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Jeremiah Henning

Postdoctoral Associate

My research toes the line between community and ecosystem ecology and explores how interactions between plants and their microbial symbionts alter community composition and the functioning of ecosystems in the face of global change. I combine large-scale observation experiments along environmental gradients, manipulative field experiments, and greenhouse mesocosm experiments to to tackle interrelated questions: (1) Do fine-scale changes in plant microbiomes scale to influence community interactions and ecosystem function across the landscape? (2) What are the drivers of soil biodiversity at local and global scales? (3) How will global change re-shape interactions among microbial communities, hosts, and ecosystem function? 
At UMN, I am working within the Nutrient Network (NutNet) research group within the Borer & Seabloom labs, exploring how nutrient addition and herbivore exclusion shape plant and plant microbiome communities. 


415 Ecology Building
1987 Upper Buford Circle
Saint Paul, MN 55108