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Kristen Murphy

Senior Career Counselor

Kristen Murphy

MA - Counseling and Student Personnel Psychology, University of MN
BS - Applied Psychology and Human Relations, St. Cloud State University

Life before CBS…
Since graduating with my undergrad I have worked in non-profits and higher education in various roles including public health and program coordination. Fun fact - I was the CBS Itasca Biology Program coordinator many years ago before returning to CBS as a career counselor.

Adjusting to college life…
When I was an undergrad I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my career/life and thought at the time that everyone else had it all figured out. Now of course I know that many people experience indecision. Spend time in college talking with people and asking for help when you need more information. If you do, you will likely be more confident about next steps.

Favorite part of the job?
Hearing stories from my students and marveling at the experiences and vulnerabilities I am lucky enough to hear about. I love talking with students about networking as part of career and job exploration. It doesn't have to be scary and intimidating!

Current passions, hobbies, things that give you joy?
I love anything outside in the summer, especially exploring new trails and riding my bike. Also love music (ALL kinds) and hold the title in my friend group of undefeated music trivia champion.

Be on the lookout for...
In my office you will find random meaningful objects - something from every place I have ever worked. Each thing tells a story and reminds me of the path and people that have led to my career today.


3-104 MCB
420 Washington Avenue SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455