
cdo    GNW    Cysteine DiOxygenase
cdr    JF    CaDmium Responsive
cds        see chk
cdt    ET    CDT (S. pombe licensing factor) homolog
cdtl     BS    CDc-Two Like
cebp    CZ    C/EBP (CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein) homolog
cec    FR    C. Elegans Chromodomain family
ced    CB    CEll Death abnormality
cee    GNW    Conserved Edge Expressed protein
ceeh    GNW    Caenorhabditis EpoxidE Hydrolase
ceh    TB    C. Elegans Homeobox
cej    GNW    CEll Junction protein
cel    GNW    mRNA Capping Enzyme Like
cem        see sma
cen    EU    CENtrosomal defective
cep    JR    C. Elegans P-53-like protein
cept    WAL    Choline/EthanolaminePhosphoTransferase
ces    MT    CEll death Specification
cet        see dbl
cex    HB    CalEXcitin
cey    PD    C. Elegans Y box
cfi    OS    CEM Fate Inhibitor
cfim    TB    Cleavage Factor IM (CFIm) homolog
cfp    JA    CFP1 (CpG-binding protein, CXXC Finger Protein 1) homolog
cft    BC    Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane conductance regulator homolog
cfz    NG    Caenorhabditis FriZzled homolog
cgef    WH    CDC-42 Guanine nucleotide Exchange Factor
cgh    GNW    Conserved Germline Helicase
cgk    RE    Cyclic-GMP-dependent Kinase
cgo        see cogc
cgp    KM    Caenorhabditis GTP-binding Protein
cgr    WU    CRAL/TRIO and GOLD domain suppressor of activated Ras
cgt     LZ    Ceramide Glucosyl Transferase
cha    PR    abnormal CHoline Acetyltransferase
chaf    MT    CHromatin Assembly Factor
chat    XW    CHAperone of TAT-1 chb BZ  CHe-3 small Body size suppressor
chb    BZ    CHe-3 small Body size suppressor
chc    RT    Clathrin Heavy Chain
chch    ZA    Coiled coil Helix Coiled coiled Helix domain
chd    JA    CHromoDomain protein
chdp    XD    Calponin Homology Domain containing Protein
che    CB    CHEmotaxis abnormal
chep    QS    CHEmosensory Preference abnormal
chhy    GNW    CHondroitin HYdrolase
chi        see chs
chil    GNW    CHItinase-Like
chin    WH    CHImeriN (Rac-GTPase-activating protein) homolog
chis    UV    CHIasma Stabilization
chk    MV    CHeckpoint Kinase
chl    KR    CHL (yeast CHromosome Loss) homolog
chn    AM    C-term of Hsp70-iNteracting protein (CHIP family)
cho    RM    CHOline transporter
chp    GNW    CHORD Protein
chpf    KWN    Calcineurin-like EF-Hand Protein Family member
chs    BR    CHitin Synthase
cht    GNW    CHiTinase
chtl    RM    CHoline Transporter-Like
chup    RN    CHolesterol UPtake associated
chw    GNW    CHp/Wrch Rho-like protein homolog
cib    GE    Changed Identity of Blastomeres
cic    GNW    CycLin C
cid    GL    Caffeine Induced Death (S. pombe Cid) homolog
cids    BL    pol II C-terminal Interacting Domain
cif    GNW    COP9/Signalosome and eIF3 complex shared subunit
cil    PT    CILiary localization
cima    DCR    CIrcuit MAintenance abnormal
cin    IL    Chromosome INstability
cip    OS    CED-9 Interacting Protein
cir    AP    CIR (transcription factor CBF1 Interacting coRepressor) homolog
cisd    IR    CDGSH Iron Sulfur Domain protein homolog
cit    GNW    CyclIn T
cka    GNW    Choline Kinase A
ckb    GNW    Choline Kinase B
ckc    GNW    Choline Kinase C
ckd    MV    DNA damage ChecKpoint Defective
cki    ET    CKI family (Cyclin-dependent Kinase Inhibitor)
ckk    YT    CaM Kinase Kinase
ckr    GNW    CholecystoKinin Receptor homolog
cks        see dom-6
cku    MV    Caenorhabditis KU
cky    ZG    CKY homolog
clb    CH    CoLlagen, Basement membrane type
clc    GNW    Claudin-like in Caenorhabditis
cld    FED    Cub (CUB) Like Domain containing protein
cle    CH    CoLlagen with Endostatin domain
clec    MY    C-type LECtin
clh    GNW    CLC-type chloride cHannel
clhm    OG    CaLcium Homeostasis Modulator
cli    GNW    Cystatin-LIke protease inhibitor
clic    RT    Clathrin LIght Chain
clik    ON    CaLponIn-liKe proteins
clip        CLIP-GLY domain containing linker protein homolog
clk    MQ    CLocK (biological timing) abnormal
cln    GNW    human CLN (neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis) related
clp    PK    CaLPain family
clpf    GNW    CLeavage/Polyadenylation Factor Ia subunit
clpp    SJ    CLP Protease family
clr    CB    CLeaR
cls    TH    CLASP family of microtubule-binding proteins
clu    GNW    yeast CLU (mitochondrial clustering) related
clx    GNW    CoLlagen sequence X-hybridizing
cmd    WH    CalMoDulin
cmk    YT    CaM Kinase
cmt    OD    p31CoMeT related
cna        see tax-6
cnb    KJ    CalciNeurin B
cnc    IG    CaeNaCin (Caenorhabditis bacteriocin)
cnd    CZ    C. elegans Neuro D homolog
cnep    OD    CTD Nuclear Envelope Phosphatase
cng    KJ    Cyclic Nucleotide Gated channel
cni    OR    CorNIchon (trafficking protein) homolog
cnih    OH    see cni
cnk    UP    Connector/eNhancer of KSR
cnp    KJ    CalciNeurin binding Protein
cnr        see nhr
cnt    GNW    CeNTaurin
cnx    CD    CalNeXin
cod    PS    COpulation Defective
coel    MX    tubulin folding COfactor E-Like portein
cof    OH    COlmedin (collagen plus olFactomedin) family
cog    PS    Connection Of Gonad defective
cogc    NF    Conserved Oligomeric Golgi (COG) Component
coh    GNW    COHesin family
col    CZ    COLlagen
com    UV    Completion Of Meiotic recombination (budding yeast Com) related
comt    OH    Catechol-O-MethylTransferase family
copa    MSN    COat Protein complex 1, Alpha subunit
copb    FA    COP (COat Protomer) Beta subunit
copd    MSN    COat Protein complex 1, Delta subunit
cope    MSN    COat Protein complex 1, Epsilon subunit
copz    MSN    COat Protein complex 1, Zeta subunit
coq    MQ    COenzyme Q (ubiquinone) biosynthesis
cor    HY    CORonin (actin-binding protein)
cosa    AV    CrossOver Site Associated
cow    EU    COntractile Waves in embryo
cox    MD    Cytochrome OXidase assembly protein
cpar    OD    Centromeric Protein A Related
cpb    MW    CPEB polyA binding family
cpd    OH    CarboxyPeptidase D family
cpf    BL    Cleavage and Polyadenylation Factor
cpg    GNW    Chondroitin ProteoGlycan
cpi    OR    CyPIn (guanine aminohydrolase) homolog
cpin    OR    CyPIN (guanine aminohydrolase) homolog)
cpl    GNW    CathePsin L familu
cpn    MT    CalPoNin
cpna    GB    CoPiNe domain protein, Atypical
cpr    GNW    Cysteine PRotease related
cps    CU    CED-3 Protease Suppressor
cpsf    BL    Cleavage and Polyadenylation Specificity Factor
cpt    GNW    Carnitine Palmitoyl Transferase
cpx    EG    ComPleXin (synaptic protein) homolog
cpz    GNW    CathePsin Z
cra    CV    Central Region Assembly in meiosis abnormal
crb    GNW    Drosophila CRumBs homolog
crf        see nhr
crh    MT    CREB Homolog
cri    SAL    Conserved Regulator of Innate immunity
crl    GNW    Drosophila CRumbs-Like
crls    GNW    CaRdioLipin Synthetase homolog
crm    KC    CRiM (Cysteine Rich Motor neuron protein) homolog
crml    NG    CARMIL (Capping, ARp2/3, Myosin I Linker protein) homolog
crn    CU    Cell-death-Related Nuclease
crp    MR    Cdc-42 Related Protein
crs    GNW    Cysteinyl tRNA Synthetase
crt    GNW    CalReTiculin
crtc    AGD    CREB-Regulated Transcription Coactivator homolog
csb    GNW    human (CSB (Cockayne Syndrome B) homolog
csc    MG    Chromosome Segregation and Cytokinesis defective
csg    GE    Chromosome SeGregation
csk    FK    C-terminal Src Kinase
csn    KB    COP-9 SigNalosome subunit
csnk    JA    CaSeiN Kinase
csp    OS    CaSPase
csq    KJ    CalSeQuestrin
csr    WM    Chromosome-Segregation and RNAi deficient
cst    LD    Caenorhabditis STE20-like kinase
cta    GE    CyToplasmic Appearance
ctb    MQ    CyTochrome B
ctbp    GNW    CTBP (CtBP) transcriptional co-repressor homolog
ctc    GNW    mitochondrial genome encoded CyTochrome C oxidase subunit homolog
ctg    XH    CRAL/TRIO and GOLD domain containing
cth    LD    CystaTHionine gamma-lyase
ctl    TU    CaTaLase
ctn    PE    alpha-CaTuliN (catenin/vinculin related)
ctns    ZH    CysTiNoSin (lysosomal protein) homolog
ctps    GNW    CTP Synthase
ctr    SA    CTR9 homolog, a component of the RNA Polymerase II associated complex PAF1
cts    SJ    CiTrate Synthase
ctsa    GNW    CaThepSin A homolog
ctu        see tut
cua    GNW    CU (copper) ATPase
cuc    GNW    CU (copper) Chaperonin
cul    NJ    CULlin
cup    NP    Coelomocyte UPtake-defective
cut    NA    CUTiclin
cutc    ZS    CUTC copper homeostasis protein homolog
cuti    WT    CUTicle and epithelial Integrity
cutl    NA    CUTiclin-Like
cux    MQ    Clk-2 Upstream, human gene XE7 related
cwn    CF    Caenorhabditis WNT family
cwp    EM    Coexpressed With Polycystins
cya    GNW    CYclin A
cyb    GNW    CYclin B
cyc    CF    CYtochrome C
cyd    KM    CYclin D
cye    KM    CYclin E
cyh    LD    CYclin H
cyk    EU    CYtoKinesis defect
cyl    PS    CYclin L
cyld    GNW    CYLinDromatosis (human disease gene) homolog
cyn    TP    CYclophiliN family (was cyp formerly)
cyp    GNW    CYClophilin related
cysl    AR    CYsteine Synthase Like
cyt    GNW    CYTochrome
cytb    BX    CYTochrome B
cyy    TV    CYclin Y homolog
czw    OD    Caenorhabditis Zeste White 10 (Drosophila) homolog
daam    DWP    DAAM (Disheveled-Associated Activator of Morphogenesis) homolog
daao    GNW    D-Amino Acid Oxidase
dab    NG    DAB (Drosophila disabled) homolog
dac    GP    DAChsund transcription factor homolog
dad    JR    DAD (Defender against Apoptotic Death) homolog
daf    AA    abnormal DAuer Formation
daf*    DR    DAuer larva Formation abnormal
dagl    HDW    DiAcylGlycerol Lipase homolog
dal    IN    Disorganized ACT-5 Localization
dam    WS    DNA DAMage response abnormal
dao    PL    Dauer or Aging adult Overexpression
dap    GNW    mammalian cell Death Associated Protein related
dapk    CZ    DAP (Death- Associated Protein) kinase homolog
dars    BC    aspartyl(D) Amino-acyl tRNA Synthetase
dat    RM    DopAmine Transporter
daz    SA    human DAZ (Deleted in Azoospermia) homolog
dbl    BW    Decepentaplegic/BMP-Like
dbn    DRK    DreBriN 1/DreBriN-like (where Drebrin is from Developmentally REgulated BRaIN protein) family homolo
dbr    GNW    lariat DeBRanching enzyme related
dcaf    ET    DDB1 and CUL4-Associated Factor (DCAF1/VprBP) homolog
dcap    LD    mRNA DeCAPping enzyme
dcar    YC    DihydroCaffeic Acid Receptor
dcd    TH    Daughter Centrosome Defective
dcn    EU    Defect in Cullin Neddylation
dcp    EC    Deacetylase Complex Protein
dcr    WM    DiCer Related
dcs    GNW    DeCapping Scavenger enzyme homolog
dct    CF    DAF-16/FOXO Controlled, germline Tumor affecting
dda    IA    Dumpy DAuer
ddb    ET    DDB1 (UV-Damaged DNA Binding protein) homolog
ddl    CF    Daf-16-Dependent Longevity (WT but not daf-16 lifespan increased)
ddo    GNW    D-aspartate (D) Oxidase
ddp    GNW    human DDP related
ddr    VH    Discoidin Domain Receptor
ddx    BS    DEAD boX helicase homolog
deb    RW    DEnse Body component
dec    JT    DEfecation Cycle abnormal
decr    GNW    DiEnoyl-CoA Reductase, mitochondrial
ded    DR    expression DEpendent on Daf-16 activity
deg    TU    DEGeneration of certain neurons
degt    AQ    DEGenerin-related Touch-involved channel
del    ZB    DEgenerin Like
delm    BLC    DEgenerin Linked to Mechanosensation
denn    RT    DENN domain type RAB GEF
dep    AH    DEP (Density-Enhanced Phosphatase) homolog
deps    SS    DEfective P granules and Steriles
der    NP    DERlin
des    TU    DEgeneration Suppressor
dex    OS    Dendrite EXtension defective
dgat    VS    acyl-CoA:DiacylGlycerol AcylTransferase
dgk    QT    DiacylGlycerol Kinse
dgn    CH    DystroGlycaN
dgtr    OD    DGAT (acyl-CoA:DiacylGlycerol AcylTransferase) Related
dhc    RW    Dynein Heavy Chain
dhcr    GNW    DeHydroCholesterol Reductase
dhfr    EV    DiHydroFolate Reductase
dhhc    VL    DHHC-types zinc finger transcription factor
dhod    GH    DiHydroOrotate Dehydrognease
dhp    YC    DiHydroPyrimidinase
dhps    GNW    DeoxyHyPusine Synthase
dhrs    GNW    DHRS (mammalian DeHydrogenase/Reductase, Short-chain) homolog
dhs    FF    DeHydrogenases, Short chain
dic    NB    human DICE1 (Deleted In Cancer) homolog
did    MSN    Doa4-Independent Degradation, homologous to yeast Did2
die    JR    Dorsal Intercalation and Elongation defect
dif    JA    DIFferentiation abnormality
dig    MT    DIsplaced Gonad
dim    DM    DIsorganized Muscle
din    AA    DAF-12 Interacting Protein
dip    OU    Disco-Interacting Protein 2 homolog
dis    GNW    DIS3 (yeast disjunction abnormal) exonuclease homolog
disl    MH    DIS3-Like exonuclease 2 homolog
disp    PX    DISPersion of worms altered
div    EU    cell DIVision defective
djr    BR    DJ-1 (mammalian transcriptional regulator) Related
dkf    CR    D Kinase Family
dlat    GNW    DihydroLipoyllysine-residue AcetylTransferase
dlc    EU    Dynein Light Chain
dld    GNW    DihydroLipoamide Dehydrogenase
dlg    GNW    Drosophila Discs LarGe homolog
dlhd    BQ    DieneLactone Hydrolase Domain containing protein
dli    MH    Dynein Light Intermediate chain
dlk    KU    DAP (Death Associated Protein) Like Kinase
dlst    GN    DihydroLipoamide S-SuccinylTransferase
dlx    MS    DistalLess homeoboX protein family
dma    TV    Dendrite Morphology Abnormal
dmd    UR    DM (doublesex/mab-3) Domain gene
dml    AE    yeast DIM Like
dmo    GE    Defective MOrphogenesis (pka mod-)
dmsr    OH    DroMyoSuppressin Receptor related
dna    NB    yeast DNA helicase/endonuclease family
dnc    WH    DyNactin Complex component
dnj    PS    DNaJ domain (prokaryotic heat shock protein)
dnpp    GNW    DNPEP (aspartyl aminopeptidase) homolog
dod    CF    Downstream Of Daf-16 (regulated by DAF-16)
dog    KR    Deletions Of G-rich DNA
dohh    GNW    DeOxyHypusine Hydroxylase
dom    SS    DOwnstream of Mes (in same operon)
dop    OH    DOPamine receptor
dopy    OH    DOPamine neuron atYpical
dos    HA    Delta and OSm-11-like
dot    AGK    DOT1 histone methyltransferase family
dox    CF    Downstream Of Xbp-1
dox    TY    Dependent On X sites
doxa    OB    dual oxidase maturation factor
dpf    GNW    Dipeptidyl Peptidase Four (IV) family
dpff    OH    DPF (transcription factor) Family
dph    GNW    DiPHthamide biosynthesis protein
dpl    MT    vertebrate transcription factor DP-Like
