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People of the Conservatory

Jared Jared Rubinstein, Curator (he/him)

Jared oversees the operation of the Conservatory. With an MS in Applied Plant Sciences from the University of Minnesota, Jared has worked in numerous public gardens around the country including the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University and the Scott Arboretum of Swarthmore College. He loves caring for plants and connecting them to people. 

Angie Koebler, Conservatory Services Coordinator (she/her)

Angie connects professors to plants, selecting, growing and maintaining class-specific or research-specific plant material for faculty and biology labs in addition to preserving the health of our existing Conservatory collection. With a background in landscape design and public horticulture, she has a built-in passion for outreach and education.

Ruby AlesRuby Ales, Conservatory Assistant (she/her)

Ruby Ales is an undergraduate student in CBS majoring in Biology. She has worked in horticulture since 2018 and at the CBS Conservatory since 2021. Her main interests lie in evolution and how it leads to diversity.


BetsyBesty Custis, Conservatory Assistant (she/her)

Betsy is in the Master of Biological Sciences Program focusing on plant Biology and conservation. She is interested in ex situ conservation and the role botanical institutions can play in germplasm preservation for reintroduction support. In the face of climate change, we will be creating more living museums in the form of conservatories and botanical gardens. Betsy wants to be a part of that movement! She also has a background in biology and secondary education.

AlexAlex Crum, Conservatory Assistant (she/her)

Alex is a Ph.D candidate studying ethnobotany and the evolution of plant specialized metabolism (the chemicals plants make since they can't run away from bad situations) in the Yang lab in the Plant & Microbial Biology program. When she’s not in the lab or the conservatory, she’s trying a new recipe, foraging for some wild plants, or hanging out with her two Russian tortoises.

ForestForest Hunt (they/them)

Forest is a Plant Sciences undergrad with a general love of edible plants and food systems. They also have a passion for native plant restoration!



HilaryHilary Major, Conservatory Assistant (she/her)

Hilary is finishing her Masters of Biological Sciences degree with a focus on ecology with a thesis on soil health. She enjoys sending her friends and family pictures of all the cool plants she gets to water on Sundays, it's the best part of this job. 


Evin MagnerEvin Magner, Curatorial Assistant (he/him)

Evin is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Plant and Microbial Biology. His research focuses on the captivating plant trait of colored nectars, where he investigates the synthesis of nectar pigments as well as their potential roles in plant-pollinator interactions.


Chas Huston

Chas Huston
Davis Redmond
Davis Redmond