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Joel RudneyProtein relative abundance patterns associated with sucrose-induced dysbiosis are conserved across taxonomically diverse oral microcosm biofilm models of dental caries.

Rudney et al., BMC Microbiome DOI: 10.1186/s40168-015-0136-z

  • Extensive inter-individual variation in dental plaque composition
  • Sucrose induces acid production in dental caries (dysbiosis)
  • Inter-individual variation in taxonomy persists in dysbiotic state
  • Are function-based protein abundance patterns more conserved?
  • Plaque microcosms grown from carious lesions in 12 children
  • Paired design – microcosms grown in presence/absence of sucrose
  • Taxonomic composition established by 16S rRNA sequencing
  • 2-D LC-MS/MS Metaproteome analyzed for taxonomy and function
  • Sucrose microcosms retained inter-individual taxonomic variation
  • Protein relative abundance patterns were more highly conserved
  • Function-based changes may be better indicators of dysbiosis