dpm    GNW    Dolichol Phosphate Mannosyltransferase
dpr    JR    Dauer Pheromone Responsive
dpt    OH    Dipeptidyl Peptidase Three
dpy    CB    DumPY: shorter than wild-type
dpyd    GNW    DihydroPYrimidine Dehydrogenase
drag    LW    DRAGon (zebra fish) homolog
drap    OH    DRAP1 corepressor homolog
drd    FED    dietary restriction down regulated
dre    AA    Daf-12, REdundant with
drh    WM    Dicer Related Helicase
drl    GNW    Dietary Restriction Like
drn    GNW    Di-Ras/Rig/Noey2 (Ras-like protein homolog)
dro    TU    DR1 (One) transcription factor family
droe    FED    dietary restriction over expresse
drop    SOZ    lipid DROPlet abnormaldrop
drp    ZA    Dynamin-Related Protein
drr    CF    Dietary restriction response (WT but not eat-2 lifespan increased)
drs    GNW    aspartyl(D) tRNA Synthetase
drsh    NL    DRoSHa (miRNA maturation protein) homolog
dsb    CA    Double-Strand Break factor
dsbn    GH    DySBiNdin
dsc    MQ    Defecation Suppressor of Clk-1
dsez    CK    Drug-induced SEiZures
dsh    NG    DiSHevelled related
dsl    GS    Delta/Serrate/Lag-2 domain
dss    GNW    DSS1 (Deleted in Split hand/Split foot protein 1) homolog; 26S proteasome subunit
dtmk    GNW    DeoxyThyMidylate Kinase (thymidylate kinase) homolog
duf        see idf
duo    GNW    Deubiquitylating with USP/UBP and OTU domains
duox    GB    Dual OXidase
dur    GNW    Dauer Up-Regulated
dut    DW    DeoxyUTPase
duxl    GNW    DUX (vertebrate dual homeobox) Like
dvc    RJP    DNA damage-associated VCP/p97 Cofactor homolog
dve    SJ    DVE (Defective proVEntriculus in Drosophila) homolog
dwa    LT    DWArfin family
dxbp    CF    Downstream of XBP-1
dyb    LS    DystroBrevin homolog
dyc    LS    DYB-1 binding and Capon related
dyci    GNW    DYnein Chain, light Intermediate
dyf    MX    abnormal DYe-Filling
dyi    GNW    DYnein Intermediate chain
dyla    OE    DYnein Light chain (Axonemal p28 type)
dylt    GNW    DYnein Light chain (Tctex type)
dyn    CX    DYNamin related
dyrb    GNW    DYnein light chain (RoadBlock type)
dys    LS    DYStrophin related
dyt        see tor
eaf    ALF    ELL Associated Factor homolog
eak    GR    Enhancer of AKt-1 null
ears    BC    glutamyl (E) Amino-acyl tRNA Synthetase
eat    DA    EATing (pharyngeal pumping) abnormal
ebax    CZ    Elongin-B/C E3 ligase in AXon guidance
ebp    SA    microtubule End Binding Protein
ech    GNW    Enoyl-CoA Hydrates
ect    MH    ECT2 (mammalian Rho GEF) homolog
edc    LD    yeast Enhancer of DeCapping homolog
eea    RT    EEA1 (Early Endosome Antigen, Rab effector) homolog
eef    LD    Eukaryotic translation Elongation Factor
eel    JJ    Enhancer of EfL-1 mutant phenotype
efa    EU    Exchange Factor for Arf
eff    WH    Epithelial Fusion Failure
efhd    GNW    EF HanD calcium binding protein
efk    ZB    Elongation Factor Kinase
efl    MT    E2F-Like (mammalian transcription factor)
efn    NW    Eph(F)riN
efsc    IH    eukaryotic Elongation Factor, SelenoCysteine-tRNA-specific
eft    GNW    Elongation FacTor
eftu    LD    Elongation Factor TU family
egal    UD    EGALitarian (Drosophila exonuclease-like) homolog
egas    OH    EGF plus ASC domain ion channel
egf    GNW    EGF (epidermal growth factor) motif related
egg    AD    EGG sterile (unfertilizable)
egl    MT    EGg-Laying Abnormal
ego    EL    Enhancer of Glp-One (glp-1)
egr    JA    EGl-27 Related
egrh    OK    EGR (Early Growth factor Response factor) Homolog
egs    WS    EGl-1 Suppressor
eha    GNW    Egg laying Hormone (putative Aplysia homolog)
ehbp    RT    EH (Eps-15-homology) domain Binding Protein family
ehn    JK    Enhancer of HAND mutation hnd-1
ehs    NA    Eps15 (endocytosis protein) Homologous Sequence
eif    GNW    Eukaryotic Initiation Factor
eip    GNW    Etoposide-Induced Protein homolog
ekl    UP    Enhancer of Ksr-1 Lethality
elb    ET    ELongin B
elc    ET    ELongin C
eld    ML    ELongation Defective
elf        See eff
elk    OH    transcription factor homolog
elks    NM    mammalian ELKS/CAST/ERC/Rab6 interacting protein homolog
ell    ALF    ELL transcription elongation factor homolog
elm    SV    Enhancer of Lin-12 (gf) Multivulva phenotype
elo    BX    fatty acid ELOngation
elp    KA    Emap-Like Protein
elpc    GNW    ELongator complex Protein Component
elr        see exc-7
elt    BL    Erythroid-Like Transcription factor family
emb    RC    EMBryogenesis abnormal
emc    EN    EMC Endoplasmic Membrane protein Complex (yeast EMC) homolog
eme    CV    Essential Meiotic Endonuclease
emo    BS    EndoMitotic Oocytes
emr    GNW    human EMeRin homolog
emu    UD    Enhancer of nuclear Migration Unc
ena    SQ    ENdocytosis Abnormal
enc    PE    ENhancer of Cadherin defect
end    JR    ENDoderm determining
eng    GNW    Endo-b-N-acetylGlucosaminidase
eno    OH    Ectopic Neurite Outgrowth
enol    PM    ENOLase
enpl    GNW    ENdoPLasmin homolog
ensa    MLG    ENdoSulfine Alpha
ensh    TU    ENSHeathment defective
ensz    CK    ENhancer of SEiZures
ent    UK    Equilibrative Nucleoside Transporter
enu    CB    ENhancer of Uncoordination
eol    ZC    Enhanced Olfactory Learning
eom    BS    Enhancer Of Mpk-1
eor    UP    Egl-1 suppressor/DiO uptake defective/raf enhancer
eos    KP    Enhancer of OSm defect
epa    AY    Enhanced Pathogen Accummulation.
epac    FZ    Exchange Protein Activated by CAMP
epc    MT    Enhancer of PolyComb-like
epg    HZ    Ectopic P Granules
ephx    CZ    EPHeXin (Eph-interacting GEF) homolog
epi    NJ    abnormal EPIthelia
epn    BS    EPsiN (endocytic protein) homolog
epr    AU    Enhanced Pathogen Resistance
eps    NA    EPS (human) related
era    GZ    Embryonic mRna (mRNA) Anterior
ercc    GNW    ERCC (DNA excision repair protein) homolog
erd    GNW    ERD (yeast) related
erf    NW    Enhancer of sensory-Ray Fusion
erfa    MC    Eukaryotic Release FActor homolog
erg    HKK    ERG (yeast ergosterol biosynthesis protein) homolog
ergo    WM    Endogenous-RNAi deficient arGOnaute mutant
eri    GR    Enhanced RNAi (RNA interference)
erl    JM    ERLin (ER lipid raft associated protein) homolog
erm    VJ    Ezrin/Radixin/Moesin related
ero    SJ    Endoplasmic Reticulum Oxidase
erp    ZA    Endophilin-Related Protein
ers    GNW    glutamyl (E) tRNA Synthetase
erv    AK    yeast ERV (ER to Golgi transport Vesicle protein) homolog
esp    AU    Enhanced Susceptibility to Pathogens
ess    HA    ES2 (conserved nuclear protein) Similar
est    YA    EST (Ever Shorter Telomeres) homolog
esyt    GNW    Extended SYnapTotagmin homolog
etc    RQ    ubiquitin E Three ligase C homolog
etf    GNW    Eukaryotic Translational release Factor (RF1)
ethe    AR    ETHE1 (human ETHylmalonic Encephalopathy) homolog
etr    CB    ELAV-Type RNA-binding protein family
ets    GV    ETS transcription factor family
eva    NW    Enhancer of unc-40 Ventral Axon guidance defects
evl    GS    abnormal Eversion of VuLva
exc    NJ    EXCretory canal abnormal
exl    OH    EXC-4 (ion channel) Like
exo    MV    EXOnuclease
exoc    FZ    EXOCyst component
exos    AW    EXOSome (multiexonuclease complex) component
exp    JT    EXPulsion defective (defecation)
eya    SA    EYA (Drosophila EYes Absent) homolog
eyg    OH    EYG  (Drosophila eyegone) homolog
faah    GL    Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase
fab    KP    Foraging behavior ABnormal
faf    GE    FAst phase of Female pronuclear migration abnormal
fah    ALF    FumarylAcetoacetate Hydrolase
fahd    IR    FAH (FumarylAcetoacetate Hydrolase) Domain protein
fam    NG    FAsciculation and cell Migration defective
fan    CV    Fanconi Anemia-associated Nuclease
far    GNW    Fatty Acid/Retinol binding protein
fard    CF    Fatty Acyl-CoA ReDuctase
farl    EU    yeast FAR (Factor ARrest) like
fars    BC    Phenylalanyl Amino-acyl tRNA Synthetase
fasn    NA    Fatty Acid SyNthase
fat    GNW    FATty acid desaturase
fax    MU    defective FAsciculation of aXons
fbf    JK    Fem-3 mRNA Binding Factor
fbl    GNW    FiBuLin
fbn    GR    FiBrilliN homolog
fbp    GNW    Fructose-1,6-BiPhosphatase
fbxa    JT    F-BoX domain family A
fbxb    JT    F-BoX domain family B (N-terminal mariner-like domain)
fbxc    JT    F-box C protein
fbxl    CZ    F BoX Leucine rich repeat containing protein homolog
fcd    DW    human FANCD2 (Fanconi's anemia defect) ortholog
fce    GNW    Farnesylated-proteins Converting Enzyme (FACE) family
fcef    GNW    Farnesylated-proteins Converting Enzyme (FACE) family
fcho    MSN    FCH domain Only (FCH stands for Fes/CIP4 homology domain)
fcp    LD    FCP1 (yeast TFIIF-interacting CTD phosphatase subunit) homolog
fdps    YG    Farnesyl DiPhosphate Synthetase
feb        see ssb
fech    IP    FErroChelatase
fecl    IP    FErroChelatase-Like
fed    XX    FEeding Defective for RNAi
feh    NA    mammalian FE65 Homolog
fem    CB    FEMinization of XX and XO animals
fer    BA    FERtilization defective (abnormal sperm)
ferl    BA    FER-1 Like
fezf    OH    FEZ Family zinc finger protein
fgd        see exc-5
fgt    GNW    Facilitated Glucose Transporter
fhod    HR    Formin HOmology Domain
fib    BL    FIBrillarin family
fic    DA    FIC (bacterial Filamentation Induced by Cyclic AmP) domain
fig    OS    dye-Filling abnormal, expressed In Glia
figl    GNW    FIdGetin (mammalian develomental AAA ATPase) Like
fil    UN    FiLamiN (actin binding protein) homolog
fip    IG    Fungus-Induced Protein
fipp    GNW    Factor Interacting with Poly(A) Polymerase
fipr    IG    FIP (Fungus-Induced Protein) Related
fis    MD    S. cerevisiae FIS1-related
fitm    AG    Fat storage-Inducing TransMembrane protein related
fkb    TP    FK506-Binding Protein family
fkh    JM    ForKHead transcription factor family
flad    GNW    FLavin Adenine Dinucleotide synthetase
flap    WT    FLi1-Associated Protein homolog
flcn    GNW    FoLliCuliN homolog
flh    VT    FLYWCH zinc finger transcription factor homolog
fli    GNW    FLI-I (Drosophila Flightless) homolog
fln    UN    FiLamiN (actin binding protein) homolog
flna    FZ    FiLamiN (actin binding protein) Alpha
flnb    FZ    FiLamiN (acting binding protein) Beta
flp    NY    FMRF-Like Peptide
flr    JC    FLuoride Resistant
flt    KJ    FLecTin -- see baz
flu    TT    abnormal FLUorescence under ultraviolet illuminati
fmi    NG    FlaMIngo (cadherin plus T7 domain) homolog
fmo    GNW    Flavin-containing MonoOxygenase family
fnci    NB    FANCI (Fanconi anemia complex component I) homolog
fncm    NB    FANCM (Fanconi anemia complex component M) homolog
fnta    OU    FarNesylTransferase, Alpha subunit
fntb    OU    FarNesylTransferase, Beta subunit
fog    CB    Feminization Of Germline
folt    GNW    FOLate Transporter family
fos    PS    FOS (B-Zip transcription factor)
fox    CB    Feminizing site On X
fozi    OH    FOrmin-homology and ZInc finger domains
fpn    GNW    FerroPortiN
fre    GNW    Flavin REductase
frg    GNW    FRG1 (FSH muscular dystrophy Region Gene 1)
frh    FP    FRataxin (involved in human Friedrich's ataxia) Homolog
frk    JH    Fer oncogene Related Kinase
frl    KK    FRL (Formin Related gene in Leukocytes) homolog
frm    VJ    FERM domain (protein4.1-ezrin-radixin-moesin) fami
frpr    OH    FMRFamide Peptide Receptor family
frs    GNW    phenylalanyl (F) tRNA Synthetase
fsez    CK    Full-body SEiZures
fshr    KP    FSHR (mammalian follicle stimulating hormone receptor) homolog
fsn    ZM    F-box SyNaptic protein
fsr    QC    FluvaStatin Resistant
ftn    GNW    FerriTiN
ftr    BS    Fog Two (fog-2) Related
ftt    DS    Fourteen-Three-Three family
fum    SJ    FUMarase
fus    JR    hyperFUSion of epithelial cell
fust    XQ    FUS/TLS RNA binding protein homolog
fut    GNW    FUcosyl Transferase
fzo    GNW    FZO (Fzo mitochondrial fusion protein) related
fzr    SA    FiZzy Related
fzy    KR    FiZzY (CDC20 protein family) homolog
gab    JD    GABa receptor subunit
gad    BW    GAstrulation Defective
gadr    LP    GAstrulation Defective, Redundant
gak    BC    Germline-enhanced AT-HooK protein
gale    IP    UDP-GALactose 4-Epimerase
galt    WS    GALacTosyltransferase
gana    KV    GAlactosidase/N-Acetylgalactosaminidase
gap    SD    GTPase Activating Protein family
gar    DA    G-protein-linked Acetylcholine Receptor
gars    BC    Glycyl Amino-acyl tRNA Synthetase
gas    CW    General Anesthetic Sensitivity abnormal
gasr    MX    GAS (human Growth Arrest-Specific) Related
gat        see snf
gba    GNW    beta-GlucocereBrosidAse
gbas    LX    Ga Binding and Activating and Spk (SPK) domain containing
gbb    JSD    GABA B receptor subunit
gbf    RM    GBF1 (Golgi-specific Brefeldin-A-resistant Factor 1) homolog
gbh    NA    Gamma Butyrobetaine Hydroxylase
gbr    GNW    GABA Receptor family
gcc    EG    Grip (GRIP) and Coiled-Coil domain containing protein related
gck    JS    Germinal Center Kinase family
gcl    YG    GCL (Drosophila Germ Cell-Less) homolog
gcn    ST    GCN (yeast General Control Nondepressible) homolog
gcp        see cpr
gcs    LD    gamma GlutamylCysteine Synthetase
gcsh    WAL    Glycine Cleavage System H protein
gcst    VL    Glycine Cleavage System T-protein
gcy    JT    Guanylyl CYclase
gdh    GNW    Glutamate DeHydrogenase
gdi    TN    GDI (RabDGP Dissociation Inhibitor) family
gei    NR    GEX Interacting protein
gem    EJ    Gon-2 Extragenic Modifier
gen    TG    GEN1 Holliday junction resolvase homolog
ger    IBW    GDP-keto-6-deoxymannose 3.5-Epimerase/4-Reductase
ges    JM    abnormal Gut ESterase
gex    WM    Gut on EXterior
gfat    AA    Glutamine-Fructose 6-phosphate AminoTransferase homolog
gfi    NR    GEI-4 (Four) Interacting protein
gfl    LP    human GAS41-Like
gfm    MD    GFM (mitochondrial elongation factor G) homolog
gfrp    LC    GTP cyclohydrolase I Feedback Regulatory Protein homolog
ggr    JC    GABA/Glycine Receptor family= gbr
ggtb    GNW    GeranylGeranyl Transferase Beta subunit homolog
ghi    JC    Glycoprotein Hormaon (FLR-2) Interacting protein
gin    QQ    Glucose Intolerance
gip    TH    Gamma-tubulin Interacting Protein
gipc    OH    GIPC (RGS-GAIP Interacting Protein C) homolog
git    HJ    GIT1 (mammalian G protein-coupled receptor kinase InTeractor 1) homolog
giyd    GNW    GIY-YIG nuclease Domain-containing protein
