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We have moved to new servers!  If you reach this page using a bookmark, please be sure to update the address.

Before you proceed, be certain that you have the following two pieces of information. The system will not process orders that do not contain the following:

  1. Lab Code: A lab code is a 2-3 uppercase letter designation that is used when naming strains generated in your lab. If your lab does not have a letter designation, you will be assigned a unique 1-4 digit code. If your lab has ordered from the CGC in the past, you have already been assigned this code and you will be prompted to look it up during the order process using the last name of the head of your lab. If your lab has not previously ordered from the CGC, please email us at and we will assign a 4 digit code to you.

  2. Payment Information: You will need to provide either a valid credit card number or a purchase order number. We strongly encourage you to pay using a credit card in order to help us process orders more quickly.