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Lauren Shoemaker

Postdoctoral Associate


2017, Ph.D., University of Colorado, Boulder 
2011, B.A., Biology and Mathematics; Colorado College 

Lauren Shoemaker website

Research statement 
I am a quantitative ecologist focusing on how spatial structure in landscapes alter population and community patterns. I am currently working at the University of Minnesota with Allison Shaw, Eric Seabloom, and Elizabeth Borer. My research focuses on applying mathematical and computational techniques to address current spatial ecology questions across varied spatial and temporal scales from macroecology to disease dynamics. I explore how competitive structure, disease dynamics, dispersal behavior, and habitat heterogeneity alter population patterns and community coexistence patterns using models, microcosms, and field experiments. 


100 Ecology Building
1987 Upper Buford Cir.
Falcon Heights, MN 55108