gla    WS    Germ Line Apoptosis abnormal
glb    ED    GLoBin
glc    DA    Glutamate-gated ChLoride channel
glct    GNW    GLuCuronosylTransferase-like
gld    BS    defective in Germ Line Development
glf    GNW    GaLactoFuranose synthesis (UGM, UDP-galactopyranose mutase)
glh    KB    Germ Line Helicase
glit    RM    GLIoTactin (Drosophila neuroligin-like) homolog
gln    GNW    GLutamiNe synthetase (glutamate-ammonia ligase)
glna    OH    GLutamiNAse
glo    GH    Gut granule LOss
glod    GNW    GLyOxalase Domain containing
glp    JK    Germ Line Proliferation abnormal
glr    CX    GLutamate Receptor family (AMPA)
glrx    TB    GLutaRedoXin
gls    EV    Germ Line Survival
glt    GNW    GLutamate Transporter family
glv        see mek
gly    GY    GLYcosylation related
gmd    IBW    GDP-Mannose Dehydratase
gmeb    OH    GMEB (Glucocorticoid Modulatory Element Binding protein) transcriptional regulator homolog
gmn    SA    GeMiNin homolog
gmp    CB    Growth iMPaired on M. nematophilum
gmps    OH    Guanine MonoPhosphate Synthetase
gna    GNW    Glucosamine phosphate N-Acetyl transferase
gnd    JK    GoNad primordium Defective
gnrr    GNW    human GoNadotropin-Releasing hormone Receptor (GnRHR) related
goa    PS    G protein, class O, Alpha subunit
gob    JM    Gut OBstructed or defective
golg    EG    GOLGi associated coiled-coil protein homolog
gon    CB    GONad development abnormal
gop    MQ    Gro-1 OPeron gene
gopc    OH    GOlgi-associated PDZ and Coiled-coil motif protein
gos    GQ    GOlgi SNAP receptor complex member
gosr    GNW    GOlgi Snap Receptor complex member
got    UQ    Glutamate Oxaloacetate Transaminase
gpa    PS    G Protein, Alpha subunit
gpb    PS    G Protein, Beta subunit
gpc    NL    G Protein, Gamma subunit
gpcp    CB    GlyceroPhosphoCholine Phosphodiesterase homolog
gpd    HH    GPD (Glyceraldehyde-3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase)
gpdh    VP    Glycerol-3-Phosphate DeHydrogenase
gpi    CF    Glucose-6-Phosphate Isomerase
gpn    CH    GlyPicaN
gpr    SV    G Protein Regulator
gpx    ED    Glutathione PeroXidase
gqa    PS    G protein, class Q, Alpha subunit
gras    OH    GRASP (General Receptor for phosphoinositides 1-Associated Scaffold Protein) homolog
grd    TB    GRounDhog (hedgehog-like family)
grdn    CHB    GiRDiN (mammalian actin-binding protein) homolog
grh    GNW    GrainyHead (Drosophila transcription factor) homolog
grk    HA    G-protein-coupled Receptor Kinase
grl    TB    GRound-Like (grd related)
grld    TV    Glutamate Receptor Level Decreased
grm    FY    Gaba Receptor Mislocated
gro    CB    GROwth rate abnormal
grp    GNW    GTP exchange factor for ARFs
grs    GNW    Glycyl tRNA Synthetase
grsp    IG    Glycine Rich Secreted Protein
gsa    FK    G protein, Subunit Alpha
gsk    EU    Glycogen Synthase Kinase family
gska    KP    Glycogen Synthase Kinase Alpha subunit
gsnl    ON    GelSoliN-Like
gsp    TX    Glc Sevin-like Phosphatase
gspd    GNW    GlcSeven-like Phosphatase
gsr    VB    Glutathione diSulfide Reductase
gss    VZ    Glutathione SynthetaSe
gst    GNW    Glutathione S-Transferase
gstk    RD    Glutathione S-Transferase Kappa protein
gsto    GNW    Glutathione S-Transferase, Omega class
gsy    GM    Glycogen SYnthase
gta    RM    GABA TransAminase family
gtbp    XQ    ras-Gtpase-activating protein SH3 (Three) domain-Binding Protein
gtl    HB    Gon-Two Like (TRP subfamily)
gtr    EHC    GPCR Thermal Receptor
guk    UR    GUanylate Kinase
gum    EJ    GUt Morphology abnormal
gur    HM    GUstatory Receptor family
gus    NA    abnormal GlUcoronidaSe
gut    EH    GUT differentiation defective
gyg    GNW    GlYcoGenin like
haao    GNW    HydroxyAnthrAnilate Oxygenase
hab    TN    HABituation abnormal
hacd    GNW    Hydroxy-Acyl-CoA Dehydrogenase
haf    BC    HALf transporter (PGP related)
hal    AV    Homolog ALignment in meiosis abnormal
haly    WU    Histidine Ammonia LYase
ham    NA    HSN Abnormal Migration
hap    MQ    yeast HAM (HydroxylAminoPurine sensitivity) relate
har    DA    HemiAsterlin Resistant
hars    BC    Histidyl Amino-acyl tRNA Synthetase
hasp    OH    HASPin kinase related
hat    OH    Histone AcetylTransferase
hbl    BW    HunchBack Like (fly gap gene related)
hcd    PS    Hermaphrodite Copulation Defective
hcf    GNW    human HCF1 related
hch    CB    defective HatCHing
hcp    AR    HoloCentric chromosome binding Protein
hcr    GNW    Homolog of S. Cerevisiae Rad gene
hda    WM    Histone DeAcetylase
hdac    MX    Histone/tubulin DeACetylase
hdl    BC    Histidine Decarboxyase Like
hecd    OR    HECtD1 ubiquitin ligase homolog
hecw    ZD    HECT, C2 and WW domain-containing protein
heh    JT    HE1 Homolog (human HE1/NPC2)
hel    GNW    HELicase
helq    DW    HELicase Q homolog
hen    JC    HEsitatioN behavior
henn    RFK    HEN1 (RNA 3'end methyltransferase) of  Nematode
her    CB    HERmaphroditization of XO animals
herc    AH    HECT and RCC domain E3 ubiquitin ligase
hex    IBW    HEXosaminidase
hgap    DV    Heterodimeric GTPase Activating Protein subunit
hgo    GNW    HomoGentisate Oxidase
hgrs    ZH    Hepatocyte Growth factor-Related TK Substrate (HRS) family
hhat    TB    Homolog of Hedgehog AcylTransferase
hid    JT    High temperature-Induced Dauer formation
hif    ZG    HIF (Hypoxia Inducible Factor) homolog
hil    EC    HIstone H1 Like
him    CB    High Incidence of Males (increased X chrom. loss)
hinf    OH    HIstone Nuclear Factor p (P) homolog
hint    GNW    HIstidiNe Triad nucleotide-binding protein
hip    OW    Hsp-70 Interacting Protein homolog
hipi    IG    Hyper-Induction of Peptide after Drechmeria Infection
hipr    ID    Huntington Interacting Protein Related
his    EM    HIStone
hke    GNW    Histidine-rich membrane protein KE-4 (mouse) homolog
hkp        see hcp
hlb    GNW    Homolog of Liprin Beta
hlh    KM    Helix Loop Helix
hmbx    CX    HMBOX (mammalian HoMeoBOX gene) homolog
hmg    GNW    HMG (High Mobility Group) protein
hmgr    GR    HMG-CoA Reductase
hmgs    GR    HMG-CoA Synthase
hmit    OG    H(+) MyoInositol coTransporter
hmp    JJ    HuMPack (dorsal lumps)
hmr    JJ    HaMmeRhead embryonic lethal
hmt    EE    Heavy Metal Tolerance factor
hnd    JK    HAND bHLH transcription factor family
hnl    JR    HNF (Hepatocyte Nuclear factor)-Like
hoe    SH    Homolog Of ELAC2 (cancer susceptibility locus)
hog    TB    HOG only (Hedgehog Hog domain alone)
homt    OH    Hydroxyindole-O-MethylTransferase homolog
hop    GS    Homolog Of Presenilin
hosl    MR    HOrmone-Sensitive Lipase homolog
hot    CX    Homolog of Odr-2 (Two)
hpa    ZB    High Performance in Advanced age
hpd    GR    4-HydroxyPhenylpyruvate Dioxygenase (HPD)
hpk    EK    Homeodomain interacting Protein Kinase
hpl    GNW    HP1 Like (heterochromatin protein)
hpo    HY    Hypersensitive to POre-forming toxin
hpr    GNW    Homolog of S. Pombe Rad
hprt    WAL    Hypoxanthine PhosphoRibosylTransferase homolog
hrd    GNW    HRD (yeast Hmg-coa Reductase Degradation) homolog
hrde    YY    Heritable RNAi Deficient
hrdl    GNW    HRD-Like (E3 ubiquitin ligase related)
hrg    IQ    Heme Responsive Gene
hrp    IA    human HnRNP A1 homolog
hrpf    SZ    HnRNP F homolog
hrs    GNW    Histidyl tRNA Synthetase
hsb    CH    Heat Shock factor Binding protein
hsd    FW    HydroxySteroid Dehydrogenase homolog
hse    OH    Heparan Sulfate-glucuronic acid-5-Epimerase
hsf    CF    Heat Shock Factor
hsl        see dcs
hsp    BC    Heat Shock Protein
hst    TC    Heparan SulphoTransferase
htas    XC    Histone H2A variant, Sperm-specific
htp    EZ    Him-Three Paralog
htz    SM    HisTone variant H2AZ homolog
hum    GNW    Heavy chain, Unconventional Myosin
hus    TG    human HUS1 related
hut    GNW    Homolog of UDP-Gal Transporter
hxk    GNW    HeXoKinase homolog
hyl    GNW    Homolog of Yeast Longevity gene
hyls    OD    HYLS1 (human HYdroLethalus Syndrome) homolog
hyp    MC    HYPoxia resistant
iap        see bir
iars    BC    Isoleucyl Amino-acyl tRNA Synthetase
icd    JR    Inhibitor of Cell Death
icl    GNW    IsoCitrate Lyase homolog
icln    GNW    ICLN (ICLn) ion channel homolog
icmt    GNW    IsoprenylCysteine carboxyl MethylTransferase related
icp    MG    InCenP homolog
ida    BL    related to Islet cell Diabetes Autoantigen
idf    BP    Irregular Dorsal Fusion
idh    GNW    Isocitrate DeHydrogenase
idha    GNW    Isocitrate DeHydrogenase Alpha
idhb    GNW    Isocitrate DeHydrogenase Beta
idhg    GNW    Isocitrate DeHydrogenase Gamma
idi    SP    Isopentenyl Diphosphate Isomerase
ieft    PRB    eIF4E Transporter
ifa    CZ    Intermediate Filament, A
ifb    CZ    Intermediate Filament, B
ifc    CZ    Intermediate Filament, C
ifd    GNW    Intermediate Filament, D
ife    EA    Initiation Factor E (eIF4E) family
ifet    PRB    eIF4E Transporter
iff    JN    Initiation Factor Five (elF-5A) homolog
iffb    EL    Initiation FGNWactor Five B (eIF5B)
ifg    KX    Initiation Factor 4G (eIF4G) family
ifo    OLB    Intermediate Filament Organizer
ifp    GNW    Intermediate Filament Protein, class E
ift    FX    IFT (Chlamydomonas IntraFlagellar Transport) homolog
ifta    MX    IntraFlagellar Transport Activated
iftb    CF    eIFTwoBeta (eIF2beta translation initiation factor)
ify    KR    Interactor of FizzY protein
igcm    VH    ImmunoGlobulin-like Cell adhesion Molecule family
igdb    OH    IG (immunoglobulin) and DB (Cys-rich) domains
igeg    OH    IG (immunoglobulin), EGF and transmmembrane domain
igf    GNW    Insulin-like Growth Factor related
iglr    OH    IG(immunoglobulin) and LRR(Leucine Rich Repeat) domains
ikb    CD    I Kappa B homolog
ikke    TJ    Inhibitor of NFKappaB Kinase Epsilon subunit homolog
ile    GU    Intracellular LEctin
ilp    GNW    Insulin-Like Protein
ilys    MY    Invertebrate LYSozyme
ima    GNW    IMportin Alpha family
imb    SD    IMportin Beta family
immp    GNW    Inner Mitochondrial Membrane Protease
immt    NB    Inner Membrane of MiTochondria protein homolog
imp    WM    IntraMembrane Protease (IMPAS) family
impt    MAM    IMPacT rwd (RWD) domain containing homolog
ina    NG    INtegrin Alpha
inb    NJ    INtegrin Beta
inf    GNW    INitiation Factor
inft    KK    INverted Formin/formin Three-related
ing    HR    ING (mammalian INhibitor of Growth) homolog
inos    FX    INOsitol-3-phosphate Synthase
inpp    CX    INositol Polyphosphate-5-Phosphatase
ins    CE    INSulin related
insc    MD    INSCuteable (Drosophila asymmetric cell division protein) homolog
inso    HA    INSOmniac (Drosophila sleep affecting) homolog
inst    GNW    INtegrator complex SubuniT 1 homolog
int    CF    INTegrin
inx    MQ    INneXin
ipgm    IP    cofactor-Independent PhosphoGlycerate Mutase homolog
ipla    GNW    Intracellular PhosphoLipase A family
ipp    PS    Inositol Polyphosphate 5-Phosphatase
ippk    EU    Inositol 1,3,4,5,6-PentakisPhosphate 2-Kinase homolog
ire    RE    IRE1 kinase related
irg    ERT    Infection Response Gene
iri    HB    Inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate Receptor Interacting
irk    JT    Inward Rectifying K (potassium) channel family
irld    OH    Insulin/EGF-Receptor L Domain protein
irs    GNW    Isoleucyl tRNA Synthetase
irx    TB    IRoquois subclass of homeoboX
isl    GNW    Inhibitor of Serine protease Like protein
islo    BZ    Interactor with SLO-1
isp    GNW    Iron-Sulfur Protein
ist    GR    Insulin receptor SubsTrate homolog
istr    MSN    Increased Sodium Tolerance Related
isw    MT    yeast ISW (imitation SWI) homolog
isx        see fem
itr    LM    Inositol Triphosphate Receptor
itsn    ZR    ITSN (intersection) family
itt    TJ    Increased ThermoTolerance
itx    GNW    InTestinal NeureXin-like
ivd    GNW    IsoValeryl-CoA Dehydrogenase
ivp    DY    Inappropriate Vulval cell Proliferation
jac    PE    Juxtamembrane domain-Associated Catenin
jam    SU    Junction Associated Molecule
jamp    NX    JAMP (JNK1-Associated Membrane Protein) homolog
jbts    MX    JouBerT Syndrome homolog
jhdm    NB    JHDM histone demethylase homolog
jip    KU    JNK Interacting Protein (scaffold protein)
jkk    GNW    JNK Kinase
jmjc    WY    JuManJiC domain protein
jmjd    YS    JuMonJi (transcription factor) Domain protein
jnk    CD    Jun N-terminal Kinase
josd    OH    JOSephin Domain protein
jph    FK    JunctoPHilin
jtr    GNW    human JTB gene Related
jud    LJ    JUDang (Korean ofr resistant to alcohol)
jun    AN    JUN transcription factor homolog
kal    NA    human KALlmann syndrome homolog
kap    SQ    Kinesin-Associated Protein
kars    BC    lysyl(K) Amino-acyl tRNA Synthetase
kat    GR    3-Ketoacyl-coA Thiolase
kbp    OD    KNL (kinetochore null) Binding Protein
kca    FM    Kinase Cargo Adaptor
kcc    LX    K+/Cl- Cotransporter
kcnl    HA    KCNN (potassium K ChaNNel, calcium activated)-Like
kdin    JCP    KiDINs220 (vertebrate scaffold protein) homolog
kel    JN    KELch-repeat containing protein
ketn    ON    KETtin (Drosophila actin-binding) homolog
kgb    KB    Kinase, GLH-Binding
kht    FDX    K+ channel for Habituation to Tap
kin    GNW    protein KINase
klc    SQ    Kinesic Light Chain
kle    MG    KLEisin (abnormal closure) family
klf    GNW    Kruppel-Like Factor (zinc finger protein)
klo    TC    KLOtho (mammalian aging-associated protein) homolog
klp    SQ    Kinesin-Like Protein
klq        see kqt
klu    KLU    KLUmpfuss related
kmo    OW    Kynurenine 3-MonoOxygenase
knl    TH    Kinetochore NuLl
kpc    KR    Kex-2 Proprotein Convertase family
kqt    JT    potassium channel, KvQLT family
kra    HK    Ketamine Response Abnormal
kreg    GNW    Kgb-1(KGB-1) REgulated Genes
kri    WD    human KRIT 1 (Krev interaction/trapped/cerebral cavernous malformation1) homolog
krp        see klp
krs    GNW    lysyl (K) tRNA Synthetase
ksr    MH    Kinase Suppressor of activated Ras
kup    BL    Kinase UPstream gene (in operon)
kvs    ZB    K (potassium) Voltage-gated Sensory channel subunit
kxd    MN    KXDl (KxDL) motif containing homolog
laat    XW    Lysosome Associated Amino acid Transporter
lab    CV    Long Arms of the Bivalent protein
lact    IG    beta-LACTamase domain containing
lad    DD    L1 CAM Adhesion molecule homolo
