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David Zhitormisky

Research Technician

Research Interests:

My comprehensive molecular biology skills are at work in several current projects related to the formation and interpretation of the BMP morphogen gradients as well as activation of latent TGF-ß signaling complexes by Tolloid/BMP-1 metalloproteases. During my tenure in Dr. Mike O’Connor’s lab I have worked with several members of the lab and have provided broad technical assistance, from molecular identification of novel mutants via sequencing from genomic templates, to molecular cloning and virtually all molecular biology techniques, tissue culture and also fly pushing.


Takaesu NT, Herbig E, Zhitomersky D, O'Connor MB, Newfeld SJ (2005). DNA-binding domain mutations in SMAD genes yield dominant-negative proteins or a neomorphic protein that can activate WG target genes in Drosophila. Development 132, 4883-94.