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Special Collections: Orchids

Jewel orchidLudisia discolor or the jewel orchid is a terrestrial orchid that grows on the floor of tropical forests throughout southeast Asia. It's flowers can last up to a month and grow in extremely low light. The jewel orchid is easy to propagate and is often grown as a house plant for its beautiful dark deep green, almost black leaves, with fine white or gold pinstripe markings. In the Conservatory, it lives in the Tropical Collection.

Dendrochilum tenellumDendrochilum tenellum is an epiphytic orchid from the Philippines that looks like a grass. If you look carefully each spike produces dozens of tiny flowers, it is estimated that there are tens of thousands of blooms on this plant alone. We have two specimens that grow in our cloud forest collection. In 2019, this plant was awarded the Certificate of Cultural Merit Award at the American Orchid Society Show at Como Conservatory.

Oeceoclades gracillimaOeceoclades gracillima, only the flower is shown here because it is often thought that the leaves on this orchid are dead. It is endemic to Madagascar. It lives in our Tropical Collection.



Coelogyne ochraceaCoelogyne cristata is native to Nepal. It has egg-shaped translucent pseudobulbs that produce leaves and gracefully curved or pendulous flowering stems, carrying long-lasting, fragrant white flowers with a white and yellow lip.  We have two specimens in our collection, this is the smaller of the two, they both live in the cloud forest collections.