laf    BG    Lethal And Feminizing
lag    JK    Lin-12 And Glp-1 related
lagr    TJ    LAG1 (yeast Longevity-Assurance Gene) Related
lam    NJ    nuclear LAMinin related (see also lmb-1)
lan        see ric
lap    GNW    Leucine AminoPeptidase
lar        see ric
larp    JK    LARP (RNA binding La related protein) homolog
lars    BC    Leucyl Amino-acyl tRNA Synthetase
lat    NJ    LATrophilin receptor
lbp    OT    Lipid Binding Protein
ldb    TB    LIM Domain Binding protein
ldh    GNW    Lactate DeHydrogenase
ldp    LIU    Lipid DroPlet localized protein
lea    GNW    plant Late Embryo Abundant (LEA) related
lec    GNW    gaLECtin
lem    GNW    LEM domain protein
leo    SA    LEO1 homolog, a component of the PAF1 complex that associates with the RNA polymerase II
lep    DF    LEPtoderan male tail
let    KR    LEThal
letm    ZA    LETM1 (Leucine zipper, EF-hand, TransMembrane mitochondrial protein) homolog
lev    ZZ    LEVamisole resistance abnormal
lex    CM    Lin-48 EXpression abnormal
lfe    PS    Let-23 Fertility Effector/regulator
lfi    SV    Lin-5 (Five) Interacting protein
lgc    LM    Ligand-Gated ion Channel
lge    CH    LARGE (mouse dystroglycan glycosylation) homolog
lgg    YT    LC3, GABARAP and GATE-16 family
lgl    TH    Lethal Giant Larva (Drosophila Lgl) homolog
lgx    GS    Lin-12 and Glp-1 X-hybridizing
lid        LIpid Droplet protein
lig    MV    LIGase
lim    GR    LIM domain family
lin    CB    abnormal cell LINeage
linc    DPB    Long Intervening Non-Coding RNA
lip    AH    Lateral-signal-Induced Phosphatase
lipl    GR    LIPase Like
lips    GNW    LIPaSe related
lir    ML    LIn-26 Related
lis    TU    LIS-1 (human lissencephaly gene) related
lit    GE    Loss of InTestine
lite    KG    high-energy LIghT unrEsponsive
liv    DR    long-LIved and Viable after thermal stress
lmb    NJ    LaMinin B related
lmd    OH    LysM Domain (peptidoglycan binding) protein
lmn    GNW    nuclear LaMiN
lmp    PD    LAMP/CD68 related
lmr    CB    LaMinin Receptor related
lmtr    YB    Late endosomal/lysosomal adaptor, Mapk (MAPK) and mToR (MTOR) activator homolog
lnkn    PS    conserved transmembrane adhesion protein involved in LiNKiNg cells together
lnp    GNW    LuNaPark (membrane protein) homology
lnr    AX    LoNeR
lntl    MT    LIN-24 (Twenty-four) Like
lol    OH    Loss of neuron OLL fate
lon    CB    LONg
looc    DG    Large OOCyte
lov    PS    Location Of Vulva defective
lpd    GR    LiPid Depleted
lpin    OCF    LiPIN (mammalian lipodystrophy associated) homolog
lpl    JK    LiPoate Ligase
lpla    XW    Lysosome PhosphoLipase A2
lpo    KQ    LiPOphilic dye abnormal
lpr    UP    LiPocalin-Related protein
lrg    RL    Let-99 Related Gene
lrk    KU    Leu-rich repeats, Ras-like domain, Kinase
lrn    UT    LeaRNing abnormal
lron    UP    eLRR (extracellular Leucine-Rich Repeat) ONly
lrp    GS    Low-density lipoprotein RecePtor related
lrr    ET    Leucine-Rich Repeat protein
lrs    GNW    Leucyl tRNA Synthetase
lrx    GS    LRP X(cross)-hybridizing
lsd    GL    Lysine-Specific histone Demethylase homolog
lsl    OH    LYS-2-Like
lsm    GNW    LSM Sm-like protein
lss    CT    Let-Seven (let-7) Suppressor
lst    GS    Lateral Signaling Target
lsy    OH    Lim-6 expression SYmmetrized
ltd    LM    Lim and Transglutaminase Domain
lurp    OH    LU (Ly6 Urokinase plasminogen) domain Receptor-related Protein
lys    IG    LYSozyme
lyst    GH    LYSosomal Trafficking regulator protein
maa    GNW    Membrane Associated Acyl-CoA binding protein
mab    CB    Male ABnormal
mac    RE    Member of AAA family binding CED-4
maco    AX    MACOilin homolog
mad    MQ    MAternal effect Dumpy
madd    RP    Muscle Arm Development Defective
madf    VL    MADF domain transcription factor
maea    PS    MAEA (MAcrophage Erythroblast Attacher protein) homolog
maf    OH    MAF (MusculoAponeurotic Fibrosarcoma) transcription factor homolog
mafr    GNW    MAF Polymerase III Regulator homolog
mag    BW    Drosophila MAGonashi homolog
mage    IR    Melanoma-Associated-antiGEn homolog
magi    OR    MAGI (Membrane Associated Guanylate kinase Inverted) homolog
magu    OH    MAGUK family
mah    TN    MAHi (uncoordinated in Japanese)
mai    BL    Mitochondrial ATPase Inhibitor related
mak    KU    MAP kinase Activated protein Kinase
mal    MQ    Maternal effected mALformed
mam    ARF    MAM (Meprin, A5-protein, PTPmu) domain protein
man    JK    Male Asymmetric goNad defect
mans    IBW    MAnnoSidase (family 47 glycohydrolase)
maoc    CF    MAO-C-like dehydratase domain
map    SV    Methionine AminoPeptidase
maph    BOX    Microtubule-Associated Protein Homolog
mar    GE    bag-of-MARbles embryonic arrest
marb    GNW    Mitochondrial Associated RiBonuclease homolog
marc    GNW    MARCH (Membrane-Associated Ring finger (C3HC4)) homolog
mars    BC    Methionyl Amino-acyl tRNA Synthetase
mat    AG    Metaphase-to-Anaphase Transition defective
math    JT    MATH (meprin-associated Traf homology) domain protein
mau    MQ    MAternally affected Uncoordinated
mav    GNW    Metal AVoidance abnormal
max    CZ    Motor AXon Guidance
mbd    RS    Methyl-CpG BiNding protein
mbk    EK    MiniBrain Kinase (Drosophila) homolog
mbl    GNW    MBL (muscleblind) splicing regulator homolog
mboa    XH    Membrane Bound O-Acyl Transferase, MBOAT
mbr    JN    honeybee MBlk-1 Related factor
mbtr    MT    MBT (Malignant Brain Tumor) Repeat containing protein
mca    GNW    Membrane Calcium ATPase
mcb    TS    MCB (Multi-ubiquitin Chain Binding Protein) homolo
mccc    VL    MethylCrotonoyl-Coenzyme A Carboxylase (alpha)
mcd    MT    Modifier of Cell Death phenotype
mce    GNW    Methylmalonyl-CoA Epimerase
mcm    SD    yeast MCM (licensing factor) homolog
mcp    SC    Metabolite Control Phosphorylase
mcrs    CZ    MCRS1 (microtubule-binding MiCRoSpherule Protein 1) homolog
mct    IJ    MCRS1 (microtubule-binding MiCRoSpherule Protein 1) homolog
mctp    CZ    Multiple C2 and Transmembrane region Protein family homolog
mcu    GNW    Mitochondrial Calcium Uniporter
mdf    KR    MAD (yeast Mitosis arrest DeFicient) related
mdh    GNW    Malate DeHydrogenase
mdl    GNW    MAD-Like
mdt    GNW    MeDiaTor
mec    TU    MEChanosensory abnormality
mecr    GNW    Mitochondrial trans-2-Enoyl-CoA Reductase
med    JR    Mesoderm and Endoderm Determination
mef    KM    related to vertebrate MEF2 transcription factor
meg    YL    Maternal Effect Germ-cell defective
mei    KK    defective MEIosis
mek    MH    MAP kinase kinase or Erk Kinase
mel    KK    Maternal Effect Lethal
memb    GQ    MEMBrin (SNARE protein)
memo    QZ    MEdiator of cell MOtility 1 homolog
men    OH    Malic ENzyme
mep    JK    Mog interacting, Ectopic P granules
mes    SS    Maternal Effect Sterile
mesp    AV    MEiotic SPindle
met    MT    histone METhyltransferase-like
metr    WAL    5-MEthyltetrahydrofolate-homocysteine methylTRansferase (methionine synthase)
mett    BS    METhylTransferase homolog
mev    TK    abnormal MEthyl Viologen sensitivity
mex    JJ    Muscle EXcess
mfap    MT    MicroFibrillar-Associated Protein homolog
mfb    GNW    MAFbx (F-Box) protein homolog
mff    ZA    Mitochondrial Fission Factor
mfn    GNW    MitoFerrin
mgl    JC    Metabotropic GLutamate receptor family
mgm    ZA    MGM (mammalian dynamin-like related) see eat-3
mib    GNW    MIB (MIndBomb) ubiquitin ligase homolog
mics    OLB    MItoChondrial Scaffolding protein
micu    GNW    MItochondrial Calcium Uptake protein
mif    GNW    MIF (Macrophage migration Inhibitory Factor) relat
mig    CB    MIGration of cells abnormal
mina    WS    Messenger RNA binding INhibitor of Apoptosis
mio    GNW    MIx transcription factor InteractOr family
mir    VT    MIcroRna
miro    ZF    MItochondrial RhO GTPase
mis    OD    human/fission yeast MIS (MInichromosome Stability) homolog
misc    DR    MItochondrial Solute Carrier
mix    TY    MItosis and X associated
miz    VL    MIZ-type zince finger transcription factor
mkk    WS    MKK (MAP Kinase Kinase) homolg
mks    MX    MecKel-Gruber Syndrome (MKS) homolog
mksr    MX    MecKel Syndrome 1 (MKS1)-Related
mlc    TR    Myosin Light Chain
mlcd    GNW    MaLonyl CoA Decarboxylase
mlh    MV    MLH (MutL Homolog) family
mlk    KU    human MLK (Mixed Lineage Kinase) homolog
mlp    UU    MLP/CRP family (Muscle LIM Protein/Cysteine-rich Protein)
mls    PD    Muscle Lineage Specification
mlt    VB    MoLTing defective
mltn    ARF    MLt-TeN (mlt-10) related
mma    MD    Mitochondrial Morphology Abnormal
mmaa    GNW    MethylMalonic Aciduria type A protein
mmab    GNW    MethylMalonic Aciduria type B homolog
mmcm    GNW    MethylMalonylCoA Mutase homolg
mml    GNW    Myc and Mondo-Like transcription factor
mms    MV    yeast MMS related
mnat    LD    MNAT (menage a trois) TFIIH subunit
mnk    IR    MAP kinase iNtegrating Kinase (MNK) homolog
mnm    QC    M Neuron Morphology abnormal
mnp    MH    Matrix Non-Peptidase homolog
mnr    EB    MeNoRin (dendritic branching protein)
moa    NY    Modifier Of Apl-1 activity
moag    OW    MOdifier of protein AGgregation
moc    ME    MOlybdenum Cofactor biosynthesis
mocs    MEG    MOlybdenum Cofactor Sulfurase
mod    MT    Modulation Of locomotion Defective
moe        see oma
mof    NY    Modifier Of Flp expression
mog    JK    Masculinization Of Germ line
mogs    GNW    Mannosyl-Oligosaccharide GlucoSidase homolog
molo    EN    MOdulator of LevamisOle-sensitive receptor
mom    JJ    More Of MS (additional MS-like pharyngeal tissue)
moma    ZA    Mitochondrial Outer Membrane Abnormal
mon    XH    yeast MON (monesin-resistant homolog)
mop    EU    MO25 (MOuse embryo scaffolding Protein) homolog
mor    CB    MORphological: rounded nose
morc    GNW    MORC (mouse microrchidia) family CW-type zinc finger protein
mpk    SD    MAP Kinase
mpl    BA    Major sperm Protein Like
mppa    GNW    Mitochondrial Processing Peptidase Alpha
mppb    GNW    Mitochondrial Processing Peptidase Beta
mps    ZB    MiRP K channel accessory Subunit
mpst    ZS    MercaptoPyruvate SulfurTransferase homolog
mpz    GNW    Multiple PDZ domain protein
mrck    WH    Myotonic dystrophy-Related, Cdc42-binding Kinase homolog
mre    AV    yeast MRE recombination/repair homolog
mrg    GNW    human MRG (Mortality factor-Related Gene) related
mrp    NL    Multidrug Resistance Protein family
mrpl    GNW    Mitochondrial Ribosomal Protein, Large
mrpr    GNW    MRP (Mitochondrial RNA Processing) non-coding RNA
mrps    BS    Mitochondrial Ribosomal Protein, Small
mrrf    GNW    Mitochondrial Ribosome Recycling Factor
mrs    GNW    Methionyl tRNA Synthetase
mrt    CB    germline MoRTality
msd    DG    Major Sperm protein Domain containing
msg    DZ    Male-Specific Gonad defective
msh    AV    MSH (MutS Homolog) family
msi    MS    MaSashI (fly neural) family
msp    BA    Major Sperm Protein
mspn    GNW    Mitochondrial Sorting of Proteins (yeast MSP) in Nematode
msra    ANM    Methionine Sulfoxide Reductase A
mtch    GNW    MiTochondrial Carrier Homolog
mtcu    VB    nuclear encoded Mitochondrial TRNA Carboxymethyl-amino-methyl modification of Uridine residues
mtd    TU    Mec-3 (Three) Dependent expression
mtf        see sun
mth    NJ    MeTHuselah (Drosophila aging-associated GPCR) homolog
mthf    WAL    MethyleneTetraHydroFolate reductase
mtk    KU    MTK1/MEKK4 homolog
mtl    CR    MeTaLlothionein
mtm    NP    MTM (myotubularin) family
mtp    GNW    MiTochondrial Protein
mtq    JPS    MethylTransferase modifying glutamine (Q)
mtr    AW    yeast MTR (mRNA TRansport) homolog
mtrr    WAL    MethylTRansferase Reductase (methionine synthase reductase)
mtss    GNW    MiTochondrial Single Stranded DNA binding protein
mttu    VB    nuclear encoded Mitochondrial TRNA 2-ThioUridylase
mtx    GNW    MeTaXin (mitochondrial outer membrane import complex)
mua    NJ    MUscle cell Attachment abnormal
muc    MT    human MUColipidosis related
mud    MQ    Maternal effect Uncoordinated and Dumpy
mul    GNW    Mucin Like Gene
mum    MQ    Maternal effect Uncoordinated and Malformed
mup    NJ    MUscle Positioning
mus    GNW    MUS (Drosophila mutagen sensitive) related
mut    CB    MUTator
mutd    GH    MUTeD (lsyosome biogenesis protein) homolog
mvb    OD    yeast MVB (MultiVesicular Body sorting factor) related
mvk    ALF    MeValonate Kinase
mxl    GNW    MaX-Like
myb    GNW    MYB (mammalian oncogene) related
myo    CB    MYOsin heavy chain structural genes
myrf    BLW    myelin regulatory factor related
mys    MT    MYST family histone acetyltransferase-like
nab    NC    NeurABin
nac    GNW    ANDC (Na+-coupled dicarboxylate transporter) family
nad        see nac
nadh    LB    NADH DeHydrogenase (mitochondrial)
nap    OH    Nucleosome Assembly Protein
nape    GL    N-Acyl Phosphatidyl Ethanolamine specific phospholipase D (NAPE-PLD) homolog
nars    BC    asparaginyl(N) Amino-acyl tRNA Synthetase
nas    VH    Nematode AStacin protease
nasp    MD    NASP (human Nuclear Autoantigenic Sperm Protein) homolog
nat    GNW    NA-coupled electrogenic Transporter
natc    WU    N-alpha-AcetylTransferase C complex subunit
nath    JU    NATnath (vertebrate N-AcetylTransferase) Homolog
nbet    GQ    Nematode homolog of yeast BET1 (Blocked Early in Transport)
nbid    GNW    Nuclear factor of kappa light polypeptide gene enhancer in B-cells Inhibitor, Delta, related
nca    TS    Novel Channel type/putative Nematode CAlcium chann
ncam    VH    NCAM (Neural Cell Adhesion Molecule) homolog
ncbp    GNW    Nuclear Cap Binding Protein
ncc    GNW    Nematode Cell Cycle associated
nceh    UA    Neutral Cholesterol Ester Hydrolase homolog
nck    IC    NCK (Non-Catalytic region of tyrosine kinase) adaptor protein family
ncl    CB    NuCLeoli abnormal
ncr    JT    NPC1 (human Niemann Pick C disease) Related
ncs    GNW    Neuronal Calcium Sensor family
ncx    GNW    Na/Ca eXchangers
ndc    TH    Yeast NDC (nuclear division cycle) homolog
nde    OU    Neurite outgrowth DEfective
ndfl    GNW    mitochondrial genome encoded NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase chain 4L (Four L) homolog
ndg    MP    NDG (NorDihydroGuairetic acid) resistant
ndk    GNW    Nucleoside Diphosphate Kinase
