Data Sharing

UM Research Data Management Policy "...The PI is the steward of the research data that are under their control. PIs are responsible for managing access to research data under their stewardship..." [excerpt from full policy]

Data Sharing Instructions, via Google Shared Drive (January 21st, 2021 onwards)

Software for Viewing Results
  • SCAFFOLD: Download Scaffold Viewer and install the latest software on your local computer. Download your Scaffold results file (*.sf3) and open the file in the Scaffold viewer. Set the Protein and Peptide Display Thresholds to 1% Local False Discovery Rate.

  • PROTEIN PILOT 5: Download Protein Pilot 5 and install on your local computer (PC only, not Mac compatible). Download your Protein Pilot results file (*.group) and open the file in the ProteinPilot viewer.

  • PEAKS Studio 10: Download PEAKS Studio viewer (download directily, trial activation key is not required) PC only, not Mac compatible. Download your PEAKS Results and open in the PEAKS viewer, click Instructions for assistance.