ndnf    GNW    NDNF (Neuron Derived Neurotrophic Factor) homolog
nduf    GNW    NADH Ubiquinone oxidoreductase Fe-S protein
nduo    GNW    mitochondrial genome encoded NADH- (NaDh) Ubiquinone Oxidoreductase chain homolog
ndx    GNW    NuDiX family
ned    PC    mouse NEDd8 related
neg    EJ    NEcrotic Gonad
neg    WM    Negative Effect on Gut development
nekl    OG    NEK (NEver in mitosis Kinase) Like
nep    BR    NEPrilysin metallopeptidase family
nepr    OD    Nuclear Envelope Phosphatase Regulator
neto    OH    NETO (NEuropilin and TOlloid-like) homolog
nex    GNW    anNEXin family
nfi    GNW    NFI (Nuclear Factor I) family
nfm    VJ    NeuroFibroMatosis family
nft    GNW    NitFhiT (Nitrilase plus Fhit) family
nfx    OH    NF-X1 transcription factor homolog
nfya    HZ    Nuclear transcription Factor Y, A (alpha) subunit
nfyb    HZ    Nuclear transcription Factor Y, B (beta) subunit
nfyc    HZ    Nuclear transcription Factor Y, C (gamma) subunit
ngn    EM    NeuroGeNin
ngp    CT    Nuclear-nucleolar GTP-binding Protein family
nha    KY    Na+/H+ ATPase, Alpha subunit
nhl    CT    NHL (ring finger b-box coiled coil) domain contain
nhr    AE    Nuclear Hormone Receptor family
nhx    GNW    Na/H eXchanger
nic    AQ    NICotine hypersensitive
nich    AQ    NIChotine Hypersensitive
nicr    AQ    NIChotine Resistant
nid    CH    NIDogen (bsement membrane protein)
nipa    BY    NIPA1 (NonImprinted gene in Prader-Willi/Angelman syndrome region 1) homolog
nipi    IG    No Induction of Peptide after Drechmeria Infection
nit    TX    NITrilase
nka    KY    Na+/K+ ATPase, Alpha subunit
nkat    GNW    Nematode Kynurenine AminoTransferase
nkb    KY    Na+/K+ ATPase, Beta subunit
nkcc    KU    Na-K-Cl Cotransporter homolog
nlf    ZM    NCA Localization Factor
nlg    RM    NeuroLiGin family
nlp    HA    Neuropeptide-Like Protein
nlr    GNW    Neurexin Like receptor
nlt    MQ    Non-specific Lipid Transfer protein
nmat    WCH    Nicotinamide Mononucleotide AdenylylTransferase homolog
nmgp    GNW    Neuronal Membrane GlycoProtein
nmr    VM    NMDA class glutamate Receptor
nmt    NM    N-Myristoyl Transferase homolog
nmtn    GNW    NeMiTiN (neuronal enriched MAP interacting protein) homolog
nmur    QZ    NMUR (NeuroMedin U Receptor) homolog
nmy    GNW    Non-muscle MYosin
nnt    GNW    Nicotinamide Nucleotide Transhydrogenase
noah    GR    NOmpA homolog (Drosophila nompA: no mechanoreceptor potential A)
nob    BW    kNOB-like posterior (NO Backside)
noca    OD    NOn-Centrosomal microtubule Array
nog    GC    NO Germ line
nog    GNW    homolog of yeast NucleOlar G-protein
nol    GNW    NucleOLar protein
nola    GNW    NucleOLus Associated protein
nono    BL    NONO (conserved nuclear protein, aka PSF) homolog
nop    KK    NO Pseudocleavage
nor    KLU    NORspermidine resistant
nos    JH    NanOS related
not    KP    NOse Touch response defective
npa    ED    Nematode Polyprotein Allergen related
npax    OH    N-terminal PAX (PAI domain only) protein
npc        see ncr
nph    PT    NePHronoPhthisis (human kidney disease) homolog
nphp    PT    NePHronoPhthisis (human kidney disease) homolog
npl    PP    NPL (yeast Nuclear Protein Localization) homolg
npp    BN    Nuclear Pore complex Protein
npr    CX    NeuroPeptide Receptor family
nprl    MH    Nitrogen Permease Regulator Like homolog
nra    ZX    Nicotinic Receptor Associated
nrd    BL    NRD (yeast Nuclear pre-mRNA Down-regulation) homolog
nrde    YY    Nuclear RNAi DEfective
nre    VH    Neuronal RNAi Efficient
nrf    JT    Nose Resistant to Fluoxetine
nrfl    GNW    NHERF (mammalian Na/H Exchange Regulatory Factor) Like
nrs    GNW    asparagiNyl tRNA Synthetase
nrx    RM    NeuReXin related
nsbp        see nap
nsf    AN    NSF (N-ethylmaleimide sensitive secretion factor)
nsh    PS    Notch Signaling pathway Homolog
nspa    GNW    Nematode Specific Peptide family, group A
nspb    JT    Nematode Specific Peptide family, group B
nspc    JT    Nematode Specific Peptide family, group C
nspd    GNW    Nematode Specific Peptide family, group D
nspe    GNW    Nematode Specific Peptide family, group E
nss    JY    Neuron Specific Serotonin deficient
nst    YL    mammalian NucleoSTemin (stem cell marker) related
nstp    CB    Nucleotide Sugar TransPorter family
nsun    JGG    Nop2 (NOP2)/SUN domain family member
nsy    CX    Neuronal SYmmetry
ntc    LSC    NemaToCin (vasopressin-like peptide)
nth    JF    NTHL (eNdonuclease THree like) homolog
nthl    JF    NTHL (eNdonuclease THree Like) homolog
ntl    GNW    NOT-Like (yeast CCR4/NOT complex component)
ntp    GNW    Nucleoside TriPhosphatase
ntr    LSC    NemaTocin Receptor
nuaf    OLB    NADH:Ubiquinone oxidoreductase Assembly Factor
nubp    IR    NUcleotide Binding Protein (Nubp1) homolog
nuc    CB    NUClease abnormality
nucb    NL    NUCleoBindin homolog
nud    UA    Aspergillus NUclear Division related
num    VB    NUMb related
numr    JF    NUclear localized Metal Responsive
nuo    LB    NADH Ubiquinone Oxidoreductase
nup    GE    NUclear/pronuclear Position abnormal
nurf    MT    NURF (nucleosome remodeling factor) complex homolog
nxf    GNW    Nuclear eXport Factor
nxt    GNW    NTF2-related eXporT protein
nyn    WM    NYN domain ribonuclease homolog
oac    GNW    O-ACyltransferase homolog
oar        see emo
oat    GNW    Organic Anion Transporter
oaz    KLU    Ornithine decarboxylase AntiZyme
obi    RLH    Oriental Beetle pheromone Insensitive (Pristionchus)
obr    GNW    Oxysterol Binding protein (OSBP) Related
oca    HA    OCtAnol response defective
ocam    TB    ONECUT (homeobox) Associated Motif containing
ocr    CX    Osm-9 and Capsaicin Receptor-related
ocrl    EG    OCRL (Lowe's oculocerebrorenal syndrome protein) homolog
oct    GNW    Organic Cation Transporter
octr    RWK    OCTopamine Receptor (GPCR)
odc    GNW    Ornithine DeCarboxylase
odd    JR    Drosophila ODD-skipped-like
odr    CX    ODoRant response abnormality
ofm    EG    OlFactoMedin
oga    KM    O-GlcNAc selective N-Acetyl-beta-D-glucosaminidase (O-GlcNAcase)
ogdh    GNW    OxoGlutarate DeHydrogenase
ogr    KK    Oocyte and Germ-line Related
ogt    KM    O-linked GlcNAc Transferase
oig    OH    One IG domain
ola    GNW    Obg-Like ATPase homolog
old    TJ    Overexpression Longevity Determinant
olrn    JC    Olfactory LeaRNing defective
oma    TX    Oocyte Maturation defective
ooc    SP    OOCyte formation abnormal
ops    GNW    OPSin related
opt    GNW    OligoPeptide Transporter, see pept
opu        see inx
ora    MQ    Onchocerca Related Antigen family
orai    VP    ORAI (store-operated calcium channel) homolog
orc    GNW    ORC (yeast) related
osg    FDX    Oxidative stress Susceptible Gef 1
osl    VK    Osmotic Stress Lethal
osm    HA    OSMotic avoidance abnormality
osr    AM    Osmotic Stress Related
oss    GNW    OligoSaccharyltranSferase (yeast) subunit homolog
ost    GNW    OSTeonectin (SPARC) related
osta    PY    Organic Solute Transporter Alpha-like protein
ostb    JA    OligoSaccharylTransferase, Beta subunit
ostd    JA    OligoSaccharylTransferase, Delta subunit
ostf    GNW    OligoSaccharylTransFerase homolog
otpl    GNW    OToPetrin-Like family
otub    GNW    OTUBain deubiquitylating protease homolog
out    JZ    Odor-induced nUclear Translocation of EGL-4 defective
oxa    GNW    OXA mitochondrial inner membrane insertase homolog
oxi    TK    OXidative stress Induced
oxr    TM    OXidative stress Resistance
oxy    TM    OXYgen sensitivity abnormal
paa    YC    Phosphatase 2A regulatory A subunit
pab    SD    PolyA Binding protein
pabp    CT    PolyA Binding Protein (nuclear)
pac    FT    PAR-6 At Contacts (abnormal early localization of PAR-6)
pad    FR    PAtterning Defective
paf    GNW    PAF-acetylhydrolase
pafo    SA    PAF1 (One) homolog, a component of the PAF1 complex that associates with the RNA polymerase II
pag    GNW    PAttern of reporter Gene expression abnormal
pah    LC    PhenylAlanine Hydroxylase
pak    GNW    P21-Activated Kinase family
pal    CB    Posterior ALae in males
pam    GNW    Puromycin-sensitive AMinopeptidase
pamn    LSC    Peptidylglycine alpha-Amidating MonooxygeNase
pan    KB    P-granule Associated Novel protein
panl    EV    PAN (PolyA-specific riboNucLease) subunit
pap    MW    Poly-A Polymerase
papl    GNW    iron/zinc Purple Acid Phosphatase-Like protein homolog
paqr    QC    Progestin and AdipoQ Receptor family
par    KK    abnormal embryonic PARtitioning of cytoplasm
parg    GNW    Poly Adp-Ribose (ADP-ribose) Glycohydrolase
parn    EV    PARN (Poly(A)-specific RiboNuclease) homolog
parp    GNW    Poly Adp-Ribose (ADP-ribose) Polymerase related
pars    BC    Prolyl Amino-acyl tRNA Synthetase
pas    MV    Proteasome Alpha Subunit
pash    NL    PArtner of DroSHa (DRSH-1 interactor)
pat    RW    Paralysed Arrest at Two-fold stage
patr    LD    yeast PAT1(protein associated with topo II) Related
pax    CM    PAX (Paired box) transcription factor
paxt    HW    PArtner of Xrn-2 (Two)
pbd    ZB    Protons-Blocked Degenerin
pbm    GNW    PhD domain, Bromodomain, MBD (MeC binding)
pbo    JT    PBOc defective (defecation)
pbrm    GNW    PolyBRoMo domain containing
pbs    MV    Proteasome Beta Subunit
pcaf    JA    P300/CBP Associated Factor homolog
pcbd    LC    Pterin CarBinolamine Dehydratase
pcca    GNW    Propionyl Coenzyme A Carboxylase Alpha subunit
pccb    GNW    Propionyl Coenzyme A Carboxylase Beta subunit
pcdb    LC    Pterin CarBinolamine Dehydratase
pcf    GNW    PCF cleavage and polyadenylation factor homolog
pch    CA    Pachytene CHeckpoint protein (yeast PCH homolog)
pck    EQ    Phosphoenolypyruvate CarboxyKinase
pcm    GNW    Protein Carboxymethyltransferase
pcn    MV    PCNA (Proliferating Cell Nuclear antigen) homolog
pcp    EC    Prolyl Carboxy Peptidase like
pcs    EE    PhytoChelatin Synthase
pct    SC    PCTAIRE class cell cycle kinase
pcyt    WAL    Phosphocholine CYtidylylTransferase
pdcd    GNW    PDCD (mammalian ProgrammeD Cell Death protein) homolog
pdd    KN    Post-Deirid Defective
pde    IK    PhosphoDiEsterase
pdf    GNW    PDF (arthropod Pigment Dispersing Factor) homolog
pdfr    GNW    PDF Receptor homolog
pdha    GNW    Pyruvate DeHydrogenase Alpha subunit
pdhb    GNW    Pyruvate DeHydrogenase Beta
pdhk    TJ    Pyruvate DeHydrogenase Kinase
pdi    TP    Protein Disulfide Isomerase
pdk    GR    PDK-class protein kinase
pdl    DP    Phosphodiesterase DeLta-like
pdp    HT    Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Phosphatase homolog
pdr    BR    Parkinson's Disease Related
peb    OK    Pharyngeal Enhancer Binding
peel    QX    Paternal-effect Epistatic Embryonic Lethal
pef    GNW    Phosphatase with EF hands
pek    RE    human PERK kinase homolog
pel    JR    Pharynx and ELongation defect
peli    OH    PELI1 and PELI2 related
pen    CE    Presenilin ENhancer (enhancer of sel-12(null))
peni    IG    Peptide Expression when Not Infected
pep        PEPtide transporter family, see opt
pepm    PS    PEPtidase M1 domain containing
pept    GNW    PEPTide transporter family
perm    OD    PERMeable eggshell
pes    UL    Patterned Expression Site
pex    EJ    Pachytene EXit defect
pfc    GNW    Polymerising Factor for Chondroitin
pfd    MX    PreFolDin (molecular chaperone)
pfk    DCR    6-PhosphoFructoKinase (E.C. homolog
pfk*    GNW    OligoSaccharylTransferase, Beta subunit
pfkb    DCR    6-PhosphoFructo-2-Kinase/fructose-2,6-Bisphosphatase (EC: homolog
pfn    EU    ProFiliN
pfs    GNW    Polyadenylation Factor Subunit homolog
pgal    LSC    PeptidylGlycine alpha-Amidating Lyase
pgam    GNW    PhosphoGlycerAte Mutase homolog
pges    AA    ProstaGlandin E Synthase homolog
pghm    LSC    PeptidylGlycine-alpha-Hydroxylating Monooxygenase
pgk    PM    PhosphoGlycerate Kinase
pgl    SS    P-GranuLe abnormality
pgp    NL    P GlycoProtein family
pgrn    LEN    ProGRaNulin homolog
pgs    GNW    PhosphatidylGlycerophosphate Synthase
pha    GE    defective PHArynx development
phal    NF    PHArynx Length abnormal phat GD PHAryngeal gland Toxin-related
phat    GD    PHAryngeal gland Toxin-related
phb    LB    mitochondrial ProHiBitin complex
phf    EC    PHd Finger family
phg    GNW    PHarynx-associated GAS (growth arrest protein)
phi    AM    Protein Homeostasis Interference
phip    BR    Protein HIstidine Phosphatase
phlp    KG    PHosducin-Like Protein
phm    DA    PHaryngeal Muscle
pho    JM    intestinal acid PHOsphatase
php    BW    Posterior Hox gene Paralog
phy    TP    Proline HYdroxylase
picc    FT    PAC-1 Interacting Coiled-Coil protein
pid    RFK    PiRNA Induced silencing Defective
pie    JJ    Pharynx and Intestine in Excess
piez    OH    PIEZo (mechanoreceptor) homolog
pif    YK    PIF1p helicase (yeast ) homolog
pifk    BR    PhosphoInositide Four Kinase (PI-4 Kinase)
pig    NG    Par-1 (I)-like Gene
piga    GSX    PhosphatidylInositol-Glycan biosynthesis class A protein
pigv    RZB    PhosphatidylInositol Glycan anchor biosynthesis, class V protein homolog
piit    PS    Protease Inhibitor I2 (Two)
pik    CD    Pelle/IL-1 receptor associated Kinase (IRAK)
piki    XW    phosphoInositide-3-KInase
pin    OH    PINch protein family
pink    BR    PINK (PTEN-INduced Kinase) homolog
pinn    GNW    ParvulIN of Nematode
pip    YK    Pos-1 Interacting Protein
pir    WM    Phosphatase Interacting with RNA/RNP
pis    GNW    PIS (Pax-2, IA-1/6, Smad-2 interacting protein) homolog
pisy    GNW    PhosphatidylInositol SYnthase
pitp    JN    PhosphatidylInositol Transfer Protein family
pitr    ZIB    PIT (mammalian phosphate transporter) Related
pix    HJ    PIX (PAK (p21-activated kinase) Interacting eXchange factor) homolog
pizl    GNW    PIeZo-Like protein
pkc    TF    Protein Kinase C family
pkd    PS    human PKD2 (Polycystic Kidney Disease) related
pkg    JZ    Protein Kinase, cGMP-dependent
pkn    GB    Protein Kinase N (PKN) homolog
pla    EG    PhosphoLipase A
plc    HB    PhosphoLipase C
pld    CD    Phospholipase D
plep    QG    PLugged Excretory Pore
plg    CB    copulatory PLuG formation
plin    KV    PeriLIpiN homolog
plk    AG    POLO Kinase
pll    HB    PhosphoLipase C Like
plob    QG    Plugged On Body
plp    JR    Pur alpha Like Protein
plr    SK    cell PoLaRity defective
plrg    GNW    PLeiotropic ReGulator (vertebrate) homolog
plsc        see scrm
plst    HA    PLaSTin (actin bundling protein) homolog
plx    ST    PLeXin
pme    GNW    Poly(ADP-ribose) Metabolism Enzyme
pmk    KU    P38 Map Kinase family
pmp    BC    Peroxisomal Membrane Protein related
pmr    GNW    PMR-type Golgi ATPase
pms    MV    PMS (Post Meiotic Segregation) family
pmt    DIV    Phosphoethenolamine MethylTransferase
pna    GE    ProNuclear Appearance abnormal
pnc    GNW    Pyrazinamidase and NiCotinamidase
png    OU    PNG (Peptide:N-Glycanase) homolog
pnk    GR    PaNtothenate Kinase
pnm    GE    ProNuclear Migration Abnormal
pod    HY    Polarity and Osmotic sensitivity Defective
pole    BS    POLE (DNA POLymerase Epsilon) homolog
polg    ATR    POLG (mitochondrial DNA POLymerase Gamma)
polh    GNW    POLH (DNA polymerase eta) homolog
polk    GNW    POLK (DNA polymerase kappa) homolog
polq    PS    POLQ (DNA polymerase theta) homolog
pom    JH    POlarity Misplaced in 1-cell embryo
poml    TU    PON (paraoxonase) and MEC-6 Like
pop    JJ    POsterior Pharynx abnormal
pos    WM    POsterior Segregation
pot    YA    Protection Of Telomeres 1 (Pot1) homolog
ppat    WBX    Phosphoribosyl Pyrophosphate AmidoTransferase homolog
ppfr    HR    Protein Phosphatase Four Regulatory subunit
ppgn    GNW    ParaPleGiN AAA protease family
pph    SA    Protein PhospHatase
ppk    UF    PIP Kinase
ppm    XMN    Protein Phosphatase, Mg2+/Mn2+ dependent
ppn    CH    PaPiliN (Drosophila) homolog
ppp    PK    PyroPhosPhorylase related
pps    GNW    3'-Phosphoadenosine 5'-Phosphosulfate Synthetase
ppt    GNW    Palmitoyl Protein Thioesterase
pptr    LA    Protein Phosphatase 2A (Two A) Regulatory subunit
ppw    NL    PAZ/PIWI domain-containing
pqbp    XH    PQBP1 (Polyglutamine tract-binding neurodegeneration protein) homolog
pqe    HA    PolyQ (poly glutamine tract) toxicity Enhancer
pqm    GNW    ParaQuat (Methylviologen) responsive
pqn    PS    Prion-like-(Q/N-rich)-domain-bearing protein
pra        see rab
praf    GNW    Prenylated Rab Acceptor 1 domain Family
prc    PS    PRotraction of spicules Constitutive
prde    SX    PiRNA-DEpendent silencing defective
prdx    GNW    PeRoxireDoXin
pre    GNW    Phosphine REsistant
prg    GNW    Piwi (fruitfly) Related Gene
pri    MV    DNA PRImase homolog
prk    NL    PIM (mammalian oncogene) Related Kinase
prkl    OU    Drosophila PRicKLe homolog
prmn    MU    PRoMiNin (5-transmembrane domain glycoprotein) homolog
prmt    GNW    PRotein arginine MethylTransferase
pro    GC    PROximal proliferation in germline
prom    UV    PRogression Of Meiosis
pros    ML    PROSpero homeobox homolog
prp    GNW    yeast PRP (splicing factor) related
prpf    GNW    vertebrate Pre-mRNA Processing Factor homolog
prs    GNW    Prolyl tRNA Synthetase
prx    GNW    PeRoXisome assembly factor
pry    CF    PolyRaY
psa    HS    Phasmid Socket Absent
psd    GNW    PhosphatidylSerine Decarboxylase
psf    BL    Polypyrimidine-tract-binding protein (PTB)-associated-Splicing Factor homolog
psf    UM    PSF (yeast Partner of Sld Five) conserved replication factor, GINS complex
psmd    OH    ProteaSoMe regulatory D subunit
psr    CU    PhosphatidylSerine Receptor family
pssy    GNW    PhosphatidylSerine SYnthase
pst    EB    PAPS (adenosine 3'-phosphate 5'-phosphosulfate) Transporter
pstk    IH    Phosphoryl Seryl-TRNA (Ser/Sec) Kinase
ptb    IA    human PTB (hnRNP) homolog
ptc    PK    PaTChed family
ptd    PK    disPaTcheD family
ptl    GNW    Protein with Tau-Like repeats
ptp    WS    Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase
ptps    LC    Pyruvoyl TetrahydrobioPterin Synthase
ptr    PK    PaTched Related family
ptrn    CZ    PaTRoNin (microtubule-binding protein) homolog
pud    MQD    Protein Up-regulated in Daf-2(gf)
pudl    MQD    PUD-Like protein
puf    JK    PUF (PUmilio/FBF) domain-containing
pug        see prg
pun    BW    Pharynx UNattached
pup    MW    Poly(U) Polymerase
pus    LT    PseudoUridylate Synthase family
pvf    NA    PDGF/VEGF growth factor related
pvl    SD    Protruding VuLva
pvp    NJ    abnormal PVP neuron staining
pxd    CH    PleXin Domain containing
pxf    FZ    PDZ eXchange Factor
pxl    DM    PaXiLlin homolog
pxn    CH    PeroXidasiN (Drosophila peroxidase) homolog
pyc    JF    PYruvate Carboxylase
pyk    LJ    PYruvate Kinase
pyp    MT    inorganic PYroPhosphatase
pyr    OK    PYRimidine biosynthesis
pzf    YL    Paired Zinc Finger protein
qars    BC    glutaminyl(Q) Amino-acyl tRNA Synthetase
qdpr    LC    Quinoid DihydroPteridine Reductase
qid    CF    Q neuroblast Is Defective in polarization/migration
qns    GNW    glutamine(Q)-dependent NAD(+) Synthase
qrs    GNW    see ers, gln
qua    TB    QUAhog (hedgehog related)
qui    NA    QUInine non-avoider
rab    NM    RAB family
rabn    RT    RABaptiN (rab effector)
rabs    FX    RABenoSyn (vesicle sorting protein) homolog
rabx    RT    RAB eXchange factor
rac    GNW    RAC related
rack    GNW    RACK1 (mammalian Receptor of Activated C Kinase) homolog
rad    GNW    RADiation sensitivity abnormal/yeast RAD-related
rae    BN    RAE (Ribonucleic Acid Export factor) homolog
raf    PS    related to oncogene RAF
raga    GNW    RAs-related GTP-binding protein
ragc    GNW    RAs-related GTP binding protein C homolog
ral    GNW    RAL (Ras-related GTPase) homolog
ram    PB    RAy Morphology abnormal
ran    GNW    RAN (nuclear import/export) related
rap    NL    RAPsyn-related
rapg        RAP GAP rars BC arginyl(R) Amino-acyl tRNA Synthetase
rars    BC    arginyl(R) Amino-acyl tRNA Synthetase
ras    GNW    R-RAS related
rax    EM    Ray AXon abnormal
rba    WM    RBAp48 related
rbbp    OL    RBBP (RetinoBlastoma protein Binding Protein) homolog
rbc    NM    RaBConnectin
rbd    TB    RBD (RNA binding domain) protein
rbf    NM    RaBphilin Family
rbg    NM    RaB GAP related
rbl        see rab
rbm    PQ    RNA Binding Motif protein homolog
rbp    GNW    RNA Binding Protein
rbpl    LMW    Retinoblastoma Binding Protein Like
rbr    GR    RB (Retinoblastoma protein (Related)
rbx    GNW    yeast RBX (ring finger protein) homolog
rcan    KJ    Regulator of CAalciNeurin
rcn    KJ    Regulator of CalciNeurin
rcor    LW    RCOR (REST CO-Repressor) homolog
rcq    NB    ReCQ DNA helicase family
rde    WM    RNAi DEfective
rdh        see rad
rdl    FQ    Rentinal Degeneration 3-Like
rdy    ML    Rod-like lethal, DYe-filling defective
rec    KR    RECombination abnormality
red    LX    REsistant to Dopamin
ref    CF    Regulator of Fusion
rep    DK    Rab Escort Protein homolog
repo    EU    REversed POlarity in early embryos
reps    ZR    REPS (RalBP1-associated Eps domain-containing protein) homolog
rer    GK    RER (Retention in Endoplasmic Reticulum) homolog
ret    GNW    RETiculon protein
retr    GNW    RETRotransposon-like
rev    GNW    REV1 (translesion DNA polymerase) homolog
rex    TU    Recognition Element on X
rfc    MV    RFC (replication factor) family
rfl    EU    ectopic membrane RUFfles in embryo
rfp    PC    Ring Finger Protein, UBC associated
rfs    MV    Rad-51 (Fifty-one) like, Short
rft    ZQ    RiboFlavin Transporter
rga    ML    Rho GTPase Activating protein
rgef    GK    Rap Guanine nucleotide Exchange Factor homolog
rgl    DV    Ral GDS-Like
rgr    GNW    RGR (yeast transcriptional mediator complex) homol
rgs    LX    Regulator of G protein Signaling
rha    GNW    RNA HelicAse
rheb    SJ    RHEB (Ras Homolog Enriched in Brain) homolog
rhgf    QT    RHo Guanine nucleotide exchange Factor
rhi    GNW    RHo GDP dissociation Inhibitor
rhl    CB    see ghl
rho    MH    RHO (small G protein) family
rhr    GNW    RH (Rhesus) antigen Related
rhy    ZG    Regulator of HYpoxia-inducible factor (hif-1)
rib    DA    related to mammalian RIB-affecting EXT gene family
ribo    FA    RIBOphorin (oligosaccharyltransferase complex) homolog
ric    RM    Resistance to Inhibitors of Cholinesterase
rict    GR    RICT0r (Rapamycin-Insensitive Companion of TOR) homolog
rig    VH    neuRonal IGCAM
ril    CF    RNAi-Induced Longevity
rilp    CAL    RILP (Rab7-Interacting Lysosomal Protein) homolog
rim    NM    Rab-3 Interacting Molecule
rimb    EG    RIM Binding protein
rin    DK    RIN (Ras/Rab INteractor) homolog
riok    PRB    RIO Kinase homolog
rip    DW    RFS-1 Interacting Partner
rla    GNW    Ribosomal protein, Large subunit, Acidic (P1)
rlbp    FZ    RaL Binding Protein
rle    KB    Regulation of Longevity by E3 ubiquitin ligase
rls    SZ    Regulator of Let-2 Splicing
rmd    HS    Regulator of Microtubule Dynamics
rme    DH    Receptor Mediated Endocytosis
rmrp    PS    RNase MRP (Mitochondrial RNA Processing) non-coding RNA
rncs    BB    RNA Non-Coding, Starvation up-regulated
rnf    WS    RiNg Finger protein
rnh    GNW    RNase H
rnp    TY    RNP (RRM RNA binding domain) containing
rnr    SV    RiboNucleotide Reductase
rnst    XW    RNase T2
rnt    TB    RuNT related
rod    OD    ROD (Drosophila RoughDeal) homolog
rog    GNW    Ras activating factor in development Of Germline
rok    PS    Regulator Of Kinase
rol    CB    ROLler: helically twisted/animals roll when moving
rom    AH    RhOMboid (Drosophila) related
romo    YP    Romo1 (Reactive Oxygen species MOdulator) homolog
rop    GNW    RO (Ro) ribonucleoProtein family
ros    TJ    Resistant to Oxygen Stress
rot    GE    ROTation of embryonic centromere abnormal
row    OH    Relative of Woc homolog
rpa    GNW    Replication Protein A homolog
rpac    GNW    RNA Polymerase I/III (A/C) shared subunit
rpb    LD    RNA Polymerase II (B) subunit
rpc    DB    RNA Polymerase, Class III (C)
rpi    MX    Retinitis PIgmentosa (RP) disease gene homolog
rpia    GNW    Ribose 5-Phosphate Isomerase A
rpl    GNW    Ribosomal Protein, Large subunit
rpm    NM    Regulator of Presynaptic Morphology
rpn    MV    proteasome Regulatory Particle, Non-ATPase-like
rpo    DR    RNA POlymerase
rpoa    GNW    RNA POlymerase I (A) subunit
rpom    MD    RNA POlymerase, Mitochondrial
rpp    BL    acidic Ribosomal Protein P1 family
rpr    GNW    RNase P RNA
rps    GNW    Ribosomal Protein, Small subunit
rpt    MV    proteasome Regulatory Particle, ATPase-like
rpy    LJ    RaPsYn
rrbs    GNW    Regulator of RiBosome bioSynthesis
rrc    JN    RhoGAP for Rac-1 and Cdc-42
rrf    EL    RNA-dependent RNA polymerase Family
rrn    GNW    Ribosomal RNA
rrp    MH    Ras-Related Protein
rrs    GNW    Ribosomal RNA, Small 5S
rrt    GNW    aRginyl aa-tRNA syntheTase
rsa    TH    Regulator of Spindle Activity
rsbp    LX    R-Seven Binding Protein (R7BP) homolog
rsd    NL    RNAi Spreading Defective (see also sid)
rsef    PS    RaS and EF hand domain containing homolog
rsf    KH    RASSF (Ras-association domain family) homolog
rsk        see spk
rskd    BS    Ribosomal protein S6 Kinase Delta homolog
rskn    BS    RSK-pNinety (RSK-p90 kinase) homolog
rsks    BS    RSK-pSeventy (RSK-p70 kinase) homolog
rsn    BL    RNA, Small Nuclear (snRNA)
rsp    IA    SR Protein (splicing factor)
rsr    IA    SR Protein Related
rsu    DV    Ras SUppressor homolog
rsy    TV    Regulator of SYnapse formation
rta    GNW    tRNA (RNA, Transfer), Alanine
rtc    GNW    tRNA (RNA, Transfer), Cysteine
rtcb    XE    RTCB (tRNA-splicing ligase) homolog
rtd    GNW    tRNA (RNA, Transfer), aspartic acid (D)
rte    GNW    tRNA (RNA, Transfer), glutamic acid (E)
rtel    DW    RTEL (mammalian Regulator of TELomer length) homolog
rtf    GNW    tRNA (RNA, Transfer), phenylalanine (F)
rtfo    SA    RTF1 (One) homolog, a component of the PAF1 complex that associates with the RNA polymerase II
rtg    GNW    tRNA (RNA, Transfer), Glycine
rth    GNW    tRNA (RNA, Transfer), Histidine
rti    GNW    tRNA (RNA, Transfer), Isoleucine
rtk    GNW    tRNA (RNA, Transfer), lysine (K)
rtl    GNW    tRNA (RNA, Transfer), Leucine
rtm    BH    tRNA Methionine
rtn    GNW    tRNA (RNA, Transfer), asparagine (N)
rtp    GNW    tRNA (RNA, Transfer), Proline
rtq    GNW    tRNA (RNA, Transfer), Glutamine (Q)
rtr    GNW    tRNA, Transfer, R = arginine
rts    GNW    tRNA (RNA, Transfer), Serine
rtt    GNW    tRNA (RNA, Transfer), Threonine
rtu    GNW    tRNA (RNA, Transfer) Selenocysteine (U)
rtv    GNW    tRNA (RNA, Transfer), Valine
rtw    GNW    tRNA, Transfer, W = tryptophan
rtx        see rtu
rty    GNW    tRNA (RNA, Transfer), tyrosine (Y)
rund    EG    RUN Domain containing protein
ruvb    JA    RUVB (recombination protein) homolog
ryr        see unc-68
sac    GNW    SAC1 PIP phosphatase (yeast Suppressor of ACtin) homolog
sacy    DG    Suppressor of ACY-4 sterility
sad    CX    Synapsis of Amphids Defective
saeg    VS    Suppressor of Activated EGL-4
saf    NF    Suppressor of ADAM family defect
sag        see dgk, eat
sago    WM    Synthetic secondary siRNA-deficient ArGOnaute mutant
sai    ZM    SAD-1 Interacting protein
sak        see jnk
sam    NM    Synaptic vesicle tag Abnormal in Mec cells
samp    UD    SAMP1 (Senescence Accelerated Mouse Protein) homolog
samp    UD    Spindle Associated Membrane Protein homolog
sams    CF    S-Adenosyl Methionine Synthetase
samt    WS    SAM (S-Adenosyl Methionine) Transporter
san    AR    Suspended ANimation (anoxia-induced) defective
sand    FA    SAND endocytosis protein family
sao    AC    Suppressor of Aph-One (aph-1)
sap    GNW    Spliceosome-Associated Protein
saps    MG    SAPS (phosphatase associated) domain protein
sar    GNW    SAR (Secretion Associated, Ras-related) COPII vescile coat protein
sars    BC    Seryl Amino-acyl tRNA Synthetase
sart    HW    human SART-3/p110 homolog
sas    GE    Spindle ASembly abnormal
satb        see dve
sav    MJB    SAlVador (cell proliferation regulator) homolog
sax    CX    Sensory AXon guidance
sbds    GNW    Shwachman-Bodian-Diamond Syndrome protein homolog
sbp    CD    Sterol regulatory element Binding Protein
sbt    KP    Seven B Two (mammalian 7BT prohormone convertase chaperone) homolog
sca    UG    SERCA (Sarco-Endoplasmic Reticulum Calcium ATPase)
scav    GNW    SCAVenger receptor (CD36 family) related
scc    TY    yeast SCC (mitotic condensin subunit) homolog
scd    JT    Suppressor of Constitutive Dauer formation
scdp    IH    SECIS (SeCis) Binding  Protein homolog
sce    XC    Sperm Chromatin Enriched
scl    GNW    SCP-Like extracellular protein
scla    EAB    Suppressor of Clozapine-induced Larval Arrest
scm    VH    SCAMP (synaptic vesicle protein) homolog
sco    HA    SCO (cytochrome c oxidase assembly protein) homolog
scp    CD    SREBP Cleavage activating Protein (SCAP) homolog
scpl    GB    SCP (Small C-terminal domain Phosphatase)-Like phosphatase
scrm    CU    SCRaMblase of phospholipids
scrt    HC    SCRaTch (zinc finger transcriptional repressor) homolog
scu    EU    Sperm CUe abnormal
scvp    HY    Secreted nematode Clade V Protein gene family
sdc    TY    Sex determination and Dosage Compensation
sdf    JC    Synthetic Dauer Formation
sdh    LB    SDH (Sucinate DeHydrogenase)
sdha    GNW    Succinate DeHydrogenase complex subunit A
sdhb    AG    Succinate DeHydrogenase complex subunit B
sdhc        see mev
sdhd    AG    Succinate DeHydrogenase complex subunit D
sdm        sod
sdn    TC    SynDecaN
sdpn    RT    SynDaPiN (synaptic domain binding protein) homolog
sds    OC    SDS22 (conserved phosphatase regulator) homolog
sdz    TX    SKN-1 Dependent Zygotic transcript
sea    TY    Signal Element of Autosome
seb    BZ    SEcretin/class B GPCR
sec    IA    yeast SEC homolog
secr    OH    SECRetin-related GPCR
secs    IH    SEC (selenocysteine)-tRNA Synthase
sedl    GNW    human SEDL (SpondyloEpiphyseal DySplasia tarda) related
seg    CW    Suppressor or Enhancer of Gas
sek    KU    SAPK/ERK Kinase
sel    GS    Suppressor/Enhancer of Lin-12
selb    IH    SELB (SelB homolog) translation factor for selenocysteine
seld    IH    SELD (SelD homolog)
sem    MT    SEx Muscle abnormality
send    AMJ    Silencing by Eri-1 loss or by Neuronal DsRNA defective
sep    WH    SEParase
sepa    HZ    Suppressor of Ectopic P granules in Autophagy mutant
ser    DA    SERotonin/octopamine receptor family
sesn    GNW    SEStriN (peroxiredoxin reductase) homolg
set    SS    SET (trithorax/polycomb) domain protein
seu    NW    Suppressor of Ectopic UNC-5
sex    TY    Signal Element on X
sfa    SF    Splicing FActor
sfrp    KN    Secreted Frizzled-Related Protein
sft    AW    SurFeiT homolog
sftd    UA    SFT2 Domain containing protein 3 homolog
sfxn    GNW    SideroFleXiN (mitochondrial iron transporter)
sgca    BZ    SarcoGlyCan Alpha homolog
sgcb    AK    SarcoGlyCan Beta homolog
sgg        see gsk
sgk    BR    Serum- and Glucocorticoid- inducible Kinase homolog
sgn    LS    SarcoGlycaN
sgo    CA    SGO (S. pombe chromosome segregation protein) homolog
sgs    NL    Suppressor of G protein S defect
sgt    GNW    Small Glutamine-rich Tetratrico repeat protein
shc    GU    SHC (Src Homology domain C-terminal) adaptor homolog
she    RE    Spermless HErmaphrodite in C. briggsae
shk    JT    SHaKer family of potassium channels
shl    JT    SHaL family of potassium channels
shn    KJ    SHaNk related
sho    MT    Suppressor of touch-induced Head Oscillation
shp    GNW    SHeath Protein, microfilarial
shv    BS    SHiVa (four-armed) gonad
shw    JT    SHaW family of potassium channels
siah    GNW    SInA (Drosophila Sevin In Absentia) Homolog
sid    HC    Systemic RNA Interference Defective
sig    CC    Silencing In Germline defective
sin    KC    SIN3 (yeast Switch INdependent) histone deacetylase component homolog
sinh    CF    SIN-1 (S. pombe stress activated protein kinase interactor) homolog
sip    CR    Stress Induced Protein
sipa    OH    SIPA (vertebrate Signal-Induced Proliferation-Associated) homolog
sir    LG    yeast SIR related
ska    OD    Spindle and Kinetochore-Associated protein homolog
skat    MGH    Suppressor of KAT-1 lysosomal phenotype
ski        see dac
skih    EV    SKI (yeast SuperKIller) Helicase homolog
skn    JJ    SKiNhead
sknr    LD    SKN Related
skp    KV    mammalian SKIP (Ski interacting protein) homolog
skpo    GF    ShK domain and PerOxidase domain containing protein
skpt    ET    SKP2 (S phase kinase associated protein 2) homolog
skr    ET    SKp1 Related (ubiquitin ligase complex component)
slc    OH    SLC (SoLute Carrier) homolog
slcf    GNW    SoLute Carrier Family
sld    UM    SLD (yeast Synthetic Lethal with Dpb11-1) homolog
sle    WH    SLow Embryonic development
slep    NQ    SLEePing (behavioral quiescence) defective
slf    CT    Suppressor of Lin-Forty one (lin-41) defect
slg    JP    Skn-1-Like Gene
sli    PS    Suppressor of LIneage defect
slm    DA    Suppressor of Lethal Mek-1
sln    GNW    See sls
slo    WH    SLOwpoke potassium channel family
slr    MH    Synthetic with Lin-35/Rb
sls    BL    tranSpliced Leader Sequence (SL1, SL2)
slt    CX    SLiT (Drosophila) homolog
slx    CV    yeast SLX (Synthetic Lethal X) homolog
sma    CB    SMAll
smc    MG    SMC (structural maintenance of chromosomes) family
smd    GNW    SAM Decarboxylase
smf    IG    yeast SMF (divalent cation transporter) homolo
smg    CB    Suppressor with Morphogenetic effect on Genitalia
smgl    IA    SMG-associated and Lethal
smi    LM    SMN (Survival of Motor neuron) protein Interactor
smk    GNW    SMEK (Dictyostelium suppressor of MEK null) homolog
smn    FF    SMN (human Survival Motor Neuron gene) homolog
smo    GNW    SUMO (ubiquitin-related) homolog
smp    NW    SeMaPhorin related
smr    LM    SMN (Survivial of Motor neuron protein) Related
sms    GNW    SphingoMyelin Synthase
smu    SP    Suppressor of Mec and Unc defects
smut    GR    Synthetic MUTator
smy    BL    Sm Y trans-splicing-associated snRNA
smz    XC    Sperm Meiosis PDZ domain containing proteins
sna    BL    Small Nuclear RNA (snRNA) Associated protein
snai    IU    SNAIl family zinc finger 2 transcription factor homolog
snap    NM    SNAP (Soluble NSF Attachment Protein) homolog
snb    GNW    SyNaptoBrevin related
snd    PY    Sensory Neuron Defect
snet    JN    Suppressor of NEp Two (nep-2)
snf    RM    Sodium: Neurotransmitter symporter Family
snfc    GNW    SNF chromatin remodeling Complex component
sng    NM    SyNaptoGyrin family
snn    GNW    SnYapsiN
sno    PS    SNO (small nucleolar RNA)
snpc    YL    SNAPc (Small Nuclear RNA Activating Complex) homolog
snpn    GH    SNaPiN (synaptic protein) homolog
snr    TE    Small Nuclear Ribonucleoprotein
snrp    SZ    Small Nuclear RibonucleoProtein homolog
sns    PY    SeNSory Neuron Specification
snt    RM    SyNaptoTagmin related
snu    LW    SNU (yeast Small NUclear ribonucleoprotein associated) homolog
snx    RT    Sorting NeXin
soap    FL    Sorting Of Apical Proteins
soc    NH    Suppressor Of Clr
sod    GNW    SOD (SuperOxide Dismutase)
sodh    GNW    SOrbitol DeHydrogenase family
sof    RE    Suppressor Of Fog-1
sog    EL    Suppressor Of Glp-1
sol    VM    Suppressor of Lurcher movement defect
som    AG    Suppressor Of Metaphase arrest
somi    GR    Suppressor of Overexpressed MIcro-RNA
son    PS    Sheath-tO-Neuron transformation
sop    EM    Suppressor Of Pal-1
sor    HZ    SOp-2 Related (ectopic expression of Hox genes)
sorb    SU    SORBin homolog
sos    PS    Drosophila SOS homolog
sox    NL    SOX (mammalian SRY box) family
spa    GNW    Sodium/Potassium ATPase
spam    US    Suppressor of PAM-1 embryonic lethality
spas    GNW    SPAStin (human neurodegeneration-associated AAA+ ATPase) related
spat    ZU    Suppressor of PAr-Two defect
spc    DM    SPeCtrin
spch    XC    SPerm CHromatin enriched
spd    WH    SPindle Defective
spdl    OD    SPinDLy (Drosophila chromosome segregation) homolog
spds    IR    SPermiDine Synthase
spe    SP    defective SPErmatogenesis
spf    JK    Somatic gonad Primordium Formation abnormal
spg    SJ    human SPG (spastic paraplegia)
sph    NM    SynaptoPHysin
sphk    OJ    SPHingosine Kinase
spi    ED    Serine Protease Inhibitor
spin    GNW    SPINster (Drosophila lysosomal permease) homolog
spk    KU    SR Protein Kinase
spl    GNW    Sphingosine Phosphate Lyase
spn    RL    SPiNdle orientation defective
spo    AV    homolog of yeast SPOrulation gene
spon    CZ    SPONdin (extracellular matrix glycoprotein) family
spp    GNW    SaPosin-like Protein family
spr    GNW    Suppressor of PResenilin defect
sprr    GNW    Sex Peptide Receptor (Drosophila) Related
spsb    KQ    SPSB (SPry and Socs Box) family
spt    GNW    SPT transcription factor family
sptf    SP    SP (Specificity Protein) Transcription Factor
sptl    MH    Serine Palmitoyl Transferase famiLy
spv    RZB    Spermathecal Physiology Variant
spy    CF    Suppressor of PolyraY
spz    XC    SPerm enriched with PDZ domain
spz    XC    SPerm enriched with PDZ domain
sqd    GNW    SQD (Drosophila SQUID) homolog
sql    GJ    Supressor of gpa-3QL dye-filling defect
sqr    AR    Sulfide Quinone oxidoReductase
sqrd    AR    Sulfide Quinone oxidoReDuctase
sqst    HZ    SeQueSTosome related
sqt    BE    SQuaT
sqv    MT    SQuashed Vulva
sra    CX    Serpentine Receptor, Class A (alpha)
srab    LQ    Serpentine Receptor, class AB (class A-like)
srap    BC    Serine Rich Adhesion Protein-like
srb    CX    Serpentine Receptor, Class B (beta)
srbc    HM    Serpentine Receptor, class BC
src    WM    SRC oncogene related
srd    CX    Serpentine Receptor, Class D (delta)
sre    CX    Serpentine Receptor, Class E (epsilon)
srf    AT    SuRFace antigenicity abnormal
srg    CX    Serpentine Receptor, Class G (gamma)
srgp    SU    Slit-Robo GAP homolog
srh    HM    Serpentine Receptor, class H
sri    HM    Serpentine Receptor, class I
srj    HM    Serpentine Receptor, class J
srk        see spk
srl    BC    Suppressor of Roller Lethality
srm    HM    Serpentine Receptor, class M
srn    HM    Serpentine Receptor, class N
sro    CX    Serpentine Receptor, Class O (opsin)
srp    VK    SeRPin
srpa    M    Signal Recognition PArticle
srpa    MSN    Signal Recognition PArticle
srq    OH    Serpentine Receptor, class Q
srr    HM    Serpentine Receptor, class R
srs    GNW    Seryl tRNA Synthetase
srsx    HM    Serpentine Receptor, class SX
srt    JT    Serpentine Receptor, class T
srtx    PY    Serpentine Receptor, class TX
sru    HM    Serpentine Receptor, class U
srv    HM    Serpentine Receptor, class V
srw    HM    Serpentine Receptor, class W
srx    HM    Serpentine Receptor, class X
srxa    HM    Serpentine Receptor, class XA
srz    HM    Serpentine Receptor, class Z
ssb    FH    Single-Stranded DNA-Binding protein family
ssez    CK    Spontaneous SEiZures
ssg    BA    Spermatogenesis-Specific Gene; =ssp
ssl    MT    yeast Swi2/Snf2-Like
ssp    BA    Sperm Specific family, class P
ssq    BA    Sperm-Specific family, class Q
ssr    BA    Sperm-Specific family, class R
sss    BA    Sperm-Specific family, class S
sssh    OH    SleepleSS (Drosophila) Homolog
sst    BA    Sperm Specific Transcript
ssu    CW    Suppressor of Stomatin mutant Uncoordination
ssup    GNW    SSU (yeast Suppressor of SUa7) Protein homolog
sta    GNW    STAT (RNA binding protein) family
stam    PT    STAM (Signal Transducing Adapter Molecule) homolog
star        see asd
stau    NW    STAUfen (dsRNA binding protein) homolog
stb    LJ    Single-stranded Telomere Binding protein
stc    GNW    STCH (truncated HSP) family
std    DG    STuck in Diakinesis
stdh    GNW    STeroid DeHydrogenase
stg    VM    STarGazin (mammalian calcium channel) homolog
sth    HK    SpermaTHecal expression
sti    KJ    STI1 (molecular chaperone) homolog
stim    VP    STIM (mammalian STromal Interaction Molecule) homolog
stip    GNW    STIP (Septin and Tuftelin Interacting Protein) homolog
stl    MQ    STomatin-Like
stn    LS    SynTrophiN
sto    MQ    STOmatin
stp        see ptp
str    CX    Seven TM Receptor
strd    MR    STRAD (yeast STE20 Related Adaptor protein) homolog
strl    GNW    STeroidogenic acute Regulatory protein Like
stt    AS    STT (yeast oligosaccharyltransferase subunit) homolog
stu    CB    STerile and Uncoordinated
sub    QU    SUppressor of Bec-1 lethality
subs    CB    SUppressor of Bus/Srf pathogen sensitivity
suca    GNW    SUCcinyl-CoA ligase, ATP-specific, beta subunit
sucg    GNW    SUCcinyl-CoA ligase, GTP-specific, beta subunit
such    KR    SUppressor of spindle CHeckpoint defect
sucl    GNW    SUCcinyl-CoA Ligase, alpha subunit
suco    GNW    SUn (SUN) domain Containing Ossification factor homolog
sud    GE    SUpernumerary cell Divisions
suds    OH    SUDS (vertebrate SUppressor of Defective Silencing) homolog
sue    AZ    SUppressor of Elongation defect
suf    GNW    SUppressor-of-Forked (Drosophila) homolog
sul    OH    SULfatase domain protein
sulp    GNW    SULfate Permease family
suls    AR    SULfide Sensitive
sum    GS    SUppressor of Multivulva phenotype
sumv    HRN    SUppressor of synthetic MultiVulva
sun    WH    SUN (S. pombe sad1/Ce-UNC-84) domain protein
suox    UQ    SUlfite OXidase
sup    CB    SUPpressor
supr    CZ    SUPpressor of Rpm-1
sur    MH    SUppressor of activated let-60 Ras
suro    JAS    SUPpressor of ROller
sus    DR    SUppressor of Suppressor
susm    LW    SUppressor of SMa-9
susz    CK    SUppressor of SeiZures
sut    CK    SUppressor of Tau pathology
suv    MT    SUppressor of Vulvaless
svh    KM    Suppressor of VHp-1 deletion lethality
svop    OH    SVOP (Synaptic Vesicle twO-related Protein) homolog
swa    BZ    SWimming Abnormal
swah    GNW    SoWAH (Drosophila) homolog
swan    LE    Seven WD Repeats, AN11 family
swd        see wdr
swip    BY    SWimming Induced Paralysis
swm    AV    Sperm activation Without Mating
swp    GNW    splicing factor (Suppressor of White aPricot) rltd
sws    CLA    SWS1 homolog
swsn    RA    SWI/SNF nucleosome remodeling component
swt    WBF    SWEET sugar transporter family
sxc    ED    SiX Cysteine domain protein
syc    NG    SYnthetic CAN migration defect
syd    CZ    SYnapse Defective
sydn    CZ    SYD (synapse defective) eNhancer
syg    CX    SYnaptoGenesis abnormal
sygl    JK    SYnthetic GermLine proliferation defective
syh        see hrs
sym    SP    SYnthetic lethal with Mec
symk    GNW    SYMpleKin cleavage and polyadenylation factor
syn    MG    SYNtaxin
syp    AV    SYnaPsis in meiosis abnormal
syr    JW    SYnthetic Roller
sys    JK    SYmmetrical Sister cell hermaphrodite gonad defect
syt    BS    SYnthetic Tumorous germline
syx    GC    SYntaXin
szy    OC    Suppressor of ZYg-1
tab    TU    Touch ABnormal
tac    GZ    TACC (transforming acid coiled coil) protein famil
taco    GNW    Translational Activator of Cytochrome c Oxidase
tads    ZZY    Temporal Asymmetry between Division of Sister cells
taf    GNW    TAF (TBP-associated transcription factor) family
tag    VC    Temporarily Assigned Gene name
tam    PD    Tandem Array expression Modifier
tank    GNW    TANKyrase related
tap    KU    TAK1 kinase/MOM-4 binding protein
tars    BC    Threonyl Amino-acyl tRNA Synthetase
tat    GNW    Transbilayer Amphipath Transporter (P-type ATPase subfamily IV)
tatn    ALF    Tyrosine AminoTraNsferase
tau        see ptl
tax    GT    chemoTAXis abnormal
tba    GNW    TuBulin, Alpha
tbb    GNW    TuBulin, Beta
tbc    CZ    TBC (Tre-2/Bub2/Cdc16) domain protein
tbca    OD    TuBulin folding Cofactor A homolog
tbcb    OD    TuBulin folding Cofactor B homolog
tbcc    OD    TuBulin folding Cofactor C homolog
tbcd    OD    TuBulin folding Cofactor D homolog
tbce    OD    TuBulin folding Cofactor E homolog
tbck    QR    TBC Kinase
tbg    GNW    TuBulin, Gamma
tbh    MT    Tyramine Beta Hydroxylase
tbp    GNW    TATA-Binding Protein
tbx    GNW    T-BoX related
tcc    SV    Transmembrane and Coiled-Coil protein
tcer    CF    TransCription Elongation Regulator homolog
tcf        see ric
tcl    KS    T Cell Lineage defect
tcp        see cct
tct    JS    TCTP (Translationally-Controlled Tumor protein) homolog
tctn    KQ    TeCToNic (vertebrate ciliogenesis factor) homolog
tdc    MT    Tyrosine DeCarboxylase
tdo    OW    Tryptophan 2,3-DiOxygenase
tdp    LEN    TAR DNA-binding Protein homolog 2008
tdpt        Tyrosyl-DNA Phosphodiesterase Two homolog
teb    GNW    TEB4 (ER ubiquitin ligase) homolog
teg    BS    Tumorous Enhancer of Glp-1(gf)
ten    RU    TENeurin
tep    GNW    TEP (ThiolEster containing Protein)
tes    SU    TEStin (human testis-derived transcript) homolog
tfbm    MD    Transcription Factor B, Mitochondrial
tfg    GNW    human TFG related
tftc    GNW    Transcription Factor ThreeC subunit (GTF3C homolog)
tgn    RT    Trans-Golgi Network protein homolog
tgt    GNW    T-RNA Guanine Transglycosylase
thk    FF    THymidine Kinase
thn    GNW    THAumatin family
thoc    GNW    THO Complex (transcription factor/nuclear export) subunit
thrm    PX    THeRMal preference altered
tiam    LE    TIAM (mammalian Tumor Invasion And Metastasis factor) homolog
tiar    XQ    TIA-1/TIAR RNA binding protein family
tig    LT    TransformIng Growth factor beta family
tim    RG    TIMeless (Drosophila/mammal) related
timm    IR    Translocase, Inner Mitochondrial Membrane
tin    GNW    Tranport to INner mitochondrial membrane yeast TIM
tip    DZ    Tra-1 Interacting Protein
tir    IG    TIR (Toll and Interleukin 1 Receptor) domain protein
tkr    XU    TachyKinin Receptor family
tkt    HA    TransKeTolase homolog
tlf    SM    TBP-Like Factor
tlg    FX    T-Snare affecting Late Golgi compartment (yeast) homolog
tli    GNW    ToLlIp homolog
tlk    JS    Tousled-Like Kinase
tln    SK    TaLiN
tlp    KS    T lineage defect, LePtoderan tail
tmbi    GNW    TMBI (Transmembrane BAX Inhibitor motif protein) homolog
tmc    OH    TMC (TransMembrane Channel-like protein) family
tmd    GNW    TropoMoDulin
tmem    GNW    TMEM (human TransMEMbrane protein) homolog
tmh    WA    TunicaMycin Hypersensitive
tmr        see lev
tmy    HK    TropoMYosin
tnc    HK    TropoNin C
tni    HK    TropoNin I
tnt    EE    TropoNin T
toc    MQ    similar to Transporter Of divalent Cations
toca    GNW    TOCA (Transducer Of Cdc42-dependent Actin assembly) homolog
toe    BS    Target Of ERK kinase MPK-1
tofu    GJH    Twenty One u-rna (21U-RNA) biogenesis Fouled Up
toh    LT    TOllisH (tolloid and BMP-1 family)
tol    CD    TOL1 (Drosophila) family
tom    SY    TOMosyn synaptic protein
tomm    PL    Translocase of Outer Mitochondrial Membrane
top    GNW    TOPoisomerase
tor    UA    human TORsin related
tos    MT    Target Of Splicing
tpa    MJ    TPA resistance abnormal
tph    GR    TryPtophan Hydroxylase
tpi    GNW    TriosePhosphate Isomerase
tpk    MQ    Thiamine PyrophosphoKinase
tpp    GNW    Trehalose 6-Phosphate Phsophatase
tpra    PS    TPRA-1 (human TRansmembrane Protein, Adipocyte associated 1) ortholog
tps    GNW    Trehalose 6-Phosphate Synthase
tpst    JAS    TyrosylProtein SulfoTransferase
tpx    ED    Thioredoxin PeroXidase
tpxl    TH    TPX2 (Targeting Protein for Xenopus Klp2)-like
tra    CB    TRAnsformer: XX animals transformed into males
trak    OH    TRAK1 and TRAK2 related
tram    TJ    TRAM (TRanslocating chain-Associated Membrane) protein transporter
trap    GNW    TRanslocon-Associated Protein
trb    HY    TRiBendamine resistant
trcs    OD    TRansport of membrane to Cell Surface
trd    AW    Tetratricopeptide repeat Regulator of Differentiation
tre    GNW    TREhalase
trf    CD    TNF Receptor associated Factor (TRAF) homolog
trh        see tre
trim    AH    TRIpartite Motif-containing protein homolog
trk    GNW    TRK (vertebrate neurotrophin receptor tyrosine kinase) homolog
trm    GNW    TRNA Methylase
trp    PS    TRP (transient receptor potential) channel family
trpa    AJ    TRPA cation channel homolog
trpl    OH    TRP-channel-Like
trpp    MSN    TRansport Protein Particle
trr    MT    TRRAP-like (Transcription/TRansformation domain-associated protein)
trs    GNW    Threonyl tRNA Synthetase
trt    CB    Telomerase Reverse Transcriptase
trx    EG    ThioRedoXin [see also xtr]
trxr    VZ    TioRedoXin Reductase
try    GNW    TRYpsin-like protease
tsen    XE    Trna (tRNA) Splicing ENdonuclease subunit related
tsfm    GNW    EF-TS Mitochondrial elongation factor
tsg    OD    Tumor Susceptibility Gene homolog
tsn    NL    Tudor Staphylococcal Nuclease homolog
tsp    HM    TetraSPanin family
tspr    AM    Tissue Specific Proteostasis Regulator
tsr    IA    Transporter of SR proteins
ttb    GNW    TFII(two)B (general transcription factor)
ttbk    TB    Tau TuBulin Kinase
ttc    AM    TeTratriCopeptide repeat domain protein related
tth    ON    Tetra THymosin (four thymosin repeat protein)
ttll    GNW    Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase Like
ttm    HY    Toxin-regulated Target of p38MAPK
ttn    GB    TiTiN family
ttr    GNW    TransThyretin-Related family domain
tts    DR    Transcribed Telomerase-like Sequence
ttx    IK    ThermoTaXis abnormal
ttyh    GNW    TweeTY transmembrane/cell surface protein homolog
tub    CD    TUBby-related
tube    VJ    TUBulogEnesis defective
tudr    QA    TUDor domain plus RRM motif
tufm    GNW    EF-TU Mitochondrial elongation factor
tut    GNW    Thiolation of Uridine in TRNA
twk    JT    TWiK potassium channel family
txdc    TU    ThioredoXin Domain Containing protein homolog
txl    VZ    ThioredoXin-Like
tyms    HA    ThYMidylate Synthetase
tyr    ED    TYRosinase
tyra    GNW    TYRAmine receptor
tza    YH    ciliary Transition Zone Associated
uaf    BL    U2AF splicing factor
uba    PC    UBA (human ubiquitin related)
ubc    PC    UBiquitin Conjugating enzyme
ubh    GNW    UBiquitin C-terminal Hydrolase (family 1)
ubl    PS    UBiquitin-Like family
ubq    PC    UBiQuitin
ubql    OH    UBiQuiLin
ubr    CZ    UBR E3 ubiquitin ligase homolog
ubxn    GNW    UBX-containing protein in Nematodes
uch    KJ    Ubiquitin C-terminal Hydrolase homolog
ucp    CY    UnCoupling Protein (mitochondrial substrate carrier)
ucr    GNW    Ubiquinol-Cytochrome c oxidoReductase complex
uda    GNW    Uridine DiphosphAtase
uev    PC    Ubiquitin E2 (conjugating enzyme) variant
ufbp    GNW    UFM Binding Protein
ufc    GNW    UFM Conjugating Enzyme
ufd    PP    Ubiquitin Fusion Degradation (yeast UFD homolog)
ufl    GNW    UFM-protein Ligase
ufm    XQ    Ubiquitin-Fold Modifier homolog
ufsp    GNW    UFM Specific Protease
uggt    GNW    UDP-Glucose Glycoprotein glucosylTransferase
ugm        see glf
ugt    OZ    UDP-Glucuronosyl Transferase
ugtp    FA    UDP-Galactose Transporter Protein Family
uig    NR    UNC-112-Interacting Guanine nucleotide exchange factor
ula    PC    yeast ULA (ubiquitin activating) homolog
ulp    GNW    Ubiquitin-Like Protease
umps    GH    Uridine MonoPhosphate Synthetase
unc    CB    UNCoordinated
ung    GNW    Uracil DNA N-Glycosylase
upb    GNW    UreidoPropionase Beta
upp    JAS    Uridine PhsoPhorylase
upr    SJ    Unfolded Protein Response abnormal
uri    ZU    URI (Unconventional prefoldin RPB5 Interactor) homolog
urm    GNW    Ubiquitin Related Modifier (yeast URM) homolog
use        Unconventional SNARE in the Endoplasmic Reticulum
usip    HW    U Six snRNA Interacting Protein
uso    HA    USO1 (yeast transport protein) homolog
usp    GNW    Ubiquitin Specific Protein
uts    GNW    Unidentified TransSpliced transcript
utx    ZR    human UTX (Ubiquitously transcribed TRP on X) homolog
uvt    BL    Unidentified ViTellogenin-linked transcript
uxt    TY    Unidentified X-linked Transcript
vab    CB    Variable Abnormal morphology
vac    CZ    VACuolated appearance
vacl    ZIB    VAC (yeast VACuole morphology)-Like
valv    BX    VALVe cells defective
vamp    GQ    VAMP (Vesicle Associated Membrane Protein) homolog
vang    GNW    VANG (Van Gogh/Strabismus planar polarity protein) homolg
vap    LL    Venom-Allergen-like Protein
vars    BC    Valyl Amino-acyl tRNA Synthetase
vav    VM    mammalian VAV (oncogene) related
vbh    RN    Vasa- and Belle-like Helicase
vbp    TK    VHL (von Hippel-Landau) Binding Protein
vdac    FA    VDAC (Voltage Dependent Anion Channel) homolog
vde    MS    Viral replication DEfective vem RZ  VEMA (mammalian ventral midline antigen) related
vem    RZ    VEMA (mammalian ventral midline antigen) related
ven    ST    VENtral cord displaced or detached
ver    GNW    VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) receptor
vesa    MT    VESicle-Associated
vet    BW    Very Early Transcript
vex    PS    Vulval EXecution abnormal
vglm    MH    ViGiLN homolog
vgln    MH    ViGiLN homolog
vglu    OH    Vesicular GLUtamate transporter
vha    GNW    Vacuolar H ATPase
vhl    ET    Von Hippel-Lindau tumor suppressor homolog
vhp    GNW    VH-1 class dual specificity Phosphatase family
vig    NL    VIG (Drosophila Vasa Intronic Gene) ortholog
viln    ON    VILliN related
vit    BL    VITellogenin structural genes (yolk protein genes)
vmp        see cut
vms    KQ    VCP/Cdc48-associated Mitochondrial Stress-responsive
vnut    OH    Vesicular NUcleotide Transporter
vpr    XM    VAP (VAMP-Associated Protein) Related
vps    GNW    related to yeast Vacuolar Protein Sorting factor
vrk    GNW    Vaccinia Related Kinase
vrs    GNW    Valyl tRNA Synthetase
vti    GQ    VTI (Vesicle Transport through t-SNARE Interaction) homolog
wago    WM    Worm ArGOnaute
wah    CU    Worm AIF (apoptosis inducing factor) Homolog
wapl    IL    WAPL (Drosophila Wings APart-Like cohesin interactor)
wars    BC    tryptophanyl(W) Amino-acyl tRNA Synthetase
wdfy    WM    WD40 and FYVE domain protein
wdr    OJ    WD Repeat protein
wee    AG    WEE homolog
wht    GH    WHiTe (Drosophila) related ABC transporter
wip    BD    Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein (Wasp)-Interacting Protein
wly    SK    WaLlerian-like decaY (axonal degeneration)
wnk    KU    mammalian WNK-type protein kinase homolog
wnt        see cwn
wrb    PS    WRB (human W(tryptophan)-Rich Basic nuclear protein) homolog
wrk    OH    Wrapper/Rega-1/Klingon homolog
wrm    VT    Worm aRMadillo
wrn    MV    human WRN (Werner's syndrome) related
wrs    GNW    tryptophanyl (W) tRNA Synthetase
wrt    TB    WaRThog (hedgehog-like family)
wsp    BD    WASP (actin cytoskeleton modulator) homolog
wts    GNW    WarTS (Drosophila) protein kinase homolog
wve    BD    WAVE (actin cytoskeleton modulator) homolog
wwp    GS    WW domain Protein (E3 ubiquitin ligase)
xbp    RE    X-box Binding Protein homolog
xbx    OE    X-BoX promoter element regulated
xnd    QP    X chromosome NonDisjunction factor
xnp    GNW    human XNP gene related
xol    TY    XO Lethal
xpa    GNW    human XPA related
xpb    GNW    human XPB (Xeroderma Pigmentosum complementation group B) related
xpc    JF    XPC (Xeroderma Pigmentosum group C) DNA repair gene homolog
xpd    GNW    human XPD (Xeroderma Pigmentosum complementation group D) related
xpf    GNW    XPF (Xeroderma Pigmentosum group F) DNA repair gene homolog
xpg    GNW    XPG (Xeroderma Pigmentosum group G) DNA repair gene homolog
xpo    BN    eXPOrtin (nuclear export receptor)
xre    RS    Xenorhabdus REsistant (Pristionchus)
xrep    MJ    Xenobiotic (acrylamide) REsponse Pathway abnormal
xrn    GNW    XRN (mouse/S. cerevisiae) ribonuclease related
xtr    PK    MX region of TRA-2 Related
yap    HIW    Yes-Associated Protein homolog
yars    BC    tYrosine Amino-acyl tRNA Synthetase
yif    GNW    YIP1-Interacting Factor homolog
ykt    XH    YKT6 (yeast v-SNARE) homolog
ymel    GNW    YME1-Like (Yeast Mitochondrial Escape) AAA protease
yop    OD    YOP (yeast membrane trafficking protein) homolog
ypa    IS    Y-to-PDA Abnormal (failure to make PDA neuron)
ypp    GNW    tYrosine PhosPhatase
yrn    GNW    Y RNA
yrs    GNW    tYrosinyl tRNA Synthetase
zag    SK    Zinc finger plus homeodomain, Axon Guidance
zak    KU    mammalian ZAK kinase homolog
zbed    PS    ZINC finger protein (BED class)
zbp    MJB    Zipcode Binding Protein homolog
zeel    QX    Zygotic Epistatic Embryonic Lethal
zen    JR    Zygotic epidermal ENclosure defective
zer    ET    Zyg Eleven Related
zfh        see zag
zfp    GNW    Zinc Finger Protein
zgpa    PE    Zinc finger G-PAtch domain-containing protein homolog
zhit    OH    Zinc finger, HIT-type
zhp    UV    Zip (yeast meiotic zipper) Homologous Protein
zif    JH    ZInc Finger protein
zig    OH    2 (Zwei) IG domain protein
zim    CA    Zinc finger In Meiosis
zip    OK    bZIP transcription factor family
zmp    CH    Zinc MetalloProtease
zoo    SU    ZO-1 (Zonula Occludens tight junctional protein) Ortholog
ztf    VL    Zinc finger Transcription Factor family
zwl    OD    ZWiLch (Drosophila) homolog
zyg    BW    ZYGote defective : embyronic lethal
zyx    KB    ZYXin